March 2019 Budget with Me

Happy Tuesday, friends! This post was supposed to go up yesterday but unfortunately my weekend was crazy and I didn’t have time to get to this! Today I wanted to take you through my March budget.

Please keep in mind this is only my second month budgeting ever and I’m still finagling my budget to make sure it works for me. This month is going to be tight for me, so here’s a quick view of my overall budget. I couldn’t figure out the best way to show you via the blog, so I’ve copied in my video on YouTube for my new Fritz Fam TV channel!

Budget with Me! | March 2019 | FIRST BUDGET | Zero-Based Budget

budgetwithme #debtfreecommunity Today’s video is my FIRST budget with me! We go through my (Jessie’s) personal budget for March – only the second month I’ve been budgeting. March is a tight month, so take a look at how we’re getting through it!

I’ll figure out how to show it to y’all soon (I know you don’t all love YouTube!) but I hope you enjoy!