Currently …

Denver & Boulder Trip Recap+ Listening to … My Favorite Murder podcast – I’m seriously obsessed!

+ Eating … as close to the Low FODMAP diet as possible. I didn’t do super great the first couple weeks, but I’m slowly getting more and more strict.

+ Crying about … all the carbs I’m not eating.

+ Drinking … Coffee and water – that’s about it!

+ Watching … Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain. Ben and I are obsessed. ❤️

+ Looking forward to … a new job (yep, you heard that right!), feeling better/healthier and my getaway trip.

+ Shopping at … Target because it’s right across the street which is DANGEROUS.

+ Planning … my livestream for my podcast launch!

+ Excited about … so many things! My new job, my podcast launch, working with a new coach, going on a getaway, leaving my current job … 🙂

+ Laughing at … Cora constantly looking out the window and watching people on the sidewalk.

+ Hung up on … how much I miss carbs … Mostly because I don’t eat gluten and my doctor ALSO cut out grains while I’m on low FODMAP. Hence the low carb thing!

+ Thankful for … Ben dealing with all my moods 😉

What are you currently …