March 2019 Wedding Update

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? If you didn’t know, Chicago becomes a shi*-show during St. Patrick’s Day, so it was a little nutso. I ended up doing a podcast interview on Saturday morning, edited some pods while Ben was at work, then we finished up some wedding details that afternoon. Sunday we hung out in the morning, did some cleaning and work and then I had my last call with Amy, my life coach!

So today I wanted to update you a bit on the wedding. Things have… imagine this … drastically changed. AGAIN.

It’s no surprise (especially if you watch my Fritz Fam YouTube vids) that we’re in some debt. Ben is still struggling with his health and a big, expensive wedding just isn’t in the cards right now. So, we’ve decided to cut back to a very small, immediate family and a couple close friends at Ben’s parents’ house. The following weekend, there will probably be a chill party up at the barn up north for my family.

So far we’ve:

  • Told everyone the change in plans
  • Talked with Ben’s mom about logistics and food
  • Figured out where I’d get my hair and makeup done
  • Ben tried on rings!
  • I also tried on wedding bands and decided I didn’t want one

What we’ve still got to do:

  • Bridal shower next month!
  • Get my dress altered (I know, I’m so behind on this!)
  • Order Ben’s ring
  • Figure out what Ben and his groomsmen are wearing
  • Figure out what my bridesmaids want to wear
  • Actually make decisions on decorations?
  • Print & send invites in April

There’s probably more… there’s a lot to do, but I’m honestly so burned out on wedding planning. I’ve “planned” two weddings, dealt with drama from family and friends and have had to change my mind 100 times. I’m over it. Sounds so sad, but it’s true! I’m sure it’ll be wonderful no matter what it’s like and I’m happy we’ll get to be with our closest friends.

So those are the updates! Any ideas or recommendations, definitely let me know!

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