3 Easy Ways to Find a New Job

Hi friends, and happy Wednesday! I’m happily on day 3 here at my new job and I’m unscathed so far. šŸ˜‰ It’s been a busy week – lots of meetings – but I already feel so much calmer and lighter coming to this new job.

3 Easy Ways to Find a New JobI know a few of you have mentioned that you’re unhappy at your jobs and I’ve gotten a few questions on Instagram about how I found a new job. Here are three of my easy, top three tips that helped me get into a new role fast!


This one may be a given, but for *most* jobs these days, LI is the first place people go for a job. In fact, I got my current job via LinkedIn!

First, make sure you have yourself to “open” to recruiters to contact you regarding a new job. It doesn’t alert your current job, but when recruiters are looking for contacts, this is how they’ll reach out to you. Yes, you might get some recruiters that have nothing to do with what you want, but this is actually how the recruiter at my new job found me! You can add filters for what you are/aren’t looking for as well, which is helpful.

Second, make sure your profile is UPDATED. If this is not your forte, hire someone to help you update it – you shouldn’t have to pay much. Or heck, I’ll audit your profile for a small fee if you’d like – just send me an email!

This is SUPER important. Here’s a blog post on it (from Jenna’s blog) and here’s my LinkedIn Page. Since resumes and cover letters are super short, this is where you can really get into the weeds about what you do and what you can offer. Make sure your picture is great and any projects you can add in (for example, I added in a podcast I was on and an article I was featured in) really help!

Remember, email me if you’d like a LinkedIn audit (justjessiedblog@gmail.com)

Update Your Resume

I wrote a post about this a few months back and how I updated mine in Canva. Yes, it took a little time, but I think it’s super important to make yours unique and stick out. I’ve also ordered templates from Etsy for $10-$20 before.Ā ORĀ there’sĀ tons of people, including my friend Laura, who provide resume-writing services.

Check out my blog post for more in-depth help on how to update your resume.

Join Community Groups

This is something super important in the marketing/social world if that’s where you’re at, but even in other professions, there has GOT to be a Facebook group or blog about it somewhere. I’m a part of Buffer’s Slack group, which is actually where I found a job I made it to final interviews with, but ultimately ended up choosing my current new employer. I’ve also found side hustle work on Facebook groups, Instagram and Buffer’s community.Ā There’sĀ also TONS of Facebook groups for small entrepreneurs where they’re looking for social media managers, writers, admins, bookkeepers, etc.

Okay, those are just a few of my tips on how to find a new job fast, but please know “fast” doesn’t always mean “best.” I was in a hurry to get out of a dying company last year and I took the first job that offered me $$, even though I knew in my gut it wasn’t right. Cut to 1.5 years of unhappiness, stress weight gainĀ andĀ health issues from being in a toxic environment – it was not worth it. I would’ve stayed with that nasty commute for a few more months or weeks to find the right job for me if I hadn’t been so desperate at the time. Do what’s right for you, be your own advocate and listen to your gut. Sometimes it’ll take no time at all to find the right job and sometimes it’ll take months.

Another option? Start a side hustle in the meantime to make sure your creativities and passions are being fulfilled. Who knows – maybe it’ll turn into a full-time option quicker than you think!

Love you all – thank you for sticking with me through all the chapters of my life.