#Funemployment Week

And just like that, it’s Monday! I’m actually “cheating” and writing this post throughout the weekend because today I start my new full-time job in community management at a local startup! I wanted to be sure I had a post up for today, especially after being MIA last week.

So last week was … interesting. I had some wonderful activities (which I’ll tell you about below!) but it was also one of the most stressful weeks of my life. It definitely didn’t go as planned which I think was a lesson I needed to learn. In fact, there were a lot of lessons this past week!


I started my day off with a workout and then moved on to an appointment with a therapist. It was just an initial appointment and while I liked her, it doesn’t look like her hours will fit with my current schedule I’ll have to continue looking. After my appointment, it was raining like crazy so I spent most of the day on the couch with Ben. Unfortunately Ben has been dealing with side effects of mercury toxicity and hasn’t been to work in over a week, so a lot of my week was spent tending to him.

#Funemployment WeekLater in the afternoon I had my first call with my business coach, Ali! She was a bit investment for me right now, but one I know will pay off tenfold. We had our┬ácall and then I hopped on a call with my bestie, Lindsay, who I haven’t chatted with in forever! What a wonderful day.


I did the best thing I’ve ever did for myself – went to a massage appointment at the Allyua┬áspa near where I live and it was wonderful. I booked a complimentary “private shower” and then headed over to their meditation space to sit and wait for my massage. My therapist was amazing and I was so relaxed afterwards. I walked home after my appointment, drove to pick Ben up from his doctor appointment and then spent the rest of the afternoon helping him.


It turned out to be the most beautiful day! The weather was finally nice out, so after a slow start to my morning, I headed out for a long walk. I needed to get out of the house! I walked to a nail salon, but the wait was too long so I kept walking to try out Hero Coffee Bar – a fun little coffee shop that’s hidden away in the Loop. It reminds me of Harry Potter!

#Funemployment WeekHowever, the shop is also close to my old job and it was so interesting … the closer I got to my old job, the tighter my chest felt. That negativity is still holding strong in my body!

After Hero, I hopped on the train back to Old Town and headed to Polish and Pour to get a mani/pedi. There was no one there when I got there, so it went pretty fast, plus it was pretty inexpensive. Unfortunately I don’t know that I’ll go back there… my nail artist wasn’t the nicest, but all of the women there were awesome, so we’ll see.

#Funemployment WeekOnce I got home Ben and I headed to the outdoor area at our apartment and sat in a little cabana for an hour-ish to hang out in the sunny weather. It was beautiful and so calming.


Another beautiful day! I woke up, got in a workout and then headed out for a walk to Chipotle (just under a mile away) for lunch by myself. I had intentions of continuing to walk, but I just wasn’t feeling it too much so I headed back home. Ben was not feeling well, so he and I spent the afternoon watching a show or two. He continued to feel more and more anxious to the point that I ended up taking him to the ER around 9 pm. Luckily all of his test results were fine besides a low level of potassium, so we were only there about three hours. However, once we got home I couldn’t fall asleep so I got maybe three hours of sleep total.


Oh, Friday. I woke up feeling SO exhausted but I had a doctor appointment so I headed out to that. When I got there I was unfortunately told that they didn’t have me on the books for an appointment (frustrating!) so I got some bloodwork done and headed back home. I made myself some lunch, hung out on the couch a bit before heading upstairs to get some creative juices flowing. I ended up working up there for a few hours and it was amazing!

#Funemployment Week


I met up with my friend Saige to get some lunch at Revolution Brewing and then we spent quite a few hours shopping together. It was such a wonderful day and something I really, really needed. The rest of the night was helping Ben until I took a bath by myself to get in some me time.


I ended up sleeping in quite a bit again and then got some cleaning done around the house. I headed out around 1 pm to grab some Chipotle and then sat at a Starbucks for a few hours to get some work done. I wrote up some more of this blog, did some business work and then got my inbox ready for my new job tomorrow.

Once I got home I spent some more time getting things ready for Monday before a little bit of relaxation to round out the night. And that was my week off! Definitely not what I had hoped it would be, but it was a lesson in expectations, that’s for sure.

Next up – I need to plan a solo trip. Where should I go? Have you ever been on a solo trip?