Jessie DeschaneHi all, and welcome to Just Jessie! I’m a twenty-something chica making my way through life the best way I know how – by working out enough to sweat off the Oreos.

I work full-time in the Chicago-land area, along with keeping up on this blog and my YouTube channel. I’ve caught the “fitness bug” and officially lost 40 lbs as of July 2016. It keeps me busy so I don’t spend all of my free time sitting on the couch with my cat eating chips and salsa … now I can only do that some of the time.

I’m an extrovert, can sneak a Harry Potter quote into almost any conversation and my dog-fever is off the charts. I love to travel and have been lucky enough to visit places like California (twice), IrelandHawaii, Charleston and Savannah – along with a few other places! I have the itch to see the world and don’t plan on stopping until I do. I’m definitely a girly-girl and if I can’t be in workout clothes all day, then you’ll most likely find me in a dress.

So, why the name “Just Jessie”? There are a few reasons that Just Jessie was perfect for me, but it was mostly because of my name (obviously). My name is Jessie – Just Jessie. Not Jessica. Not Jesse. Not Jessy. There is no “ica” in my name. Because of this, it seems like every time I introduce myself I’m saying, “Nope, it’s just Jessie” so that’s where the blog name originated.

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Jessie Deschane

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