31 Things I’m Excited for in my 31st Year

Happy Wednesday friends, and HAPPY 31ST BIRTHDAY TO ME! 🎉It’s officially negative a bazillion degrees outside today, so I’m staying bundled up inside cuddling with Cora and Ben.

Last week I told you all about the 30 things I’m grateful for in my 30th year so today I thought I’d tell you about some of my hopes and dreams for my 31st year. Some of those can be found in Monday’s post on my vision board, but I thought it’d be fun to list out some of the fun things coming about this year that I’m pumped about!

31 Things I'm Excited for in my 31st Year

  1. Living in the most beautiful apartment with my little family for the time that we can.
  2. Continuing to decrease my phone and social media time.
  3. Getting my hormonal IUD out and working on my hormones.
  4. Meeting my best friend’s baby girl. ❤️
  5. Spending time planning the rest of our wedding and enjoying it.
  6. Saving money and paying off debt to provide us with the best future possible.
  8. Seeing Ben’s grandparents again (they live in Florida for half of the year) – we didn’t get to see them much in 2018. They’re two of my favorite people on Earth and I can’t wait until they’re back up here for the summer.
  9. Spending more time with my family – they’re coming to visit me in February!
  10. Going on a small honeymoon.
  11. Getting my nails done when I can.
  12. Walking to work when the weather warms up.
  13. Working toward symptom-less Hashimoto’s.
  14. Expressing gratitude for every day and everything happening in my life the way it’s supposed to.
  15. Hopefully getting in some traveling here and there!
  16. Manifesting some money $$$!
  17. Finding out how to incorporate fitness back into my life.
  18. Exploring passions that I have outside of social media – like reading, my podcast, etc.
  19. Drinking warm coffee or tea in the mornings with Cora.
  20. Spending quality time with Ben and continuing to grow our love and partnership.
  21. Seeing Ben with a wedding ring. 😍
  22. Making new friends and growing old friendships.
  23. Nourishing my body with health, loving foods that make me feel great and healing my unhealthy relationship with food.
  24. Starting my business!
  25. Celebrating Ben’s 31st birthday in the summer.
  26. Reading tons of books and continuing to learn so many cool things.
  27. Seeing the My Favorite Murder podcast live show!
  28. Seeing Iliza Shlesinger live with Ben!
  29. Learning to love myself in every moment of life.
  30. Growing my blog and YouTube side hustles.
  31. Dreaming about the future while still being present in my everyday life.

Thank you for taking the time to read my little blog a few times a week and supporting me over here! I’m grateful for all of you and can’t wait to see what my 31st year has to hold! ❤️