Weekend Recap: Visitors & The ‘Burbs

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? Anything fun? (Let me know in the comments!)

My weekend was pretty great so I thought it’d be fun to chat about it.


On Friday, it ended up being another brutally cold day, so thankfully I was able to work from home (which we all know is my favorite.) I signed out of work around 3 pm because my mom and sister came to visit! We hung out chatting for the afternoon before heading to dinner at Quartino.

I was really pumped because Quartino has a pretty hefty gluten free menu, but the last time I ate there off the menu, I still go extremely sick. Unfortunately it happened again, but thankfully not to the same extent. I still got extremely bloated, so I don’t think I’ll be going there anymore – boo!

The rest of the night we watched Ghost Adventures (LOL) and playing a board game before heading off to bed.

Weekend Recap: Visitors & The 'BurbsSaturday

My  mom and sister decided not to stay the whole weekend due to a snowstorm coming in, so we ordered brunch from Whisk (a favorite of mine) and waiting for Ben to get done with work. We then headed off to The Shedd Aquarium because my sister’s always wanted to go there.

Weekend Recap: Visitors & The 'BurbsOnce we got home, everyone ate quickly before they headed off to the train. Ben and I all of a sudden had part of our weekend open, so we spent the evening reading and watching Orange is the New Black.


On Sunday Ben, Cora and I headed out to the suburbs to let Cora run and for us to get some errands out of the way. Ben hasn’t tried on wedding bands yet, so we wanted to get an idea of what he wanted.

Weekend Recap: Visitors & The 'Burbs

Then we ate a quick lunch at Qdoba before heading to a Starbucks (we left Cora at Ben’s parents house) to get some work done for the week while it snowed outside.

Weekend Recap: Visitors & The 'Burbs

We headed back over to Ben’s parents house and hung out with them for the rest of the evening before heading back to the city! Thankfully not many people were out and about, so it was MUCH quicker getting home than it normally is. We got a few bits of work done (like this post!) and called it a night.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun or relaxing?