How to Make a Vision Board in Canva

And just like that, it’s Monday! This past weekend was filled with a quick little birthday party for Ben’s younger brother and then tons of cleaning and getting work done on Sunday. Overall, it was a pretty great weekend!

Today I wanted to take you through how to make a quick and easy vision board in Canva. I’ve always wanted to do a vision board, but honestly … I don’t own magazines anymore so I can’t easily clip out words and things that have meaning to me! My therapist tasked me with doing a vision board to help me with some of my goals, but when I sat down to try, I wasn’t sure where to start. I went to Pinterest and Google for pretty pictures to print out and then I was like, “WAIT – I have an easier way to do this!”

How to Make a Vision Board in Canva
Enter my favorite website – Canva! Seriously, I get so much done – personally and professionally – with Canva. So instead of printing off a bunch of pictures and sticking it on to something (because, oh yeah, I forgot to buy something for that, too) I decided to put it all together in Canva and print it once it was complete!

First, I went up to “Custom Dimensions” and entered 11 x 8.5 (because I wanted to hang my finished vision board horizontally.) From there, I went to Google and Pinterest to find pictures and quotes that I thought were fitting for my 2019 goals.

How to Make a Vision Board in Canva
And honestly, that’s it! If you’d like, Canva has already made grids that will help all of your photos be even in the right places with no overlap. I kinda wanted to wing it on my own (more like I would have if I was doing it by hand) so I just played around with spacing and what photos looked good together. Here’s what I ended up with!

How to Make a Vision Board in CanvaI love it! There’s so much good stuff on there and I love looking at it – which, of course, is the whole point.

Ben printed it out on resume paper that we had laying around, so it was a little bit thicker and I stuck it to our white board in our office. One cool thing with Canva, is you can easily resize something OR instead of downloading it as a PDF, I also downloaded it as a PNG and put it as the background to my laptop so I see it all the time now!

So, easy peasy. Have you made a vision board yet this year? How did you make yours?