Weekend Recap: I won!

Happy Monday, y’all! I’m currently starting this post on Sunday, so we’ll see how happy I’m actually feeling tomorrow morning. Either way, let’s get into the weekend!

Weekend Recap
So, Friday night I came home and started off my weekend. I had been feeling super crummy for the past few days dealing with extremely painful bloating – AGAIN.

Weekend Recap: I won!
I wasn’t exactly in the best of moods. I had also taken an Everly Well “food sensitivity” test which came back with absolutely no results, so highly do NOT recommend spending $200 on one of those tests. I decided at that time that I was going to just do an Elimination Diet (recommendation by my doctor) to see what the heck is happening to my body. I spent some time looking diet info up before we ordered some Postmates for dinner (they had free delivery because of Friday the 13th for some weird reason).

Our Postmates took forever, but when it finally came in from Portillos, it had CIGARETTE BURNS in it from our driver, plus our food smelled like cigarettes. Disgusting (not Portillos fault … still love them). Postmates gave me half my money back, which I think is ridiculous, but I didn’t feel like fighting with them.

Weekend Recap: I won!Our night wasn’t doing the best if you can tell…

I sat on the couch and started eating some of the salvageable food. I had been checking and checking to see if I had won the Bloguette’s giveaway, but wasn’t hearing anything. All of a sudden I noticed an Instagram notification and I just *knew* – sure enough, I WON THE TICKET TO THE WORKSHOP IN FEBRUARY! Arizona, here I come (well, in February). I’m so excited! Definitely completely turned my night around and I couldn’t believe how fortunate I am. I had been looking

Weekend Recap: I won!
I’m so excited! Definitely completely turned my night around and I couldn’t believe how fortunate I am. I had been looking over that conference for a few weeks, but just couldn’t bring myself to sink more $$ into my business when I’m not really making a ton out of it. Then the other day I saw they were doing an Instagram giveaway for a ticket to the workshop, which is normally $550 so I had to enter! Even though I still have to pay airfare and hotel, it’s totally worth it! Plus, in my mind, there’s obviously *some* reason I need to be there because I put it out into the universe, it’s been in my head for weeks and now I won the contest! Definitely seems like there’s a reason I need to be there! You all should definitely check it out if you; re thinking of going to a conference or workshop for your blog, though.

You all should definitely check it out if you; re thinking of going to a conference or workshop for your blog, though. I love that we’ll actually be working through things all day, not just sitting there listening to people chat!

So that’s exciting!

Weekend Recap: I won!
Saturday I slept in a bit and Ben didn’t have to work because we were technically supposed to be in Michigan for the weekend, but it was supposed to rain so we didn’t go. Good thing, too – it literally POURED all day. I ventured out with the fam to get a coffee a little after lunch, otherwise I didn’t go outside at all. Perfect gloomy day to sit under a blanket with Cora, watch some TV and just chill. We also spent some time looking up food and making a grocery list for the elimination foods.

Weekend Recap: I won! Weekend Recap: I won! Weekend Recap: I won!We also spent some time looking up food and making a grocery list for the elimination foods I can/cannot eat. It’s very daunting, but basically I have to cut most foods out for 2-3 weeks, then I can start to reintroduce certain foods, one at a time and see what happens. That’ll help me figure out which foods are affecting my digestion so badly. Not looking forward to this, but hoping it’ll help me get some answers!

I also spent lots of time with the pup.

On Sunday Ben, Cora and I slept in a tiny bit before heading out to the grocery store to pick up some food. I did film a grocery haul + some more info on why I’m doing this “diet” (doctor recommended, not because I want to lose weight or anything) and I’ll probably have that up Tuesday/Wednesday if you’re interested! I’ll be writing / taking videos of this whole process.

Weekend Recap: I won! Weekend Recap: I won!After the grocery store + a coffee, we hung out at home for awhile before Ben headed out to hang out with friends to watch football. I ended up preparing a few things for the week, looked up flights to Arizona for The Workshop and hung out at home. I was feeling super exhausted, so I took a quick nap(ish) when Ben got home after we ate some Thai food.

Weekend Recap: I won! Weekend Recap: I won! Weekend Recap: I won! Weekend Recap: I won!

We left for the ‘burbs around 7 for Ben’s hockey game and they won! I hung out with his dad in the stands while Ben got knocked around on the ice. We ended up staying up a bit too late getting me ready for Monday, which of course, didn’t do so well for me trying to wake up on Monday to workout. Whoops!

I’ll keep you all updated on this elimination diet!

How was your weekend?


  1. Ashley says:

    I totally understand uncomfortable bloating. I have IBS. I have been tested for celiac disease more than once and don’t have it. But I have found I feel SO much better when I eat small meals throughout the day instead of large meals, and cut out most dairy and gluten. I am very interested in reading about your elimination diet as I have thought about doing it myself many times. I hope you feel better soon!

    • Jessie says:

      I was told when I was WAY younger that I have IBS and basically I just had to “deal with” how I was feeling, which I refuse. So now I’m trying to figure out what exactly is happening. I was also tested for celiacs like 5 years ago and didn’t have it either! That’s good to know about what has made you feel better. I’m hoping this diet will help me find that out when I start reintroducing foods, though to be honest, I’m not feeling much better here on Day 4! Thanks so much, Ashley!

  2. Liz says:

    So curious about the elimination diet. I’ve looked into it tons in the past. Not completely for myself, but just because a lot of it is hand in hand with Paleo, minus eliminating nightshades. I never ended up really doing it because when I cut out grains, sugar, and dairy, I feel like PERFECTION! But I still keep dairy in my diet (mostly cheese and heavy whipping cream- cheese doesn’t seem to bother me too much though). I think it’ll be awesome for you though, with how miserable you seem from your stomach issues. You can feel like a whole new person. Also, CONGRATS ON WINNING! You won Ireland too! I think you have good luck, haha. Looking forward to your post (or maybe I scrolled past it- I’ll check.)

    • Jessie says:

      I really hope it works! To be honest, I feel nothing differently at this point, which is really discouraging. I know it’s only Day 4, but it’s hard to “keep going” when I’m still feeling bloated and uncomfortable. I’m hoping it’s just taking a bit for the food to get out of my system. There also is a chance that I’m just super reactive to large amounts of fiber, which would be annoying because basically all I can eat on this diet is vegetables, fruits and unseasoned meat hah. Can you tell I’m frustrated?!

  3. Megan says:

    Congrats on winning the giveaway! You are seriously so lucky, haha! I’m also interested in learning more about your elimination diet! I’ve been tested for gluten sensitivity plus some thyroid stuff but they came back fine so the doctor just told me I have IBS…. whoo. It’s been more manageable the past few years but Linzess was a godsend during the time I was dealing with stomach issues similar to yours. Hopefully you can figure out what is going on & not end up with an umbrella IBS diagnosis since that could be a number of things. 🙁
    Megan recently posted…Friday + Life Lately– Wedding Road Trip, Workouts, and New Stuff!My Profile

    • Jessie says:

      Thanks, Megan! 🙂 I couldn’t believe it when it happened haha! I’m so sick of throwing the IBS word at everyone. I feel like it’s just the easy way of saying “we don’t know what’s causing your issues, so IBS it is and you have to live with it forever, woohoo!” So frustrating. That’s why I’m trying everything in my power before I have to pay for a GI doctor. What is Linzess? I’m currently not feeling very hopeful since it’s Day 4 and I really see no improvement in symptoms (besides that my caffeine withdrawal is getting better haha!)

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