Weekend Recap: Homeward Bound!

Hey everyone, how was your weekend?

We started out the weekend on Friday packing up the car, grabbing Cora and heading to my parents’ house. What should’ve been a 4-hour trip without traffic turned into almost 6 due to traffic in Chicago + having to pick up a Uhaul trailer. This is how Cora rode the whole time πŸ™„

Weekend Recap: Homeward BoundOnce we finally made it up to my hometown, we went and got a fish fry by the lake (#wisconsin) and headed back to the parents’Β for bed. Unfortunately Cora ended up being up all night sick again, so it wasn’t very restful sleep for us.

I let Ben sleep in a bit on Saturday since he had been up with Cora all night Thursday night (and I had been on Friday …). We ate some breakfast and then headed on a waterfall tour for a few hours with my dad, his dog and my sister.

Weekend Recap: Homeward Bound Weekend Recap: Homeward BoundWe stopped for some ice cream before heading back to my house where Cora, my mom and my cousin were all hanging out. We had dinner (pork + pineapple tacos!) and hung out for the rest of the night. Ben, Jenny and I ran to the grocery store so we could have s’mores fixin’s for the bonfire.

Weekend Recap: Homeward BoundMy mom stayed up with Cora on Saturday night so that Ben and I could get some sleep thankfully. We woke up, had some breakfast, then packed the uhaul with the bed frame my dad made us!

Weekend Recap: Homeward BoundThen we set off on our long journey back to Chicago, which took about 5.5 hours with a few stops and a little traffic.

Weekend Recap: Homeward Bound Weekend Recap: Homeward BoundWe dropped off Cora at home, unloaded the bed frame into Ben’s apartment (soon to be mine, too!) and went to take the uhaul back to the “24-hour drop off location” which is where my day took a turn.

I was so over being in a car all day and had talked to Uhaul reps no less than FIVE times over the course of a few days, changing locations that they screwed up, etc. I was told I could drop it off at this 24-hour location near my apartment, so we did. There was no where to park it IN THE MIDDLE OF CHICAGO. So, we parked it in front of the Uhaul garage, took a bunch of pictures and called a rep who told us to just “leave it there.” I got home, called another rep, who told me more crap and gave me a fake email address when I asked her if I could send my photos to someone. I still have no idea if that Uhaul made it the night without being damaged or stolen, but I did everything in my power not to be charged for it… only time will tell.

After that huge stressor, Ben and I ordered in some Thai food, did face masks and he did a little work while I did laundry and started packing random stuff. I hate packing! It’d be so much easier if I could just bring my stuff over to his place, but his roommate isn’t moving out until the last possible day and she doesn’t want my stuff all up in here way (which I get) so it’s just adding time, money for boxes and a little stress, but we’ll get through it! It’s all worth it in the end.

And that was my weekend! Pretty good, minus the huge Uhaul stress. I’m so ready to be moved in with Ben and Cora all in one place. I’m also ready for her to stop waking us up 3-5 times a night to go to the bathroom …

How was your weekend?


  1. Marette Flora says:

    We experienced the same thing with Uhaul last year. They said to leave it parked outside and there was no parking so we literally left it blocking their gate entrance. We didn’t have any charges or anything but if they told you to do so I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s their instructions and they should know better.

    • Jessie says:

      That sucks that you went through the same thing, but I’m glad to hear nothing negative happened to you! I was just so frustrated. I hope I never have to rent through them again.

  2. Liz says:

    I always tell Jon “we went out for a fish fry” when I got to Wisconsin and he always tells me it doesn’t work like that. Apparently if you’re not from Wisconsin, a fish fry is a big fish frying event? I’m like, I’m just eating fried fish and potato pancakes, okay?! LEAMME ALONE! I love that bed frame your dad made! That’s so awesome! You move into Ben’s so soon! It’ll be so nice to stop going back and forth, I’m sure!
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