New Apartment Tour

Happy Friday! And welcome back to the blog, Jessie – where have you been?

Well, I’ll tell you where I’ve been … I’ve been livin’ it up in my new apartment, starting with a new social media client, trying to figure out my chronic illness coaching/podcast biz, looking into other opportunities … OH AND TRYING TO SLEEP SOMETIMES BECAUSE MY THYROID LEVELS ARE OFF.

So, you know. It’s been busy.

Last week Friday Ben, Cora and I (with the help of my dad and sister) moved into our new “high-rise” apartment. I put “high-rise” in quotations because we looked at a few buildings where our unit would’ve been on the 52 floor – what?! So this building only goes up to 18 floors, which is still a high-rise to me, but apparently not to Chicago.


After a few hiccups in the moving process, we officially got all our stuff into the new place and spent the weekend with my family. We made a few shopping trips and put a few things on the walls, but it wasn’t until my family left on Sunday and Ben was doing the Farmers Market that I was able to really crank through and get almost everything else put away. It was so nice to go into the week with everything out of their boxes (besides in the office) and clothes hung up and ready to go. Made for a much less stressful week!

I’ve got a few photos for you of the new place! Please note: it’s not entirely done and I’ll be focusing in on a few of the spaces as we finish them up to explain where we got things, how we came up with the ideas for decorations and everything like that. But for a quick and dirty tour, here’s The Fritz Burrow. I’ve literally just made that up right now because #harrypotter and I love it, so WELCOME. Don’t mind the dog hair. 😉

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And that’s our new place! We absolutely love it. Cora is still getting used to the noise that comes with a high rise (plus the scary elevators and revolving doors 🙄) but she’s pretty much used to it as well. A few other amenties we get with a building like this is…

  • 10% off at the wine store that’s in the bottom of the building
  • A gym (WOOHOO)
  • An indoor dog run (plus tree-lined streets because we’re not right downtown)
  • A level with a pool, outdoor fire pits and grills
  • The top floor with a rentable GORGEOUS party room and GORGEOUS views
  • The top floor also has little break out work-from-home rooms and a library

We’re feeling so grateful and happy to be in a dream apartment of ours. Every evening we get to watch the sunset and have the most beautiful lighting ever. We couldn’t be happier!

What do you love most about your home?

Is there a space in mine that you’d love for me to dig deeper into?

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