Creating My Wedding Invites in Canva

Happy Friday, friends! Who here is ready for the weekend? 🎉

A couple of months ago I showed you how I created my resume and my vision board in Canva, so why not try out the wedding invites? Ben and I aren’t interested in the “traditional” wedding invites anyway, plus everyone that’s invited to our tiny wedding in Chicago is aware of it, so it was more to send for fun! This will be a quick and simple tutorial, so here we go!

To get started, I went into Canva and searched for “Wedding Invites” in the templates section. I don’t consider myself a graphic designer, so I love using pre-made templates and making them my own. I found this template, and just filled in my information and photos.

Creating My Wedding Invites in CanvaP.S. obviously that gray bar isn’t usually there, but I’ve blocked out the address of the wedding for privacy!

From there, I proofed it with Ben and then set to print them. Did you know you can print AND get envelopes within Canva? We only needed about 25 copies, so we spent less than $30 on our invites and envelopes, plus they were shipped to me in just a few days!

Creating My Wedding Invites in Canva
And this is the final RSVP – what do you think?

Creating My Wedding Invites in Canva

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