Weekend Recap: 2017 Christmas!

Happy … Wednesday! It’s Wednesday, right?

I’m just going to forwarn you that I don’t have a TON of photos because I was doing Vlogmas so I was more focused on getting videos. Speaking of videos, I’m pretty proud of myself for doing the FULL Vlogmas – 25 days of videos!

Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep going when I’m not getting the results I want, but I stuck to it. My thinking is when my channel DOES start growing, new subscribers will have more than 25 videos they can look through if they’d like.

Onto the weekend recap!

Friday, December 22

I had the day off on Friday ๐ŸŽ‰ย  so I got up, hung out with Cora and got ready slowly – THE BEST. I headed over to a wedding venue (I know, it’s already starting …) called Salvage One. I didn’t love it at first (it’s very eclectic) but then I could see it all put together and really liked it! Plus, it’s near my place (sort of) so that’s nice, too. However, once they gave me the pricing (which was different rates than they gave me online …) and I saw it was almost $10,000 JUST.FOR.THE.VENUE. I was like, nope.

I bought myself a Starbucks on the way home which was glorious and then hung out with Cora. I made a Google Sheet doc with multiple tabs for the wedding already (duh – #plannerlife) and I already have a profile on The Knot set up, so I spent a little bit of time looking through some other venues. I actually have an appointment at my “favorite” venue (that I can tell from the website photos – and pricing) on January 3 and Ben’s coming with (it’s out in the ‘burbs so he needs to go with for that one!) so fingers crossed on that! Once the venue is booked, I can *chill* a little bit since our wedding won’t be until Summer of 2019, but venues go so quickly here so we’ve got to get that booked. Then onto the bridesmaid proposals because y’all KNOW I’m doing that.

P.S. Who here is interested in a Wedding Wednesday post or something, especially once planning gets into full force?

Weekend Recap: 2018 Christmas!
Ben and I watched a few shows on Netflix for the afternoon and then went to a surprise party for a friend of his later that night. I’ll be honest – I did not want to go (after sitting on the couch all afternoon) but it was fun once we got there!

Saturday, December 23

Saturday I got up with Ben when he went into work and hung out with Cora before getting to last minute packing.

Weekend Recap: 2018 Christmas!
We left for Green Bay around 1, dropped off Cora with my mom at my aunt’s and then headed to the Packer game! It was SO COLD. The game ended up being pretty boring (game-wise … we still had fun in the stands!), so we left at the end of the 3rd quarter to get the feeling back in our toes.

Weekend Recap: 2018 Christmas!
We drove up to my parents (about an hour north) and almost immediately went to bed.

Sunday, December 24

On Sunday we woke up and hung out with the fam. My sister got me an engagement present which she was too excited to wait all day to give me. All kinds of fun stuff – a bridal magazine, wine glasses, a ring holder, The Knot binder (I’m sooooo organized, y’all)… so much cool stuff!

Weekend Recap: 2018 Christmas!
This sparked the wedding chat and we started talking about stuff for awhile. My family is way too huge to invite down to my wedding in Chicago, so my family is probably going to throw an additional reception in my hometown later in the summer of 2019 for my family to come to.

Later that day, we made cookies and ate dinner before watching The Christmas Carol and opening gifts.

Weekend Recap: 2018 Christmas!This was our first year opening gifts on Christmas Eve but Ben and I had to leave early on Christmas to get to Illinois for his family Christmas and my sister had to work.

Monday, December 25

We woke up pretty early and my dad made us some french toast (gluten free for me!) before we set off for Illinois. After about a 4+ hour drive in a LOT of wind we made it to Ben’s parent’s house and hung out with his immediate family before heading to his aunt’s house for the rest of the night.

Weekend Recap: 2018 Christmas!We got home around 10 pm andย all (Cora included) passed out immediately. Our first split holiday is complete!

Tuesday, December 26

Since I’m doing this post on Wednesday, I’ll throw in another day. I’m working (from home, thankfully) on Tuesday-Thursday before we’re off again on Friday. Thankfully so far it’s been pretty slow, so I was able to get some cleaning, laundry, etc. done during the day.

Weekend Recap: 2018 Christmas!Ben had to work so I spent the evening looking up wedding planners (mostly because they can get you really good deals on venues and helping with a budget wedding, so I’m interested in finding out a bit more. I have a call with one this Friday and then a in-person meeting with another in a couple of weeks. The holidays are really pushing back meetings, but that’s okay. I also spent the night looking up bridesmaid proposal ideas and wedding dress salons… and then deciding that I immediately need to start losing weight and working out again LOL.

Whew, what a LONG weekend! How was your Christmas and/or weekend?


  1. Katie says:

    I would love to read wedding posts! I have OPINIONS despite not having been married myself. Also, great call on already knowing you’ll have a WI reception, that really cuts down on the stress/drama. Make sure you and your man have the list of must invites before you give your parents their number of invites…(my friends have all had some version of that issue).
    Katie recently posted…Recent Horoscopes, 2017 thoughts, 2018 hopeMy Profile

    • Jessie says:

      YAY! I’m all about opinions. ๐Ÿ™‚ And it’ll also be EVEN easier for us because our parents are not giving any money toward the wedding, so they don’t get any invites lol!

  2. Jessica says:

    We’re getting married in 2019 too!! Our date is in March, on the anniversary of when we first met. So on that day it’ll be 7 years!! I’m so excited and it doesn’t hurt to start looking at places early. We have our venue set and our photographer and still have a few odds and ends to figure out but it’s slowly coming together.

    • Jessie says:

      OMG that’s the second blog I’ve done that to this month. LOL Thank you! And definitely will need a friend to come with – I’ll hit you up once you’re back!

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