Weekend Recap: Dog Mom AF

And, just like that, it’s Monday!

First of all, thank you SO much to everyone for the love on my Stitch Fix review. I’m loving trying out new things on this blog and I’m glad you loved it. Either way, let’s move into the weekend recap!

Time to talk about the weekend! Weekend Recap: Beautiful Day for a Wedding
Friday ended up being a pretty chill day at work, so I spent a lot of the afternoon working up on the roof. I didn’t have much to do, so that let me be a bit lax on the YouTube videos I was watching while waiting for other people to finish their work so I could schedule it on social. 😂

Once home, I hung out with Ben for a little bit before heading off to dinner at Rhyme or Reason with our friends, Frank and Draco. I don’t have any photos, but I did do a review of the restaurant a few months ago. Dinner did not disappoint!

On Saturday, I got out of bed as Ben was going to work so I could hang out with Cora. I didn’t feel well, so I ended up literally sitting ALL DAY watching TV and sitting on the couch. I was going crazy by the time Ben got home.

It was TRULY a blogger weekend for me! Weekend Recap: Dog Mom AF
Later that night we headed out to the ‘burbs for Ben’s hockey game, where I got to wear my newest shirt …

It was TRULY a blogger weekend for me! Weekend Recap: Dog Mom AF
That’s just me, warming up in the bathroom before the hockey game started …

Sunday morning Ben let me sleep in until almost 9, which I wasn’t ready for! I woke up thinking it was before 7 and here it was almost 9 am! I must’ve needed the sleep.

I made myself breakfast before heading out to try to see a few of Ben’s clients in the Chicago marathon. Then we stopped at DoRite donuts and Shake Shack for some foods on the way home.

It was TRULY a blogger weekend for me! Weekend Recap: Dog Mom AFAs you can see, my “eating well” is still not going the best. 😂

We walked the rest of the way home, stopped to grab a coffee and then I tried on a BUNCH of outfits and posed while Ben took pics of me. You’ll see more about that on Wednesday – stay tuned!!

It was TRULY a blogger weekend for me! Weekend Recap: Dog Mom AF It was TRULY a blogger weekend for me! Weekend Recap: Dog Mom AFCora and Benjamin were HUGE helps! Can’t wait for you guys to see the pics.

I took off all the sweaters and boots (SERIOUSLY how to real bloggers do this crap – it was SO hot and I was sweating the whole time lol!) and got to work. My client/friend’s podcast goes live on Tuesday so I was getting some last minute stuff done for her! It’s going to be so cool – a Day in the Life podcast with all kinds of cool people. I’m talking the founder of inkWELL, a counterterrorism expert and a Hollywood entertainment assistant – and those are just the first three she’s done! You’ll be able to subscribe on Tuesday, October 10, but check out her FB group in the meantime and let her know I sent you. 😀

After I finished up some work for her, I started writing this blog and getting ready for my week while watching the Packer game. And scheduled some content in Planoly for Insta.

#DogMomAF Just me and the loves of my life (@benfritzfit was the blogger boyfriend today 📸)

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The rest of the night was pretty boring – just played around on social media while Ben did some work. We didn’t get a good night’s sleep unfortunately so this Monday is already a struggle!

How was your weekend?


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