What I Eat in a Day – Hormone Balancing Diet

Happy Wednesday, friends! Apologies on missing a post this past Monday – I had all intentions of showing you my March budget but honestly… I’m not sure how to show it to you on here! It’s much easier to show it on YouTube, but I’ll try to figure out a way around it! If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments below.

As for today’s post, I wanted to take you through my Sunday “What I Eat in a Day” since I’ve started a more hormone balancing diet (aka I kicked caffeine – mostly – grains, dairy, soy, sugar, etc.)

7:30 am: Thyroid medication and a big glass of lemon water (I have to take my thyroid meds on an empty stomach and wait to eat for an hour.)

What I Eat in a Day - Hormone Balancing Diet9 am: Hash browns with hot sauce and homemade tomato soup (super random, but we didn’t have any protein in the house!)

11:30 am: Green smoothie with spinach, banana, strawberry, mango, almond butter, almond milk and collagen.

What I Eat in a Day - Hormone Balancing Diet1 pm: Chipotle salad (we were in the suburbs and needed a quick lunch out!) Lettuce, chicken, veggies, pico, green salsa and guac!

What I Eat in a Day - Hormone Balancing Diet2 pm: Grande unsweetened iced green tea from Starbucks (last few days weening off of caffeine!)

5 pm (unpictured): snacked on a pickle, few strawberries and a little bit of leftover flank steak at Ben’s parents’ house

8 pm: Late dinner! Cauliflower gnocchi sautéed in avocado oil with Rao’s marinara sauce, red pepper flakes, mushrooms, spinach and sun-dried tomato chicken sausage.

What I Eat in a Day - Hormone Balancing DietThis specific diet has been much easier now that I eat closer to a grain free diet than I’ve done in the past! We have a wonderful cookbook that gets us through these rough diets with lots of tasty meals. I’m so happy I’m in a much better place right now that it’s not causing me to get SUPER sick like I have in the past. I’ve eaten entirely gluten free and mostly sugar, soy and dairy free for the past few months. I will say that cutting out rice and corn has been a bit of a struggle (I miss my chips and salsa!) but I know it’s for a good cause!

Hopefully this diet will help my body recover after coming off of birth control PLUS hopefully I can find which foods are still irritating my stomach!