How to Create Fun, Inexpensive Save the Date Postcards

Happy Friday, friends! The last few days have been a bit strange since I’m hanging out in Green Bay instead of down in Chicago. I went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra with my sister and Dad on Wednesday night which was amazing, as always! On Thursday I worked remote before heading out to see The Crimes of Grindelwald with my sister for opening night. Today I’ll be working from home again before heading back to Chicago tomorrow morning (unless I changed my mind midday and stnuck back to Chicago!

Anyways, that’s not what today’s post is about. Today we’re chatting about Save the Dates. Now, if you’re not getting married – stick with me. I had such a quick and easy experience with Zazzle and I’m sure you’ll have a use for invitations at some point, right? Dog party invites, maybe? 😉

P.S This post isn’t sponsored at all (though Zazzle, holllllla at me if you’d like to for my wedding invites LOL) – I just had such a great experience that I wanted to show you how they turned out.

Once we got our Save the Dates, I immediately started researching the cheapest, yet most beautiful way to make save the dates. Since Ben and I are now being VERY money conscious for our wedding, I wanted to keep the prices as low as possible. Thankfully our engagement photos from Rachael were so amazing that anything would’ve looked great!

Once I decided on Zazzle, I picked out one of their HUNDREDS of pre-made designs and stuck my favorite photo in. I quickly edited the front with our names and date – easy peasy.

How to Create Fun, Inexpensive Save the Date PostcardsOnce that was finished, I moved on to the backside of the postcard. I absolutely loved the way the return address was in the middle. I obviously blocked out our address, but kept in Chicago, IL so you could see what I mean. Loved it!

How to Create Fun, Inexpensive Save the Date Postcards

SO EASY – and I found a coupon code on their website (they’re always running sales) and my ~90+ invites were only $80 with tax and free shipping!

They came almost exactly a week later and look beautiful!

How to Create Fun, Inexpensive Save the Date Postcards

And, you know me… I immediately addressed them that night and would’ve sent them out if I could have! But we had ordered stamps on Amazon, so they took a little bit longer, so we sent them out on Tuesday!

What type of party invites or save the dates to you like? I love the ones like we chose that are SUPER simple with a beautiful picture.

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