My Weekly Morning Routine

Happy Wednesday! How’s your week going so far? I’ve been having a great week so far – at least the after work parts. 😉 But one of the reasons my week has been going great is because I make my morning routine a priority. I’ve talked about this on the podcast, but if you didn’t listen in, here’s how it goes!

6 am: Alarm goes off. Let me tell you… Daylight Savings has helped this! I was actually awake at 5:45, but I didn’t want to get up. I’ve been trying to get back into working out or SOME sort of movement, so this morning I did 15-minutes of yoga in my living room while the sun was rising.

6:15 am: Quickly take Cora outside to do her business, and then back to the apartment! Cora and I both head to the couch to cuddle, drink my coffee and write in my journal. Journaling has been HUGE for me the last few months. I need to get a new journal – I’m almost through with it!

My Weekly Morning RoutineIn my journal, I free write for as long as I’d like, then I write 10 things I’m grateful for and 10 things I need to get done that day. Some things are like “laundry” and others are ” be kind to yourself.”

6:45 am: Meditate for 10-minutes. I really struggled this morning… I could not keep my attention fixated, but I tried and that’s all that matters!

My Weekly Morning Routine7:00 am: Ben gets up and I start getting ready for work! It’s supposed to be kind of dreary out today, so I put on a sweater dress, tights and boots and then put on my makeup. I had all these intentions to do my hair, but I whip it up into a bun instead. Chicago is cooling down PLUS I’ve gained so, so much weight that I have very minimal clothing to go through. Soon that won’t be the case! #weightlossbettergetherenow

7:15 am: Usually my phone beeps at me that I need to schedule content for my social media client on Instagram and Facebook, so I take a few minutes to get that going.

7:30 am: Start putting my breakfast together. Normally I’d also pack my lunch, but we’re low on food so I decide I’ll treat myself to a Monday lunch out at work today.

8:00 am: Start my walk to work – it takes about 45 minutes! If it’s super cold or rainy, I take the bus which is about 30 minutes. Normally I leave a little later, but we have a weekly marketing meeting at 9 am every Monday, so I make sure I’m there on time and have time to grab another coffee.

My Weekly Morning RoutineNice day, huh 😆

On my way in, I drop our mail-in ballots in the mailbox and off I go!

My Weekly Morning Routine9 am: Time for work!

What does your morning routine look like?