We Canceled the Wedding?

Hey friends! Happy Friday – how was your week? Things have been a little crazy over here!

To keep a long backstory short, Ben and I decided to make some big changes …

We decided to cancel our Chicago wedding.

BUT we’re still having a wedding! Here’s the story.

We Canceled the Wedding?If you listen to my podcast, you’d know that Ben was diagnosed with mercury toxicity and adrenal failure a couple months back. He had his first complete adrenal break when we were in Colorado for his birthday trip. Since then, we’ve had a few rough months with him at lots of doctors and getting lots of tests. Unfortunately the issues he is dealing with aren’t truly acknowledged by “regular doctors” so Ben had to search for doctors that specialize in adrenal rehabilitation and mercury toxicity. Luckily, he found one and started treatments at the end of September and has been feeling SO MUCH BETTER. However, with that, insurance does not cover this treatment (yayyyy, #America.) Along with some hefty medical bills, he’s had to work through, he also hasn’t been able to work much in the last two months. Being a business owner makes that difficult because if he’s not working, he’s not making money.

So with that, we had to have the difficult conversation a few weeks ago if we wanted to cancel the wedding entirely. It just wasn’t financially savvy or good for our relationship really to be going into debt for a wedding in Chicago when Ben’s health takes priority. We decided that instead of completely canceling our wedding, we’re moving it!

I definitely had to mourn the “loss” of the gorgeous wedding I had planned here in Chicago. We also are mourning the loss of all of the down payments we already paid that we will not be getting back. We looked into a few options for a wedding here (Ben’s parents, a smaller venue, etc.) but since we lost about $2000+ on our wedding here, we couldn’t be paying for another venue. So, we decided to move my wedding up north to my family’s barn and land.

Let me tell you – if you told me I was getting married in a barn in the town I moved away from at 18 … I would’ve told you you’re crazy. However, it really comes down to the importance of the day and the people that will be there. We have to make some compromises (long commute for friends, no hotels nearby, bigger guest list, portable bathrooms … lol) but in the end, I think it’s the right choice.

So … guess who’s planning her second wedding! 😆We will have a LOT more DIY for this wedding now to make it up to my standards (hey, I still like pretty things) so we’ve got a lot of work to do in the next ~8 months. I’m still going for the rustic feel like we would’ve had in Chicago, but it’ll definitely be more rustic. However, it will not be cheap. No streamers, no plastic table clothes – this girl has some work to do!

That’s the update! If you have any DIY tips and tricks you’d like to leave me, tell me in the comments! I’m definitely open for ideas. And let me know if you’re interested in seeing the different projects we do to make this wedding our dream.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!