2018 Goals & Resolutions

Happy Friday! What a fun time to talk about goals. I’m working from home today hoping that I’d be able to get a bunch more work done BUT work people won’t leave me alone 🙃  so here it is, almost noon and I still haven’t started on the project I wanted to finish today.

Anyway, I wanted to take a quick break to let y’all know that my 2018 Goals video is up on my channel! If you aren’t subscribed already, I’d love if you subscribed! Basically YouTube decided that small channels can no longer monetize, so unless I get like 800 subscribers in the next month, they’re gonna take that away for awhile. 🙁 But even if you don’t subscribe, I’d love you watched my newest video!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Let me know some of your goals in the comments below! 

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