Why I Chose Beautycounter

Happy Friday, friends! Today I want to chat with you a bit about Beautycounter. I know, I know … I talk about it a lot… but I do that because I love it so much (and Ben does, too!) If you’re looking to get into a skincare system, I’d ask you to really look into Beautycounter’s products (here’s my three faves) and how we’re putting safe products into the hands of everyone. It’s seriously scary what can be in some products (check out my non-toxic podcast for more, too!)

So, without further adieu …

Why I Chose Beautycounter

  • Non-toxic products were a game-changer for me
  • We’re changing all of our products to non-toxic
  • I’m 31 and need some damn good skincare 😉
  • I trust the company 
  • We deserve safe products and knowing what’s in our products/what they could be doing to us

Those are just a few reasons I love Beautycounter and while I’ll continue using their products for a long, long time. Using Beautycounter was my first step in my non-toxic lifestyle and my skin can’t thank me enough. I hope you’ll check out the company (even if you don’t buy – just really look into what’s in your makeup and skincare) and let me know if you have any questions!

What are you up to this weekend?