Happy Monday! This week could be a struggle for me … I really only worked in the office one day last week and now I have a full week ahead of me. 😱  We’ll see how this goes!

We were up in Northern Wisconsin at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Ben, Cora and I headed back for Chicago around 11 am on Friday morning. It took us a good 5 hours (with stops and traffic) to get back home, so we listened to the podcast Serial (I’m so behind!)

Once home, we watched the first LOTR movie and hung out on the couch. We both weren’t feeling super hot and Cora was pooped from playing with my parents’ animals so early bedtime it was.

I slept in until almost 9:30 am on Saturday while Ben was off at work. Once up, I got a few things done around the house and did some work for my FT job. Unfortunately I don’t really get to be fully “off” on vacations and holidays, but at least I don’t have to go into the office. Ben got home around 11:30 and we both had some energy after being sick all week, so we cleaned the house, put up some pictures, and put up Christmas decorations!

Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIMEWe ran out to Home Goods to get a big mirror FINALLY which was super exciting for me. I also picked up some Chipotle and frozen yogurt. The FY was almost $10 – what the heck, Chicago.

Once home, Ben played his video game the rest of the night and I bought a bunch of crap online #damnyousales. Seriously, I bought these leggings from Spanx, this dress from ShopHopes, these joggers from Athleta, this fluffy rug from Target, and the Content Planner. Whoops.

Sunday morning I woke up earlyish, had some coffee while cuddling with Cora and then started on some work for my client. After about an hour and a half of that, I started writing this blog (woo!) while Ben went off to get coffee with his cousin. I got dressed and had a very healthy breakfast of a gluten-free waffle with peanut butter and chocolate chips. 😉

Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIME Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIMEI met Ben over at Whisk for brunch around 12:30, but there was an HOUR AND A HALF wait so … eff that … and we took off to Lockdown Bar to try it out. I got a bloody mary (okay, two) and it was SO good … plus it was $5 which is unheard of in Chicago for a drink. I ended up getting nachos because it was all bar food and I’m trying to stay gluten free for the hashimotos stuff… so I got those.

Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIME Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIME Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIME Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIME Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIMEOnce home, I took a nap(ish) on the couch for awhile while Ben worked.

I got in SUCH a bad mood – does this ever happen to you? Something about the impending doom of Monday (I make it sound so bad, I know it could be so much worse) and wanting takeout food, but knowing I shouldn’t spend anymore money. 😂  Either way, I tried not to let my bad mood ruin the rest of my Sunday, but just ended up going to bed early. Crappy end to my weekend!

How was your weekend?


  1. Liz says:

    All of the food you eat always looks so good! But I get so sick feeling from eating out too much. Even just after Thanksgiving at home, I felt like complete shit and I didn’t even eat that bad. Sounds like you guys had a good lowkey weekend once you guys got back to Chicago! I bought a bunch of random stuff on Friday but I REALLY want an Instant Pot. I have all this Kohl’s cash but they don’t have the dang Instant Pot so I can’t even take advantage of the big Cyber Monday sales for it. Guess I’ll just get it another time! Athleta is the best. I still want to look at Hashimoto’s too, but I saw your comment where they came back and said you didn’t have it so I was confused! Are they still treating you like you have it because of your symptoms?

    • Jessie says:

      Haha, well thanks! That’s why my Gluten Free stuff is a little difficult right now haha! Ben’s like that, too. To be honest, I’m probably like that, but I just ignore it because I love going out to eat. I need to stop, though. So pricey + I really need to focus on my health right now. Ben almost bought an instant pot and I was like, WTF IS THAT?! LOL

      Hmmm… really? No I definitely have hashimotos haha! I’m sorry you were confused!

      • Liz says:

        Okay, I have no clue what I thought I read, haha. I thought you said the labs came back and it didn’t look like Hashimoto’s! I’m still totally going to look into it this month! I thought Instant Pots sounded dumb but at work the other day, one of my coworkers said she makes baked potatoes in 15 minutes and my sister said she can make frozen chicken in 20 minutes. That’s pretty much the answer to every lazy person’s cooking prayers. So now I’m convinced that I have to have one. Who has time for a crockpot to make chili in 6 hours if an instant pot can do it in 20 minutes?!
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        • Jessie says:

          OH!! That makes sense. No, they came back and said my thyroid levels were “normal” – just meaning they were within the normal level so they didn’t have to up my meds. They were only rechecking my thyroid (T4 & TSH) levels to check my medication, not my antibodies (the hashimotos stuff). and HOLY CRAP. I need that hahaha! Right?!

    • Jessie says:

      They were pretty good, though I have to say … once the cheese started getting a little cold, it didn’t taste as great. 🙁 But still good! I don’t remember the last time I had nachos haha!I’m sure it being “almost Monday” was a BIG part of it. Thanks for the comment, lady!

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