Introducing: Fritz Fam TV

Happy Friday, friends! What are you up to this weekend? I finished up my liver detox (HALLELUJAH) today and I’m heading up to Green Bay for the weekend. My mom is going to try to do the alterations on my dress to save us some money. Fingers crossed!

Today I wanted to chat with you about Ben and my new channel … Fritz Fam TV!

We started this channel to talk about all things wellness: food, lifestyle, relationships and finances. We’ve put up quite a few videos already and I’d LOVE for you to subscribe if you’re interested!

We plan to chat about:

  • Grocery hauls
  • Relationship Q&As
  • Budgeting videos including monthly budgets, recaps (including REAL numbers!) and how we are taking a hold of our debt
  • Travel videos
  • Moving videos
  • Vlogs
  • Cora… 😉

I’ll still keep up this blog, but I wanted a space where I could track my life with Ben a little better. Plus, he can make videos, too! I can’t wait to see that community grow!