2018 Goals & Resolutions

Happy Friday! What a fun time to talk about goals. I’m working from home today hoping that I’d be able to get a bunch more work done BUT work people won’t leave me alone 🙃  so here it is, almost noon and I still haven’t started on the project I wanted to finish today.

Anyway, I wanted to take a quick break to let y’all know that my 2018 Goals video is up on my channel! If you aren’t subscribed already, I’d love if you subscribed! Basically YouTube decided that small channels can no longer monetize, so unless I get like 800 subscribers in the next month, they’re gonna take that away for awhile. 🙁 But even if you don’t subscribe, I’d love you watched my newest video!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Let me know some of your goals in the comments below! 

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June Goals + May Hits & Misses

I seriously can’t believe it’s JUNE – what?! We’re almost halfway through the year. How did that even happen?

Time for some June Goals! You can see my May Goals here. 🙂

Let’s take a look back at May!

What went super well …
Find a new gym downtown. Done!
Get back on the workout train. Done, for the most part!
Start my new job. Done, and done! 🙂
Start coaching with Amy again. Thank GOD!
Get settled and write a new DITL post. Done! I actually am putting my Day in the Life post on someone else’s website as a guest post, though. I’ll get one for you all soon!
Spend time in Green Bay. Done!

What went pretty well …
Continue work on self-love. My first step was this.
Start cooking more with Ben. Does having him cook for me all the time count?
Drink more water. I’ve been making a conscious effort to do this! And I’ve cut out coffee.

What didn’t happen …
Lose 3-5 lbs. Nope. In fact, I probably gained a bit, but I’m trying not to focus on weight.
Set aside money. Nope. After the crazy day of spending almost $1400 in 24-hours, I’m feelin’ pretty tight. HOWEVER, I’m moving past it and I know I’ll be able to pay it off someday soon.
Go Spring shopping. Nope … the losing $1400 kinda hindered that!
Start writing love story with Ben. ………..

June 2017 Goals

Health & Fitness Goals:
Get back up to an average of 5 workouts per week. I’m currently hovering around 3.
Start counting macros again. I stopped counting macros for awhile to get myself in a better headspace. After my trip to Nashville this weekend, I plan to get back on it! I feel so much better when I do.
Incorporate new meals. The rice and meat combo has hit its limit.

Business & Financial Goals:
Finish “You Are A Badass At Making Money” by Jen Sincero and start working on her recommendations. Love this book!
Put together a budget. Believe it or not, I’m 29-years-old and don’t have a budget and it shows!
Start thinking of money in a positive light, instead of so negative. This is one of Jen Sincero’s teachings, but I want to live a rich and financially free life and I can’t do that if I hate money as much as I currently do.
Bring on two more clients. I’ve got to put a plan together to do so, but it includes reaching out to people. If you know of anyone looking for a virtual assistant or social media manager, please let me know! 🙂 

Life Goals:
Post at least three YouTube videos in June. Oh yes, girl. I’m coming back!
Post at least three times per week on this blog. Yay, blogging!
Make a Vision Board of sorts. Whether it’s online or physical – doesn’t matter!
Make my bed every day. I’ve gotten out of habit with this and it makes me feel so much better when I do it.
Try meditation and/or yoga. Ben is getting certified in yoga instruction and has been telling me for months that I should meditate. I really need to do it – this overwhelmed brain needs it!

What are your goals for June?

Workout Wednesday: IIFYM Week #8

I skipped over this weekly post last week when I had the stomach flu, so it’s time for a workout update!

Workout Wednesday

These were obviously off all last week. I was on track on Monday, then it all went out the window when I got sick on Tuesday morning. I didn’t start tracking again until this Monday.

I actually didn’t workout for a WEEK which is crazy for me. I worked out LAST last Saturday with Ben, which you can see in that weekend recap, but Monday I was feeling so exhausted (the preview to my sickness) so I skipped. Then Tuesday-Friday I obviously wasn’t getting in any workouts. Saturday Ben and I finally got in a workout (did I mention he had the same stomach flu?!) though I just lifted “light” deadlifts and did some sumo squats. Still felt good to get back into it, though!

So far this week I’ve been on track. I’ve started more of a hypertrophy section to my coaching with Ben which I’m enjoying so far. Monday was an upper body (strength) workout, yesterday was lower body hypertrophy and today is an upper body (pull) day. Hoping I can get that in over my lunch break today!

How’s it going:
It’s going. The sickness definitely set me back. I ate what I could and then by the weekend when I was feeling better, I ate ALL the things. I definitely need to nip things in the butt. Ben and I were chatting about cutting my calories last night and being more strict with treat meals, at least until I get to a more comfortable weight for my height. My best friend from Milwaukee is coming into the city tomorrow night – Saturday, so I won’t be tracking or working out strictly then, but there’s no excuse after that! I want to be feeling my best for summer!

I’m actually down about a pound as of Friday, but that could’ve been from the lack of good food besides rice and crackers. I’ve been feeling extremely bloated the last week and we’re still trying to get my thyroid medication figured out. I’m also trying to cut back caffeine to once per day, then hopefully to only once or twice a week as a treat. I’m about 3.2 lbs since we started this 8 weeks ago and while I know weight isn’t the only progress-checker, I don’t feel any better. I don’t see muscles peeking through. I still feel like I’m at an uncomfortable weight. So, tiime to kick it into high gear! I don’t have an exact goal, but we do have a wedding in early June in Nashville and I’d like to AT LEAST be feeling a bit more comfortable with my weight and beat the bloat by then.

What have you done to move your body this week? 

Five Reasons I Pay for a Life Coach

Hey friends! Today I want to chat about my life coach, Amy Young, and why I have chosen to spend a good amount of money and time on a life coach for the past 8 months (and signed up for 4 more)!

5 reasons i pay for a life coach

  1. She provides me with tools to reach my goals.
    I’ve always been a goal-oriented, driven human. But I’m exactly that – a human. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with my goals, worry about everything that I’m not doing what I need to and just lack general direction. Amy has given me tools, exercises (for on and off our calls) to focus my vision and get where I want to be. It’s crazy to think the amount of things I’ve accomplished in the last 8 months – Got out of a crazy emotional funk, went on a solo trip to Chicago, fell in love with Ben (<— something I thought would never happen for me), MOVED TO CHICAGO. I’m proud of myself for how much I’ve accomplished and Amy was a huge part of helping me get there as sanely as possible. 😉
  2. She always, always, ALWAYS has my back.
    One thing you’ll find out when you’re trying to make big changes in your life is that not everyone will have your back. Everyone will have an opinion about what you’re doing. Hell, sometimes even YOU will not always have your own back. But Amy a-l-w-a-y-s has mine. Whether I need someone to just say “I’m here for you, girl” OR call me on my bullshit, she does it. Not only does she feel like a coach and mentor, she also feels like a friend.
  3. She’s flexible with her coaching.
    Back in early 2016 when I started working with Amy, I actually thought my coaching would be focused on dating. That is what pulled me into her coaching in the first place (her YouTube videos are amazinnnnng, especially for single ladies). We definitely have spoken about relationships, how I feel about relationships (<— fear tends to be a big underlying issues for me in many of the parts of my life I’m working on) and if I’m open to one. I was definitely cut off from men in general and had no interest in letting one in. Thankfully I started working with Amy and I was in a much better place when I met Ben.But, to my surprise, most of my calls weren’t focused on boys, relationships or any of that jazz. Instead they turned to my interest of wanting to be an entrepreneur, my relationship (or lack thereof) with money and wanting to get out of Green Bay where I felt very stuck. We worked through my fears on all accounts, and after lots of work – look where I am now! Living in Chicago with a new job. No, I don’t love my job, but it’s given me the opportunity to live in this amazing city and find out how much money I’m worth. And now I’m in a position where I can make connections in this wonderful city, continue to strive towards making my side hustle my WHOLE hustle, be within walking distance of my love, be active in a city that makes me feel alive, etc. etc. etc. That’s some cool shit.
  4. I felt connected to her.Like I said in #2, not only does Amy feel like my mentor and coach, she also feels like my friend. She has gone through a lot of the same things as me, so I feel like she understands where I’m coming from. She’s a thriving entrepreneur, which is what I’m striving for. She has imperfections, she’s got a crazy fun personality, and she doesn’t try to convince people she’s anything but what she is. I appreciate that realness because I feel I try to live my life as authentically as possible.Also, on a coaching level, she’s available to me. Granted, I’m not one of those clients that expects my coach to get back to me RIGHT NOW, but she texts me back, emails me to check-in, reads my blog occasionally, follows me on Instagram. I don’t feel like she gets off the call with me and then never thinks of me again until our next. I remember having a defining moment in Chicago on my solo trip last October (which she pushed me to do!) and I texted her before anyone else as I was crying on the patio of a random restaurant in the city.
  5. I want to better myself.
    Apart from Amy, I think life coaching in general is amazing. I’ve had fitness coaches for over a year that I’ve loved and have helped me achieve my goals. I love watching Ben coach people every day toward their goals. I truly think any type of coaching can be helpful. For me, an all-around life coach was the best option. In fact, there’s been plenty of months where I didn’t have the money for coaching, but I figured it out. I cut out my $5.50 Starbucks drinks. I quit with my fitness coach. I worked three jobs and put some of that money toward coaching. I’m at a point in my life where I know I want to take care of ME and push myself forward, and I life coaching is something I’m very grateful for.

Okay, okay. I could gush about my love for life coaching and Amy all day, but I’ll stop now. Let me know of any questions/thoughts in the comments below! 

April Goals + March Hits and Misses

Bring on April! I’m over March (click here for my March goals!) – it was a weird month for me. Time for some April goals!

April Goals + March Hits and Misses

First, let’s take a look back at March!

What went SUPER well …
– Walk to work on Thursdays. I did this every day that was possible. Since March was so gross on and off, it wasn’t every day, but I did it quite a bit!
Up weights in both squats and deads. Done! I’m up in both, even with a slight back issue.
Work on mobility. I’ve done pretty well with this, too! Mobility was something that was never a priority (or honestly, something I knew I needed to do) so I’ve been pretty consistent with it.
Download Audible. Done and I can’t believe I waited SOOOO long!

What went pretty well …
Sticking to my macros. For the most part, I’ve done pretty well. If I couldn’t stick to my macros, I stuck to my calories. I’ve had a few off days, but pretty well overall!
Email people about my social media management & VA offerings. I emailed one person… so that’s better than none! I have gotten better about telling people about it though, which is a step in the right direction.
Writing 3-5x/week on the blog + YouTube. I did okay with this! I think there were a few times where I was at only two blogs per week, but I did get up two YouTube videos this month, which is good. My hypothyroidism and just overall lack-for-life this last month hit me hard, so it was hard to show up on the internet in a truthful, honest way. SO I didn’t – because I refuse to be anything but myself.
Look into sponsored posts and networks. I was really into this earlier this month and then fell off the wagon. I did set myself up on a few sites, though, so again … step in the right direction!
Weekly goal setting. I did this for two weeks and then fell off. Will try to jump back on this weekend!
Set-up newsletter. I’ll give myself a little credit … I did log in, create my account and look through everything, but again got overwhelmed and put it away.

What didn’t happen … 
Update WordPress theme. I’m so overwhelmed by this! Have any of you done it? Am I freaking out about nothing?
Write love story with Ben. This just hasn’t been a priority and I don’t want to force it. Ben is focusing on rolling out his online business and I’m trying to get my head straight and stay positive with a horrible job. Just not the time to be writing this stuff. Soon, though!
Set-up apartment completely. Nope… To be honest, I don’t know if these pictures will ever get on the walls LOL.

April 2017 Goals

Health & Fitness Goals:
Add cardio in. As much as I don’t want to, I need to. I’ve not been dropping any weight and it’s driving me nuts.
Work on self-love. I have been incredibly hard on myself this last month, picking apart every aspect on my body. It’s time to focus on loving my body for how it is NOW and improving it because I want to and because I love my body, not because I hate it. It’s not a healthy mindset.
Walk more (if possible). Whether that’s taking a break at work, walking to work on Thursdays, walking with Ben or friends around the city. 1) It’ll save me money on Lyft and 2) I need to get out of the house!
Research hypothyroidism and ways to help. I’m sick of depending on a medication that may/may not help this condition. It has knocked me on my ass in March and I need to find other ways to help improve myself so the symptoms don’t take over my life!

Business & Financial Goals:
Book one freelance/contract position. Whether it’s social media, VA, long-term or short-term, I don’t care. I need to get moving so I can live the life that I want instead of working where the life is being sucked out of me.
Work out a plan for how much I need to make/how many clients I need to be able to afford a sustainable lifestyle. This is an exercise my coach has me doing that I’ve put off. I’d like to get that done this weekend, if possible.
Write down my “dream life” and read it every day. I’m into manifesting the things I want, so I need to be able to focus on it.
Read/Listen to two books in April and write a blog post about it. I did this in March and really enjoyed it!
Work on finding sponsorships or opportunities for my blog. There are plenty of big bloggers and events in Chicago and I need to look into that. I’d also like to really focus on the websites I’ve set up to see what they can do for me.

Life Goals:
Enjoy time with family and friends. I have quite a few events in April between friends coming to visit and Easter with the family. I want to be able to focus on that and truly enjoy it, not letting other negative mindsets (or worrying about gaining weight) hinder that.
Talk with Ben about what we’re grateful for every day. I found this in the book I’m currently listening to and I love it. I used to do it every morning on my way to the gym in Green Bay and it’s a great practice to have.
Try yoga and/or meditation. I think I’ll really benefits from this.
Try not to let people mess with my head so much. I have some not-so-nice (aka disrespectful) colleagues that I’ve been letting get in my head too much. I just need to focus on what I have to do, be a good employee and get past it.

Any advice for me?
What are some of your goals for April?
How was March for you?

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Five Things To Do When You’re In A Bad Mood

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling HIGHLY motivated. Of course, there’s been a day or two when I’ve felt down, but I’ve been in anything but a bad mood. Whelp, if you read my blog on Monday, you know that changed this past weekend.

I felt lethargic all weekend + body images issues + had myself convinced that I was never going to “make it” with my dreams of working for myself. I mean, had myself CONVINCED of it. Bad moods really aren’t my thing, so Sunday I spent some time (while writing out this blog) to think of a few things I could do (and you can to!) to pull yourself back into a good mood.


  1. Talk to someone you love who will lift you up.
    This is key for me. Luckily, I have this wonderful man who I get to have in my life every day who loves me, even through my weird ass girl moods. (Amiright, ladies? Like, WHY AM I CRYING NOW?!) He’ll always find a way to lift my spirits or just let me vent to get all the negativity out.When I didn’t have Ben in my life (and sometimes you just need a girl friend), I’d vent to my friends. My friend Lindsay is always one of the best to talk to because she’ll let me vent, but gives me constructive criticism if I need it. My friend Saige is the same. I love them for that!
  2. Look at puppies. Or cats. Or birds. Armadillos. Whatever the fuc* tickles your fancy.
    FO’ REAL. This always puts me in a better mood. Plus, I remind myself that one of the reasons I don’t have a dog yet is because I want a more flexible lifestyle where I can get a puppy and not leave it in a cage all day. Gives me some motivation.
  3. Watch or read something that’ll put your life into perspective. 
    My favorites for watching lately have been …
    Planet Earth: Reminds me that I’m a very privaleged lady that needs to be a bit more grateful for the fact that I can sit on the couch watching Netflix all day and ordering in Thai food instead of hunting fuc*ing tarantulas to set on fire and eat. GROSS.
    Gary Vee videos: I’ve been hooked on Gary Vaynerchuk for a little over a week now and his motivational keynotes and videos. I love his candidness, truthfulness and his work ethic.
    My favorites for reading/listening …
    “You Are a Badass”: I read this book on my way to Hawaii last year and loved it, so I’ve been listening to it on Audible and it just gets me in a good mindset.
    Any Virtual Assistant / Social Media / Girl Boss blog I can find: Since this is the direction I want my life to go, I’ve been reading up on a few blogs to get myself in a better mindset.
  4. Get in a good workout, walk,  run, spin class, Jazzercise, in-between the sheets time (WHAT?!), I don’t care.
    Getting active helps me about 95% of the time. Granted, this past weekend my workout didn’t help me much, but getting in a walk while listening to YARBA (that was me trying to abbreviate You Are A Badass) did make me feel better. The more I laid around the rest of the day, the more lethargic and just blech I felt. When it’s nicer out, I love to go take walks down by the lake or river to get in some activity plus be around water, which is one of the most calming things to me.
  5. Treat Yo’self.
    I’m bad at this one, so it’s something I’m working on. Maybe you’re buying yourself a cute summer dress or a donut from a local bakery, just get yourself something that’ll make you smile. Doesn’t have to be a lot of money and don’t go overboard with a calorie-dense crazy cheat day, but a lil’ somethin’ never hurt anyone. I bought myself a pretty t-shirt dress from Shophopes this weekend that I’m pretty excited about. My wardrobe needs an overhaul, but the one little dress will do for now.

While I’m not where I want to be physically, mentally, financially, work-wise … I’m working on it and you can’t forget to be proud of yourself for what you’ve done this far, right? Those are just a few of my ideas, so what are some of yours?

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Weekend Recap: A Crappy Attitude

I like to think of myself as a positive person, but in attempts to always keep this website truthful, the last few days have been surrounded with self-doubt and just an all-over crappy attitude about some things. Sometimes that happens and I’m just trying to move past it!

So working downtown on Thursdays + working from home on Fridays has been a GODSEND. Thursday I took a Lyft to work because it was pretty cold, but I walked home that night. Threw in some headphones and listened to “You Are a Badass” (<— If you read my March goals, then YES I FINALLY DOWNLOADED AUDIBLE).

Chicago, Illinois

Friday I woke up at Ben’s apartment at about 7:50, stumbled out into the living room and started working at 8. He was already at work with his clients, so I had the morning to myself at his place to get some laundry done while working (since my w/d at my apartment STILL hasn’t been installed)!

I took my lunch around 12:30 and headed to the gym for Ben to train me. It was an upper body day, which I haven’t done with him yet. Of course, he made me bump up my weight in almost everything so I was definitely feeling it. The rest of the afternoon I worked from Ben’s couch while he finished some work as well.

Working from home

We shut down right at 5 and headed down the road to eat at Sushi X. If you follow me on Snapchat (JustJessie23) or Instagram stories, you would’ve seen the epic treat meal that went down, but here’s a little preview …

Sushi X - Chicago

SO GOOD. Plus, our server was awesome so that makes the experience even better. But yes, I’ve found a man that will go to eat at Grandma time with me. 🙂

After sushi, Ben wanted to take me to frozen yogurt because I’ve been talking about it for EVER. We walked about a mile and he got ice cream at Jeni’s, which was right next door to Red Mango. I took my frozen yogurt to-go because my stomach was feeling pretty angry after shoving 2.5 rolls of sushi down my throat an hour earlier. Don’t worry, I ate it later.

We walked back to Ben’s apartment and both fell asleep watching Minions at like, 11 p.m. #OldPeopleStatus #TheBest

Saturday morning Ben had to train, so he went in and I sat around on his couch catching up on YouTube videos. I noticed myself picking my body apart more than normal (I was still bloated from the night before) and I got this “you’re not going to make it” mindset stuck in my head. Does this happen to anyone else? I figured a nice, hard workout at the gym would make it better!

It didn’t.

In fact, Ben spent a good chunk of the workout trying to talk me out of crying out of frustration. I feel like I’m just starting to get strong and my back starts killing me and I have to cut down my weight. PLUS, you trying wearing spandex around OTHER beautiful women wearing Lululemon when you’re already in a bad mood about how you look. Just wasn’t a good workout for me!

(P.S. I’m writing most of this blog post on Sunday afternoon and my computer has shut down NO LESS than three times so far due to who-knows-what … so this weekend is just not loving me).

After the workout, Ben and I headed back to his place, ate and watched Human Planet for a few hours. He made me dinner (chicken and pasta – woooooo!), then we started watching more Netflix and I fell asleep on the couch before he woke me up to move to bed. Such a sleepy weekend – crappy attitudes make me tired!

Sunday Ben got up to meet some potential clients and I laid around in bed for awhile before getting up to clean up his place for him a bit. I figure if he’s feeding me and basically letting me stay there every hour of the day this weekend, the least I can do is make his bed and clean up his kitchen!

We moved over to Starbucks around 1 p.m. to get some work done. I’ve been working on this blog for almost two hours because the computer I’m working on keeps shutting down and losing everything I’ve done. (Speaking of that, time to save …)

Starbucks Weekend

The rest of the afternoon we spent watching more Human Planet (ADDICTING) until we transferred over to my apartment while Ben worked and I meal prepped some stuff . Nothing crazy!

How was your weekend?

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Workout Wednesday: Week 2

So, I gained weight this week. BOO. Which is understandable if you read my post from this weekend where I went completely off my macros for the entire weekend basically …

Workout Wednesday

Like I said above, my macros weren’t spot on this week, though I did well during the week. Ben did up my calories this week, but I doubt that’s why I gained weight. I’m going to guess the alcohol, restaurant trips and cake might have done that. 😉

I did all but one. Last Friday I was approved to work-from-home but since Ben has to be with me when I workout at his gym, he wasn’t available on Friday. WE BLAME HIM! 🙂 My workout with him Saturday was frustrating because my lower back is killing me. Hopefully that goes away – I just sit WAY too much between my job and my commute.

How it’s going:
It’s going well, minus the little bumps I told you about above. We’ll get there!

I gained 1 lb back this week, but I did go up to 175 in deadlifts (which I just realized now looking at the above photo … I added two more 10#plates instead of 5# – whoops) I’m not really seeing any changes in my body yet, but it’s been two weeks where I’ve been back on track so I’m not surprised.

What have you done to move your body this week?

March Goals + February Hits and Misses

Can you believe February is already over and we’re already talking about March goals? I know it’s a short month, but geez! March, here we come!

March Goals

If you remember, I had quite a hefty list of goals in February (you can check those out here), but now we’re moving on to March!

How did February go?

What went SUPER well …
Begin workout / macro program with Ben. This is going super well and I’m so excited to have a program again.
Pull 140-150# in deadlifts. Just annihilated this one. I have been hitting 155# pretty easily all month!
Squat 120-130#. Killed this one, too! I’ve been at 135# all month!
Pay off $500 in debt. I actually knocked out $1000 this month. BOOM. But now I need to save instead of shoving all my monies into my debt.
Write at least 3 blog posts per week. I’ve been killing that lately, too! I’ve consistently been at 5 posts per week all month.

What went pretty well …
Losing 3-5#. I did actually lose about 3.2 lbs, but I’m back up about 1.2 this week. Fluctuation at it’s finest!
3-days of cardio per week. Ben actually only has two days of cardio in my plan, so 3 isn’t necessary. I’ve been hitting 2 no problem, though!
Consistently track macros. I have been doing realllllly well, but haven’t been 100% on my game. Getting better, though!
Figure out plan for future professional life. I’ve been working at this bit by bit. Talking with my coach, having conversations with other entrepreneurs, making small changes. I’m getting there!
Start looking into freelance writing and social media. Same as the one above – they kind of tie together. 🙂 I did add the service to my blog, though!
Finish setting up apartment. I’ve made a little headway. We got a few pieces of furniture from IKEA (just haven’t put them together …), got rid of some boxes, got internet, etc. Just need to get the IKEA stuff built and hang some stuff on the walls!

What didn’t happen …
Try yoga. Whoops …
Post a YouTube video. I reallllly want to, just didn’t get to it.
Write love story with Ben for our e-book. We’ve both been pretty distracted this month with business stuff (his business is taking off) so it kind of got put on the backburner.
Download Audible. Who knew downloading an app would be so hard?
Figure out daily meditation or journaling. 

March 2017 Goals

Health & Fitness Goals:
Try to be as consistent as possible with tracking macros. First of all, I FEEL better when I do and second, I need to get off some of this weight. I’m feeling very uncomfortable in my own skin.
Walk to work on Thursdays if the weather permits. It’s about a 45-minute walk, which isn’t horrible if I’d download Audible …
Up weight in both squats and deads. I’m just about there!
Work on mobility. I’ve been having some issues with pain in my lower back, so I’ve got to make sure I’ve got everything loosened up every time I lift.

Business & Financial Goals:
Email people about my new offerings. I’ve made a list of people I think would be interested in at least listening to me, so I need to get those emails out!
Update WordPress theme. I’ve got one picked out, just need to take the plunge. I’m mostly just worried I’ll mess up my site.
Continue writing 3-5 times per week on JustJessieblog.com + upload one video to my YouTube channel. This should be easy this month!
Start writing love story e-book with Benjamin. <3
Set-up newsletter. I know, I know. What kind of blogger am I without a newsletter?!
Look into sponsored posts and networks. Marette was kind enough to give me some advice during our brunch date on Sunday. I need to take that to heart and get moving!

Life Goals:
Download Audible. Seriously, Jessie …
Set-up apartment completely. I have some visitors coming in the next couple of months, plus I’d like to make the place feel a bit more homey!
Weekly goal setting and motivation with Ben. Ben has this working document that he fills out weekly with life goals and business goals. We’re going to try to make it a part of our Sunday routine together.

What are some of your goals for March?

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Two Truths & A Lie

Hi friends! Happy Friday – FINALLY. (I’m actually writing this on Tuesday so it seems so.far.away)

In order to switch things up a bit, I thought it might be fun to play a little game. I have a few more readers lately (HIIIII), so let’s see if you can guess correctly!

Two Truths & A Lie

Fact 1: I’m from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Two Truths & A Lie

Fact 2: I trained and showed dogs in 4-H growing up.

Two Truths & A Lie

Fact 3: I’ve been a contestant in four pageants, but the most I’ve won is Miss Congeniality.

Two Truths & A Lie

So, what do you think?
Tell me two truths and a lie about you!