Elimination Diet: Days 8-10

Hey everyone!

I had a few new readers for my last post and they mentioned that I didn’t give enough backstory as to why I’m doing this, so I’ll be writing a post, probably at the end with my entire experience and thoughts. So if you were confused, I’m sorry! I thought I explained it somewhere, but maybe it was just on my social media.

Let’s get into Days 8-10!

Elimination Diet: Days 8-10Day 8

What I ate:

  • 7 am – Turkey, rice, zucchini, little bit of watered down cherry juice from TJs (I could barely drink any – way too sweet)
  • 9 am – Banana and strawberries
  • 11 am – Turkey, rice, zucchini, pickle
  • 3 pm – Apple with cinnamon
  • 5:30 pm – Rice, turkey, green beans, pickle, olives
  • 8 pm – Strawberries

How I felt:

My stomach was pretty bubbly all day, but no extreme bloating. It was this day that it became clear to us that it’s more than “just food sensitivities” for me. If I’m eating extremely plain food + more fruits/veg that I ever eat and still not having any major changes, now what? This has helped us figure out that too much fiber seems to mess with me, so you know, only eating fruits and vegetables hasn’t exactly been helpful haha!

Day 9

What I ate:

  • 9 am – Little bit of rice, 4 pieces of turkey bacon and strawberries
  • 12 pm – Rice, olives, turkey, green dragon sauce (hot sauce)
  • 1 pm – Apple with cinnamon/sugar
  • 2 pm – Rice, green sauce, 4 pc turkey bacon
  • 4:30 pm – Banana
  • 6 pm – Turkey, green beans, rice
  • 8 pm – Apple and a pickle (lol)

How I felt:

I actually felt pretty good this day! No bloating, though did feel a bit burpy. I couldn’t seem to satiate my hunger again so I ate a lot of little small meals.

Day 10

What I ate:

  • 9 am – Little bit of rice, 3 pc turkey bacon, strawberries and a banana
  • 12:15 pm – Turkey, rice, green beans, green sauce
  • 3 pm – 3 pc turkey bacon and a couple of strawberries
  • 6 pm – Turkey, rice, green beans, rice, green sauce

How I felt:

I felt okay all day, but by the end of the day I felt pretty backed up again. We actually decided to start the reintroduction phase on Day 11 (that’ll be in the next blog!) instead of waiting until Day 14.

My thoughts after the elimination period:

It was hard. I’m not good at restricting my food, which is why I normally follow a “regular diet” of just eating what sounds good or count macros. I felt extremely UNsatisfied the entire 10 days, making it very hard for me to keep going. I was limited on the proteins I could eat + limited on fats (no nuts, avocado ended up making me sick, etc.) so we tried to get a turkey meat with a higher fat and I tried to cook in a little coconut oil, but that’s about it. As much as I LOVE carbs, an entirely carb-based diet does not keep me full or feel satiated, which was my biggest struggle.

It was also very frustrating and hard to keep going because I was expecting to feel awesome. I knew cutting out, well, everything, would be hard, but I figured if I was feeing awesome it would be easier to keep going. Well, I was constipated for literally HALF of the time – at least 5 full days. No, I didn’t get any extreme bloating, but I had a little bit plus a very bubbly stomach at times. All this shows me that it’s NOT just “normal food sensitivities” which is great to know, but also frustrating. We think we can deduce that I struggle with too much fiber and did add a probiotic in on Day 7, so hopefully that’ll help me.

So where do we go now? Well, I start reintroducing foods. First dairy on Day 11, then back to elimination diet Day 12/13. If I’m not feeling any symptoms, I can add it back into my diet. If I am feeling symptoms, then I don’t add it back in or decide to just eat it occasionally in moderation. Then gluten on Day 14, back to elimination diet day 15/16 and so on.

I will say, though, I did feel pretty good energy-wise showing me that I don’t NEED caffeine all the time and if I’d just eat better-for-me foods, I’d feel much more awake. I slept like a brick most nights (I had about two hard nights) but once I was up, I was usually okay. Still had my mid-afternoon sleepies AND it helps that I’ve been working from home, though. I always feel much better working from home and wish I could all the time.

My doctor has recommended that I see an endocrinologist to help me with some of my thyroid levels which could/could not be affecting me. Other that that, I’m going to continue toΒ  this reintroduction phase for the next couple weeks (and I’ll keep you updated!)

Thanks for reading along!Β 


    • Jessie says:

      It is, but the worst is over! Unfortunately I don’t feel like I’m learning as much as I’d like from it, but hey – it’s all trial and error!

  1. Liz says:

    I’m curious to see how this goes. Bloating and gas are both signs that something is irritating your stomach, so it doesn’t seem like you reached a point still where reintroducing even makes sense (but neither does continuing this diet). Have you looked into keto? I can’t remember if I commented on that or not, but it seems like if fiber is an issue and so are carbs, that maybe keto would be something that might work. It’s macro based and once you learn what fits in your macros and the macros of typical foods you like, it’s seems easy to stick to. If Jon could stick to it, anybody could. But I wonder if carbs are part of the issue (they are absolutely for me) and this diet was just ALL carbs basically. If I were you, I’d be doing a LOT of research on elimination diets and food sensitivities. I mean, there are FODMAP diets and if you had FODMAPs, this would all totally make sense that you were bloated, gassy, and constipation with short-chain carby foods.

    • Jessie says:

      Hey girl! πŸ‘‹πŸ» I did a TON of research before starting, but did this diet completely on recommendation by a doctor so I did what she felt was best. It’s definitely fiber for me that throws me off, so going into a high-fiber diet (from avocados, vegetables and fruit) definitely messed with me. Personally (and absolutely NO offense from me whatsoever) I don’t believe in low-carb or keto diets. From the research I’ve done in the past and how I’ve recovered from disordered eating, it’s just not something I want to restrict myself from. Obviously unless my doctor believes otherwise, but as of right now, they don’t believe it’s carbs messing with me. So maybe someday I’ll try it, but it won’t be my first step. I’m so glad it works for you and Jon, though. ❀️

      For me, I’m finding out this is all “more than food” which is “scary” because of the unknown, but also good to know. I’ll be seeing an endocrinologist and see how my hypothyroidism is playing into all of this. I do believe that foods (like too much fiber, possibly dairy/gluten) enhance my issues, but I don’t believe they’re the root cause. Of course, everyone and their mother is telling me what they think it is so now I’m googling/freaking myself out (ha!). I’m actually interesting to see what happens when I reintroduce gluten. So far, dairy hasn’t really affected anything except my mood (interesting …) but gluten can totally mess with people with thyroid issues, so that might be part of it. All of this is crazy and there are SO MANY different ideas and things I can do. It’s just the beginning, but holy man … it is stressful. Ha! Anyways, sorry for the crazy long reply. πŸ˜‰

      • Liz says:

        I totally forgot about your past eating disorder! Totally makes sense! And I don’t mean to throw 10,000 more ideas at you, haha. I just LOVE looking into nutrition and researching stuff so I REALLY like these posts! I’m curious to see what they are able to find out. The FODMAP diet is common for hypothyroidism too. That Wellbelly blog girl is all about her FODMAPs for Hashimoto’s. Maybe something to at least discuss with the endocrinologist? I’m not sure how up to date a lot of them are with nutrition studies (I don’t feel like the doctors I know do much nutrition education- but have never gone to one like this). And some holistic doctors could be awesome to look at. I guess with being part of modern medicine (as a nurse), I see the HUGE downfall in the patient education and the info they get about diets from doctors and patients who have Crohn’s and IBS and what their doctors tell them and it just goes against almost EVERYTHING I’ve researched about food (which is a lot). Everybody wants to give meds and do labs and do endoscopies and all these other crazy things without really figuring out the food. It takes over 15 days in most cases for inflammation in your digestive tract to resolve and eating an inflammatory food once can restart that ENTIRE process. So I feel like doctors and people don’t take the time to really give their bodies time to heal before trying to jump to the next thing.

        This is way too long, haha. I’m currently NOT writing a paper because I’ve been in front of my computer for 6 hours and I think I’m doing anything I possibly can not to go back to working on it. So, sorry you have to read all of my many thoughts!

        But I really do hope you get it all figured out! I have a lot of GI things going on, but feel like I got it pretty narrowed down to what contributes and am either good enough at avoiding those things, or making sure if I eat them, I’m close enough to a bathroom. πŸ™‚

        • Jessie says:

          How interesting! I should look more into that. And you’re right … sometimes it’s hard to put 100% trust into a doctor who is just trying to diagnose you and get rid of you. That’s why it took almost 5 years for them to find out I even had hypothyroidism. πŸ™„ To be honest, if I find out I’m allergic or super intolerant to anything – even if it’s my favorite food – I’m getting rid of it. At this point, I’m sick of feeling like this. I wonder if it would almost be better to see a dietitian rather than a normal doctor? Hmmm, girl you’ve got me thinking!

          LOL good luck with your paper! I have work to get done and I just keep ignoring it. I’m gonna hate myself later tonight when I have to do that instead of watch Stranger Things …

  2. Liz says:

    I just get so discouraged in nursing because I think a LOT of conditions could improve or are caused by the food we eat or could be solved by holistic approaches, but most medical doctors don’t treat that way. I also think a lot of dietitians aren’t always up to date on it, but it’s worth a shot. Honestly, I’d google holistic doctors in your area. I know in our area, Dr. Joe Esposito is a HUGE chiropractor that focuses heavily on diet (he does radio shows on Sunday mornings and I listen to him on my way to work and he is like, spot on with all the research I’ve read). I know Atlanta has some big holistic docs, but I’m not sure how common they are everywhere. But they can do labs and look into conditions that you have, and just have a less medical approach. Holistic or naturopathic doctors… I think they’ll be a lot more trained in diets, and I think FODMAP could be worth looking into for you and seeing if it’s something you think could be possible and discuss it with them. Take some research! But I’d talk to the offices before you even go and get a feel for them… I mean, you totally don’t have to do any of that, obviously! But I think that’s the approach I would take since your problems seem to be so severe. I don’t think there is anything wrong with seeing an endocrinologist, but you can work with them and make a holistic doctor more of a PCP and work in conjunction with both of them until you get a feel for who you are more comfortable with. And a holistic doctor may recommend a more naturopathic specialist too who can dig deeper than medical doctors do… Just some thoughts from the “medical” perspective here.

    • Jessie says:

      That’s a good idea! Been sees a holistic doctor of sorts for his adrenal fatigue. I think my biggest concern with that I’m not sure if they’re covered by insurance and I just don’t have much $$ right now. BUT it’d be interesting to at least look into with my insurance. I don’t want to be on a bunch of pills for the rest of my life, which is totally what my PCP is doing. Looking up FODMAP now! I should’ve just talked to you instead of my doctor. πŸ˜‰

      • Liz says:

        Haha, well glad I could maybe provide some insight. I know that the big chiro here takes major medical insurance. I would THINK that they would still accept them, unless you have some crazy insurance! I’ll be looking for updates, for whatever you decide to do!
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