How to have the Best Fall Engagement Photos

How to Create the Best Fall Engagement PhotosWhen it came time for engagement photos, both Ben and I were like… what?

We took some pointers from our wonderful photographer (all photo credit goes to Grey Garden Creative, btw) and Pinterest, obviously. Here’s a few tips on how to choose the best outfits for you for your engagement photos:

Decide what “props” you want (or don’t want.)

This is really important to some people. Maybe you’re going to have a picnic, or something that says the date of your wedding. This wasn’t the look that Ben and I were going for, but our prop was our dog, Cora. 😉 We made sure we gave her a bath ahead of time, took the poop bag collector off her leash 😆and brought a crate for her to chill in while we were taking photos without her.

How to Create the Best Fall Engagement PhotosProps aren’t necessary, but if you want them, bring them! Make a list ahead of time of all the props you’ll need and put it all in a bag in your car. You usually only get a finite amount of time with your photographer, so you don’t want to be running to Target quick to pick up chalk for your #engaged wedding sign!

Make a Pinterest page that your photographer can look at ahead of time.

This was something my photographer knew about. This was super helpful because I didn’t have to have my Pinterest page pulled up at all. She had checked out the look we wanted via Pinterest and she was able to recreate what we were looking for. This also helped Ben and I pick the best outfits because we were able to see what other couples work in their photos that we liked best.

Pull out your outfits beforehand and decide what you need to buy to supplement.

I’m so glad Ben and I did this. When Ben put on his outfit we thought was going to be the best, we realized that he needed another layer. I was also able to notice that my cardigan I wanted to wear had a hole in it, so we were able to make a list of things we needed and go get them the week prior. Then, we tried on the outfits together and stood in front of our full-length mirror to make sure they looked good together and we didn’t need anything else.

How to Create the Best Fall Engagement PhotosIf all else fails, send pics to your photographer! We sent a few just to be sure we weren’t picking something totally off base!

Also, to go along with this – we had two different kinds of looks. I love to dress up, so the dress one was essential. But our second option we were wearing clothes we’d wear every day. Leggings for me, a t-shirt for Ben. If you want them all dressed up and cool, that’s totally fine! But it’s also completely fine to go with your “normal” attire.

Decide what type of location you want.

Ben and I were sure we wanted photos in the city of Chicago because that’s where we met, but then when we looked at the pics on our Pinterest board, we noticed they were all outside in nature. Plus they were light, bright and airy. How the heck were we going to get that IN the city? So we reached out to our photographer and asked her if she had any ideas for new locations that fit the look we were going for a bit more. She quickly told us about Busse Woods in the suburbs of Chicago and Ben knew exactly where that was. It ended up being the perfect location for the look we wanted, even if the space didn’t really “mean” anything to us. That ended up not being the most important.

How to Create the Best Fall Engagement PhotosPlus, how are you going to get light/airy photos in the dark drink lounge that Ben and I met? 😆

Bring extra clothes, blankets, etc. if you’re cold.

In between shots, I made sure to shove on a coat, especially when I was in my dress. It was pretty chilly and I didn’t want to freeze the entire time! I’d also recommend bringing another change of clothes JUST IN CASE. Like, for example, I brought a second white tank top strictly because I know I always get white dirty. Thankfully it didn’t happen for our photos, but I didn’t want to take any chances!

Expect something not to go the way you want.

About 15 minutes before our photos, I realized my dress just wasn’t going to stay up. Ben’s sister literally pinned me into the dress and Ben/our photographer were on “bra” duty the entire time I was in the pink dress. Plus, we were walking through a slightly muddy marsh and my open toed shoes were all muddy. But guess what – it didn’t matter! We were having such a great time that I barely even had time to worry about it. There are a few photos where my bra is showing, but honestly… who cares?!

Plus, how are you going to get light/airy photos in the dark drink lounge that Ben and I met? 😆Trust your photographer.

This is the biggest and best piece of advice. Make sure you hire a photographer that you trust. I knew no matter what that Rachael over at Grey Garden Creative would make us look gorgeous no matter what and I had nothing to worry about. She knew exactly what she wanted us to do, where we needed to stand and how to keep us comfortable. I couldn’t recommend her more – she is absolutely the best. Make sure you find someone just like her (or, if you’re in Chicago – give her a ring! 🙂

What other advice would you give? Even if you aren’t getting married, how do you get ready for a photo shoot or family photo session?

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