Weekend Recap: Things are changin’ round here!

Hey friends! Happy Sunday Monday (I’m writing the beginning of this on Sunday morning #cheater). Let’s take a look back at the weekend, but stay until the end to see some of my ideas for this blog moving forward … I hope you’ll stick with me!

So, let’s head back to Friday. I walked to work, got myself a coffee from Dunkin (I’ve been saving so much money with my Keurig!) and then got into work to start my day. I had a shorter Friday due to a doctor appointment, so I got started with work. Unfortunately there were some issues with the platform (#startupprobs & #techworldprobs, amiright?) so I had to monitor social pretty closely all morning, so I spent some time in a room getting through that.

Also, remember that new client I told y’all about? I already had to end with her so that was over as of Friday. 🙁 I’ll give you the story in another blog (she’s an amazing woman, so nothing to do with our relationship!)

The rest of the day/afternoon was filled with work, listening to a podcast our Director of Education did and getting things all set for me to be out at the end of the day.

I left around 2:30 and walked to my doctor appointment to get my Mirena IUD replaced. Ben met me there because I was really nervous – when I had it put in 5 years ago, I almost passed out from the pain so he wanted to be there to take me home. <3 If anyone would like an in-depth conversation about the pros/cons of the Mirena and why I get it, let me know. Just know I literally screamed during the insertion (again) and had to be monitored for awhile afterwards. Low pain tolerance, y’all.

Ben and I grabbed an Uber home (I was extremely light headed and bleeding #tmi so I didn’t want to walk around like we had originally hoped to do) so we got home and I basically sat on the couch for the rest of the night. Benjamin was so sweet and ordered Thai food from our favorite place Opart Thai and then watched the last Harry Potter movie for the night, which basically means I cried like 900 times.

Saturday morning I got up early at 6:30 with Ben and Cora to hang out for a bit. Ben left for work and dropped me at the CVS on the way to his gym so I could pick up pantyliners (girls, I haven’t worn pads or pantyliners in like 6+ years because I rarely got a period on the Mirena + before that I used tampons) and then I decided it’d be fun to walk ALL the way to Marianos (a local grocery store) about a mile away, then walk home. So I walked 2+ miles. With cramping. #smart

I turned on HGYV and continued to watch that with Cora-boo until Ben got home. I also ordered myself some sushi from the restaurant Jieyi Sushi via UberEats. They had a $10 box deal – a big salad, three baby shrimp egg rolls, a spicy tuna roll and a diet coke. Such a great deal – granted I had to pay the $6 shipping/taxes from UberEats, but whatevs.

We hung out for a bit before I turned on Say Yes to the Dress (ha) and he did football stuff. We literally did NOTHING (well, Ben was working.) We ended up ordering from UberEats again – this time we got Devil Dogs which is AMAZING. I had a Chicago dog and a small Elvis slider (which has peanut butter AND sriracha on it and it’s amazing). Of course, I didn’t feel awesome afterwards, but it was amazing.

The rest of the evening we kept HGTV on, but then started unpacking a few more of my boxes + making a Goodwill pile.

Sunday morning we woke up at 6:45, played with/took Cora for a walk and then got ready to go to Sip Coffee to get some work done.

Weekend Recap: Things are changin' round here!
After a little bit of work, we packed up Cora and took her to the ‘burbs to play in a yard for awhile while Ben and I went shopping.

Weekend Recap: Things are changin' round here! Weekend Recap: Things are changin' round here!
Ben needed a suit (the one he has is just way too big for him) so we headed to the Fashion Outlets and he bought the first one he tried on. 😂 #boys Of course, he still needed to shop around but we ended up coming back and getting the first one he got.

We were pretty rushed since he had a hockey game, so I wasn’t able to find anything besides two quick candles from Bath & Body Works, plus my body was pretty sore from walking around all day. We headed over to his hockey game (they won!)

Weekend Recap: Things are changin' round here!
After the game, we stopped to eat quickly at Portillos. Of course, I was craving pasta and we went to one of the locations that apparently doesn’t have pasta (boooo) so I got a burger, which was really, really good!

Weekend Recap: Things are changin' round here!
We headed over to Ben’s parents to hang out with his family for a bit + grab Cora, and then we headed back into the city. And that was my weekend!

Weekend Recap: Things are changin' round here!
So, my quick little “announcement” of sorts is that I’m going to be writing a bit more about social media, virtual assistance and all of that. It’ll still be from my perspective, obviously, but those things are such a huge part of my life so I figured I should be writing about it! If you have anything you’d like to hear about, let me know!


  1. Ashley says:

    I look forward to your weekend recap (or any daily life posts) from you every Monday! And vlogs! Hopefully those will continue 🙂 but it would be interesting to learn more about starting a virtual assistant business. I always dream of working from home (but I’m someone that needs to get out of the house to feel balance, despite being introverted so I’m always unsure how it would really work out for me haha). Happy Monday 🙂

    • Jessie says:

      Oh don’t worry – those aren’t going anywhere! 🙂 But I’m so glad you enjoy them! I feel like lately, that’s the only thing I can get myself to write (ha!) so this will give me some room to start writing about other things, too. I’m with you on needing to get out of the house, too! I will usually go to a coffee shop when I do work from home, but it’s rare that I get to now. I am an extrovert, so for me it’ll be about being in lots of great Facebook groups and masterminds + making sure I make time for friends + getting out to coffee shops a few times a week. We also have co-working spots that you can rent here in Chicago, too, which might be nice once I’m really rockin’ that full-time WFH life!

  2. Jordyn says:

    Interesting to read your perspective on the Mirena IUD. I also have it but didn’t find getting it inserted really very painful, shows that everyone’s body is different! Can’t wait to hear more about your virtual assistant life on the blog (:
    Jordyn recently posted…the opposite of regretMy Profile

    • Jessie says:

      Girl, it hurt SO badly… I cried after the doctor left the room haha! It hurt really bad when I got it years ago, too. My doc said everyone’s body is different, so you never know how people will react! It’s totally worth the pain, though. Loved it for the last 5 years. And thanks, Jordyn! I’m excited to get this blog goin’ again.

    • Jessie says:

      I’d love to! I think you could, too! The biggest thing is figuring out a service (or product) you’re good at and like doing. For me, it’s social media management and blog/content creation. It gets me all pumped up to help other women succeed in their businesses. We should chat!

  3. Liz says:

    IUDs sound like a nightmare to me, haha. I have no idea why, but the idea of something being in my lady parts just grosses me out. It makes me so squeamish! When I had a c-section, I felt like I was going to throw up when I had to take the tape off of it. I still can’t touch my c-section scar because it makes me so squeamish thinking about having my uterus cut open. I can’t even think about pap smears because iajfdkljfdjsf . Makes my insides crawl, haha. Your experience sounds similar to my two friends who have had them put in though. Both said it was absolutely horrible. I’ve always used the pill and now we just don’t use anything. I always said Jon would get a vasectomy after we’re done having kids, but now I’ve heard of SO many women getting pregnant after their husbands had them, even after the testing on the sperm afterwards, so now I think I might need to take it into my own hands, hah. I swear, your posts makes me want to go visit Chicago so bad every time I read them! I look forward to your posts about your business! I like it when you add that stuff in! And now I’m curious about what happened with the new client, but glad to hear it wasn’t anything bad between you guys!

    • Jessie says:

      Ugh, it was… but some people love them and have no issues! And I love the benefit of not having to worry about taking a pill or something every day. OUCH – I can’t even imagine having a c-section! I’ll definitely be writing a story about what went down and why I decided we weren’t a good fit. 🙂

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