Men’s Stitch Fix Haul & Review

Before I get into the Stitch Fix haul, I want to mention my Vlogmas videos that have gone out in the last few days, just in case you’re not subscribed to me (why nottttt?) I was EXTREMELY honest in these videos!

Thursday’s Vlogmas:

On Thursday, I give you the complete low-down on my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis diagnosis and what I’m planning to do about it.

Friday’s Vlogmas:

On Friday (today!) I take you through a fun night of me meal prepping some stuff for Ben and I. I promise it’s funny, especially toward the middle, when I start to get a little loopy from talking to myself all night. 😂

Okay, on to the real post! Ben’s second Stitch Fix box came in and, again, he allowed me to take pictures of him!

Stitch Fix Piece 1: Hawker Rye – Essential Wash Stretch Straight Fit Chino (burgundy), $78

Men's Stitch Fix Haul & ReviewFirst, let me just say, I did not realize Ben had this shirt and I lovvvve it on him and want him to wear it all the time. ❤️ Okay, back to the pants!

Ben really liked these pants and had been looking for something like this, but the almost $80 price tag just wasn’t working for him. However, after doing a little research online, he decided they were worth it and kept them!

Stitch Fix Piece 2: Hawker Rye – Essential Heather Vee Tee (Medium), $28

Men's Stitch Fix Haul & Review
I didn’t really love this shirt on him and he gets really nice t-shirts like this that fit him better from Banana Republic, so he decided to send this back.

Stitch Fix Piece 3: Flag & Anthem – Dublin Sweater Fleece Vest (Medium), $69.50

Men's Stitch Fix Haul & Review
Ben had asked for a vest to go with the button-down he got last time (which he’s wearing in this pic) and this First of all, it was WAY too big in the stomach area and we really didn’t like the color. I’m not sure how the stylist thought this would look okay with the shirt, but hey … just didn’t work, so he sent it back.

Stitch Fix Piece 4: Free Nature – Backwoods Brushed Flannel Shirt (Medium), $44

Men's Stitch Fix Haul & ReviewI hated this piece, haha, plain and simple. Ben didn’t hate it, but wasn’t a fan. He returned it.

Stitch Fix Piece 5: Julian & Mark – Normandy Stretch Plaid Flannel Shirt (Medium), $49.50

Men's Stitch Fix Haul & ReviewAlso not a huge fan of this shirt, and neither was been so back to Stitch Fix it went! Returned.

Ben was a little less excited about this box than his last one. I think he’s going to be pausing it for this next month because he needs to save some money around the holidays. Either way, he likes having Stitch Fix, but he’s just hoping his next one fits his personality and style a little bit better!

Did you like any of the items above?


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