My Last Stitch Fix Haul and Review

Sad title, right? It was mostly because of budget (#weddingbudget), but quite honestly, I’ve been not feeling my last few fixes. So for now, I set it to only renew every quarter, but I’ll check in closer to that time to see if I’m still interested in going forward at all. Boo! I loved my first box, but not much after …

My Fix

Piece 1: Honey Punch – Jema Marled Cable Pullover (small), $64

My Last Stitch Fix Haul and ReviewI did not like this piece. I pulled it out and thought it was pretty, but it’s SO frumpy. Maybe on someone with a bit bigger frame or longer torso? Plus, you could see through the little designs in the front. Not worth $64 in my opinion. Sent back!

Piece 2: Emory Park – Dulce Knit Top (small), $28

My Last Stitch Fix Haul and ReviewThis top is not really my style. It was very soft and looked okay on, but quite honestly, I didn’t love it. However, since I pay $25 for my box in styling fee that I won’t get back if I don’t buy anything, I bought this and paid the few extra bucks just to have something. I think I’ve worn it once since then (this was from like, early December) and it’s soft… but meh. Kept.

Piece 3: Coin 1804 – Mely Single Cold Shoulder Knit Top (small), $58

My Last Stitch Fix Haul and ReviewI really liked the shoulder detail on the top, but it was a little frumpy. I know a lot of sweaters are frumpy, but it just wasn’t hitting me in the best way. While I liked it, I wasn’t going to pay almost $60 for it, especially since I didn’t think quality was top-notch. Sent back!

Piece 4: Truly Poppy – Becka Lace Trim Knit Dress (small), $78

This dress was pretty, but it was not flattering. I am sucking in like a MOFO in this pic. Plus, I don’t really have anything to wear it to. I asked for a fun, flirty dress to wear on my 30th birthday in Florida … and this is what they sent me. Not what I was thinking¬†at all. If I was still putting on events, I might’ve bought it for work but otherwise, not really what I was looking for.¬†That’s a no for me.

Piece 5: Liverpool – Carolyn Legging (6P), $78

These were literally just plain black leggings that were more structured. I’ve asked about three times now in my fix returns that I don’t like structured leggings (aka the ones that look like black jeans) and I’d be much happier with regular leggings similar to Athleta or Lulu. I’d rather spend $78 at one of those stores.

If you can’t tell, I’m pretty frustrated with Stitch Fix. For as much as these items are and the amount of feedback I give, I’m disappointed that they literally keep giving me what I ask them NOT to (aka structured leggings) and not giving me what I ask for (AKA a fun, flirty dress for FLORIDA …) I needed to cut them out of the budget anyway, so this just kinda solidified that decision.

What would you have kept?


  1. Liz says:

    I really like that shirt that you kept! I don’t really like the criss cross style across the chest on tops these days but I could get on board with that one.

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