Weekend Recap: An Ice Cream Breakdown + Broken Toe

Back to the week we go! Seriously, how do weekends go by so quickly?

Weekend Recap
So, Friday I ended up working from home. I got my blood work retested that morning to check my thyroid levels and got a bit lightheaded during the appointment. I asked my boss if I could work from home and he was totally cool with it.

Weekend Recap: An Ice Cream Breakdown
I ended up getting quite a bit of work done during the day, catching up on a few projects I had in Sprout Social and helping a colleague out with some social responses. My goal was to get my November content calendar finished, but that just didn’t happen.

Weekend Recap: An Ice Cream Breakdown
Cora and I did a lot of cuddling in between. Ben only works until noonish on Fridays, so he was home doing his own thing during the day. I watched a LOT of Say Yes to the Dress (seriously, it’s a problem). We ended up renting Hocus Pocus and watching that, which was fun because I’ve never seen it!

Weekend Recap: An Ice Cream Breakdown
Then … the ice cream breakdown happened. Ben was super sweet and asked me earlier if it was okay if he ate pizza for dinner, which I didn’t care about since I rarely crave pizza. He had that, but after Hocus Pocus, came out with a big bowl of ice cream.

I freaked out.

By freaked out, I mean my mood changed completely. I was so irritated with him. How could he eat that in front of me? Did he seriously not care about my feelings THAT much?

He was like, “are you seriously mad at me right now because I ate ice cream?” —> And the waterworks started.

Of course I wasn’t mad at him, I explained, but I was sooooooooo sick of this stupid diet. I had been feeling awful for DAYS with no actual feeling of anything good happening to my body. I was sick of “normal people” being able to eat whatever they wanted. I was sick of not knowing what made me feel so bad. I was sick of only eating rice and turkey and pickles. I was sick of being given a blanket term by doctors. I was sick of everyone being like “Oh, why can’t you eat this but you can eat this?” I. WAS. OVER. IT.

Ben was so sweet trying to help me figure out how I was feeling and honestly, he’s just as frustrated as me with my body. He absolutely hates it when I’m sick.

Time for bed …

Weekend Recap: An Ice Cream Breakdown
Saturday I woke up feeling a bit better. I got up with Ben when he left for work and sat on the couch with Cora for awhile, watching TV. I switched over to work later in the day and got quite a bit done before my eyes were sick of looking at a computer screen. We watched a couple of episodes of Parks & Rec before heading to bed.

Sunday we slept in a bit since I barely slept the night before. Once up, I prepared some meals for the rest of the day since we were going out to the ‘burbs to visit Ben’s fam, let Cora get in some yard time and so we could make a few stops at some stores. Sometimes I miss being close to things like that – I’d love to just leave in the middle of the day and go to Ulta or something like I used to in Green Bay and Milwaukee. The problem in Chicago (*in the city*) is there’s so many things you have to think about just to go to one place, unless you’re in walking distance. For me, shops aren’t close to me, so … do I want to move my car? Do I want to have to find parking? Do I want to deal with Sunday city traffic? Do I want to pay for an uber? I mean, it’s just not fun. I love the city, but I almost feel stuck where we’re at because it’s not super easy to get to stuff. Or maybe I just need to figure it out better! (Okay, rant over.)

Anyways, back to the ‘burbs! After running our errands (I stocked up on some makeup from Ulta, bought myself some casual athletic-type shoes for walking/general wear from Dick’s and bought some stuff from Trader Joe’s. Ben bought a whole year’s worth of clothes at Dick’s for work (since he’s a PT) 😂

Then, MORE drama happened. We got back to Ben’s parents and ate (he and his dad had Chipotle 😭 I had salmon…) and then Ben went to grab something from the car. Cora freaked and tried to follow him, but went into the living room (where she’s not allowed because she chews their rug). I went to grabbed her, picked her up and we knocked a frame off the wall. She freaked and jumped down – right onto my pinky toe. She must’ve fallen in just the right way because she broke it and scratched up the toe next to it. Almost my whole foot is bruised and I can barely walk (I’ll spare you pics haha.) So the rest of the night was spent icing my foot before we headed back to the city. It’s still so swollen and bruised I couldn’t go into work today!

How was your weekend?

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