Five Reasons I Pay for a Life Coach

Hey friends! Today I want to chat about my life coach, Amy Young, and why I have chosen to spend a good amount of money and time on a life coach for the past 8 months (and signed up for 4 more)!

5 reasons i pay for a life coach

  1. She provides me with tools to reach my goals.
    I’ve always been a goal-oriented, driven human. But I’m exactly that – a human. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with my goals, worry about everything that I’m not doing what I need to and just lack general direction. Amy has given me tools, exercises (for on and off our calls) to focus my vision and get where I want to be. It’s crazy to think the amount of things I’ve accomplished in the last 8 months – Got out of a crazy emotional funk, went on a solo trip to Chicago, fell in love with Ben (<— something I thought would never happen for me), MOVED TO CHICAGO. I’m proud of myself for how much I’ve accomplished and Amy was a huge part of helping me get there as sanely as possible. 😉
  2. She always, always, ALWAYS has my back.
    One thing you’ll find out when you’re trying to make big changes in your life is that not everyone will have your back. Everyone will have an opinion about what you’re doing. Hell, sometimes even YOU will not always have your own back. But Amy a-l-w-a-y-s has mine. Whether I need someone to just say “I’m here for you, girl” OR call me on my bullshit, she does it. Not only does she feel like a coach and mentor, she also feels like a friend.
  3. She’s flexible with her coaching.
    Back in early 2016 when I started working with Amy, I actually thought my coaching would be focused on dating. That is what pulled me into her coaching in the first place (her YouTube videos are amazinnnnng, especially for single ladies). We definitely have spoken about relationships, how I feel about relationships (<— fear tends to be a big underlying issues for me in many of the parts of my life I’m working on) and if I’m open to one. I was definitely cut off from men in general and had no interest in letting one in. Thankfully I started working with Amy and I was in a much better place when I met Ben.But, to my surprise, most of my calls weren’t focused on boys, relationships or any of that jazz. Instead they turned to my interest of wanting to be an entrepreneur, my relationship (or lack thereof) with money and wanting to get out of Green Bay where I felt very stuck. We worked through my fears on all accounts, and after lots of work – look where I am now! Living in Chicago with a new job. No, I don’t love my job, but it’s given me the opportunity to live in this amazing city and find out how much money I’m worth. And now I’m in a position where I can make connections in this wonderful city, continue to strive towards making my side hustle my WHOLE hustle, be within walking distance of my love, be active in a city that makes me feel alive, etc. etc. etc. That’s some cool shit.
  4. I felt connected to her.Like I said in #2, not only does Amy feel like my mentor and coach, she also feels like my friend. She has gone through a lot of the same things as me, so I feel like she understands where I’m coming from. She’s a thriving entrepreneur, which is what I’m striving for. She has imperfections, she’s got a crazy fun personality, and she doesn’t try to convince people she’s anything but what she is. I appreciate that realness because I feel I try to live my life as authentically as possible.Also, on a coaching level, she’s available to me. Granted, I’m not one of those clients that expects my coach to get back to me RIGHT NOW, but she texts me back, emails me to check-in, reads my blog occasionally, follows me on Instagram. I don’t feel like she gets off the call with me and then never thinks of me again until our next. I remember having a defining moment in Chicago on my solo trip last October (which she pushed me to do!) and I texted her before anyone else as I was crying on the patio of a random restaurant in the city.
  5. I want to better myself.
    Apart from Amy, I think life coaching in general is amazing. I’ve had fitness coaches for over a year that I’ve loved and have helped me achieve my goals. I love watching Ben coach people every day toward their goals. I truly think any type of coaching can be helpful. For me, an all-around life coach was the best option. In fact, there’s been plenty of months where I didn’t have the money for coaching, but I figured it out. I cut out my $5.50 Starbucks drinks. I quit with my fitness coach. I worked three jobs and put some of that money toward coaching. I’m at a point in my life where I know I want to take care of ME and push myself forward, and I life coaching is something I’m very grateful for.

Okay, okay. I could gush about my love for life coaching and Amy all day, but I’ll stop now. Let me know of any questions/thoughts in the comments below! 

How to Make Time for a Side Hustle

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now, you know that I’m the queen of working too many jobs and side hustles. A question I received all.the.time was “How do you have time for that?” and “You’re crazy” – not necessarily in that order. 😉

I’m no expert, but here are a few ways that I think you could add in a side hustle, part-time job or hobby into your life.

How to Make Time for a Side Hustle

  1. Stop Making Excuses
    For serious. Like, just stop. If you don’t *want* a side hustle, to workout more regularly, to work at a gym part-time … then don’t. I’m not going to force you. But if you DO (or, like me, you had to) stop making excuses. Yes, it’s hard to get up at 5 a.m. Yes, sometimes I roll my eyes at my alarm clock and go back to bed. Yes, it sucked working a 50+ hour week, then working 8-hours on social media posts at Starbucks on the weekend. But I did it. I didn’t watch Netflix. I got up a little earlier. I said no to working late if it wasn’t life or death. I made my social life plans a treat if I got done with my work. Drag your man with you to Starbucks to both get some work done (or he’ll drag you – this is what Ben and I do, at least!) You have time if you really want something, trust me.
  2. Do something that you love.
    Are you trying out a side hustle, hobby or something else because you’re not fulfilled in your full-time job? Do you need a second job to pay the bills? Then try to find something you love to fill that space. Now, I know that’s not always possible, but try. I worked three jobs when I lived in Green Bay, but my two part-time jobs were doing something I loved. One was at the front desk of a gym – hello, I’m a gym rat. Free gym membership + cute boys (when I was single …) + fun friends to work with? Makes the 5-hour shift after work more bearable. I found my social media freelance position because I wanted something that challenged my mind. I wasn’t fulfilled at my full-time job and was often bored, so the social media position helped me continue with one of my passions. Now I’m hoping to turn that full-time.
    So you don’t love fitness? Do you like clothes? Work retail – you get a discount. Become a virtual assistant if you don’t want to leave the house after work. Freelance something. You have to be good at something, yes? Or try stuff out – if you’re not good at it or hate it… then stop. 🙂
  3. Network with people. 
    So you know you want to do something outside of work, but you’re not sure how to get into it? Ask people you see doing cool things! I came across Brittney’s blog on Twitter and, after reading a bit more about her, saw that she has started a business similar to what I’d like to do. So … I signed up for all of her newsletters and emailed her telling her she inspired me. And guess what? We scheduled a 45-minute call the next day and she gave me loads of tips on how to get started. Talk to people you know. Go to seminars or conferences if you have time/money. Listen to a webinar at lunch and virtually meet people that way. Email me and we’ll become best friends. JUST TALK / WRITE TO SOMEONE.
  4. Don’t sell yourself short.
    Write down five things you’re good at … right now. I’ll wait……
    Don’t sell yourself short. This is something I struggle with all the time, but it’s true. If you think you’re a good writer, write. If you love working with people, work with people. Be creative. Find what makes you tick. Life is too short to be stuck doing something you hate BUT maybe you don’t have a choice right now. Maybe you have to work that job you hate because it pays the bills. Maybe you have to work nights and weekends because you  need the extra moolah. Girl (or guy), I get it. Fo’ real. But try to find something you love to do to keep you sane. Keep going after that dream of what you’d like to do full time. Write down what your perfect day looks like or perfect life. My coach Amy had me do this and it was LIFE CHANGING. I mean, seriously. Be ridiculous. Mine included making breakfast with my boyfriend and my dog and look at me now – making breakfast with my boyfriend, continuously begging him to get me a dog. It’ll happen. 😉
  5. Plan, plan, plan, plan. Did I say plan?
    I don’t care how you do it. Myself? I have about 19 calendars. Okay. That’s a lie. I have … five. 😀 And Tick Tick which is this amazing app I have where I can click off things when I’m done … sooooooo satisfying.
    Write lists. Make a content calendar. Have a color-coordinated calendar. Write stuff on your hand. Post-its. White boards. Chalk boards. Surfboards. Just plan. I find if I write things down, I’m more apt to do them. I even write down “wash hair” (I don’t wash my hair every day #maneproblems), put up Instagram posts, etc. just so I can feel accomplished getting something done.
  6. Take a break.
    Please don’t go overboard. Find out what is doable for you and your family and do that. Maybe that’s spending 2-3 hours a week on a blog right now that doesn’t make you any money, but you make friends or get to express creativity. Maybe it’s working 10-hours a week at your local gym for a free membership and motivation to get your booty moving. Maybe it’s checking out Craigslist and applying for short-term social media or content creation gigs (Jessie Suzanne, do this RIGHT NOW). But if you need a break, give yourself a break. Take the weekend off. Take a bath. Take a walk. Get a manicure. Cuddle with your man/woman/dog/cat/guinea pig while watching Stranger Things. Recharge your batteries and then get right back out there.

Okay, I’m stopping because my motivation / inspiration part of my brain is in overdrive and I’m doing that thing where I ramble for 95-hours and you’re like Jessie shut upppppp. 😉 Let me know what you think. If you ever want help, ideas, a new best friend to push you, a new best friend to tell you you look pretty today, gimme a shout. Anytime. Really. –>

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Random Jobs I’ve Had

I had a reader ask me months ago to either do a video or blog post about the jobs that I had and how I got them. Well, I was so busy having three jobs, that I never got around to doing it. I figured now would be fun to talk about a few of the (MANY) jobs I’ve had and how they came about…

First Job (besides babysitting like everyone else): McDonalds (~3 years)
MCDs was the place to be in high school – at least we thought so. I was in cheerleading, volleyball and dance team + academic clubs in HS and they were in the only employer in my tiny, tiny town that worked around my schedule.

How did I get the job?  I got the job because a friend’s mom was a manager there and she brought me on board.

College Jobs: Waitressing + Internships
I put this all in one category because I had multiple jobs (Me? Multiple Jobs? Imagine that!) throughout my four years at college. On campus I worked in Facilities (for a very short period of time), Career Services (my fave) and Housing (on-campus internship). Off campus I waitressed at two different restaurants (not at the same time) and had an internship with a healthcare company in Green Bay, which is where I found my love for marketing and events. Don’t get me wrong, college was great … but I figured out what I wanted to do because of that internship, so I’m very grateful for it. Oh, and I worked one Black Friday at Charlotte Russe before quitting and swearing off retail (or so I thought). I had at least two jobs almost all four years of college.

How did I get the job?  Normal applications

In Between: Waitressing + Retail
It took me a good six months to find a real job out of college, so I worked at Express (hated it) and a restaurant in Milwaukee until I found my full-time job.

How did I get the job?  Waitressing job – Twitter. Seriously. I reached out to the restaurant via Twitter and they replied asking me to come in. Retail job – through a friend that worked there.

First “Big Girl” Job: Marketing Internship turned Marketing Specialist (~1 year)
My first job out of college was a full-time marketing internship with a marketing research group in Milwaukee. About a month in, I was promoted to Marketing Specialist. I wrote sales proposals, made binders, worked in our CRM program, etc. Basically anything our account executives needed. It was a good job right out of college and I met some really fun people (plus I got to work with my friend Gina for a couple months) but really, I was bored out of my mind. Most days I would sit almost the whole day with nothing to do and it drove me crazy! I’m a very efficient and hard worker, so that’s just not the way I work.

How did I get the job?  Online job search.

First Agency Job: Public Relations Account Assistant (~6 months)
And then I landed my first agency job … two miles from my other job! 😉 I actually was offered two different jobs at the same time – one in Milwaukee and one in Madison. My boyfriend at the time was living in MKE and I wanted to stay near him, so I picked up this job. I had no intention of only staying at this job for a short amount of time, but another opportunity came around.

How did I get the job? Online job search.

Second Agency Job: Account Coordinator –> Assistant Account Executive (~2.5 years)
I learned SO much from this job plus met my best friend Saige, so although it was one of the most high stress jobs I’ve ever had, I did like it a lot. Mainly I worked on project/client management and social media. I actually miss quite a few parts from that job!

Saige and I

How did I get the job? This job I also got from Twitter. I was following a lady and she tweeted that her company was hiring. I messaged back and forth with her and she put in a good word. It helped that she was best friends with my boss-to-be. 😉

At the same time …: Leasing Agent (~2 years)
After breaking up with my boyfriend, moving out of our apartment and moving to downtown Milwaukee on my own, I picked up a job at the apartment building I was living in. Lots of perks (no free rent … but I did get a break!) and I only worked every other weekend. It was a pretty easy job and I really enjoyed it. I always thought I’d be good at real estate, so I’m happy I tried it out. I do miss that job and still wonder if I should try out real estate someday, but who knows!

How did I get the job? Facebook post. I was following my apartment’s FB page and they mentioned they were looking for someone. I called them literally 2 minutes after they put the post up. #desperate

Event Planning Job: Assistant Director of Alumni Communities (~2.5 years)
This was a major career shift for me. I had done event planning in internships and helped with events at all of my agency jobs, but this was a chance to do events full time. I loved this job at first, working for my alma mater, but soon after I started I realized it wasn’t right for me. The planning part was amazing and I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. Plus, I met one of the best people in the world there (Brooke), so that’s worth it, too. But my manager was not trustworthy and I always felt like I was going to get stabbed in the back at any moment. I was bored 95% of the days and then would have to work long night and weekends with no time off work. Also, seeing my alma mater from this light just wasn’t the best for me. I loved going to school there, but working there was a different story. And honestly, I was bored AF in Green Bay and missed the (real) city. And I was paid an unlivable wage (even in Green Bay, where cost of living is smaller) so I had to work two part-time jobs as well. Sounds like a lot of bad things … but I really did love planning events, traveling and meeting fellow alumni. I’ll never forget that job!

Move-in week is over

How did I get the job? I was at an alumni event with two friends in Milwaukee and they mentioned they were hiring an event planner. I applied the next day and after a lonnnnnng process, was offered the job.

Part Time Jobs: Front Desk Rep and Social Media Manager (~2 years and 6 months, respectively) 
While working at the college, I waitressed for a hot minute (literally a month) before getting a job at the gym. Not only did I get a paycheck there and make some friends, that’s where I truly found my love and passion for fitness. That part-time job means so much to me and I miss the gym more than anything right now!

I also worked as a social media manager for a small agency outside of Milwaukee.  I liked this job, but it didn’t really make sense. I wrote content and found pictures for about 13-15 clients ranging from funeral homes (WHO TOLD A FUNERAL HOME THEY SHOULD HAVE AN INSTAGRAM PAGE) to denture offices to car dealerships to health clubs. I liked this job a lot (I love to write social media) but I had no contact with the clients and no input on social media strategy. Call it my ego, but that bugged me. I’d like to get back into freelance social media once I have my bearings straight here, but maybe I should just work one job for awhile? 😉


How did I get the job? Waitressing – I worked there in college so they just gave the job back to me. Gym – My friend Brooke was a spin instructor there and sent in my application for me. Social Media Manager – I found this job on Big Shoes Network (highly recommend if you’re in the Midwest or South) and they gave me the job almost immediately.

CURRENT JOB!!: Social Media Account Manager 
First time working corporate – woot woot! I’ve only been here about 2.5 weeks, but so far so good. This company is GIGANTIC and my commute is LONG, but I love being in Chicago. I love being challenged. I love (and hate) wondering every day if I know what the hell I’m doing. I miss that! I am in charge of a new social media program for one of our partners and I work with a small team (two designers, one writer) to do all of their social media and “special projects”. I’m still getting into the swing of things, but I think I’m going to like this. I’m good at working with people, being organized and I get a little bit of social media time, even though it’s not writing. I do miss planning events, but you never know what the future holds. For now, this was a wonderful choice for me AND (at almost 29) the first job I’ve had that’s paid me well. Perks of working at a well-established big corporation, I suppose. And, HELLO I’M LIVING IN CHICAGO!

chicago NYE

How did I get the job? LinkedIn. I applied for the job on LI and the recruiter called me almost immediately because, so I’m told, I was a “unicorn candidate” meaning I had everything they were looking for. I had a phone interview a few days later, then a 3-hour interview the following Monday. I completed the interview at 10 a.m. and around 1 p.m. (I was still driving back to GB) they called and offered me the job. It was INSANE.

Did you get through this whole post? If you did, you deserve a piece of candy or something. Hope you found this interesting or maybe it’ll give you some insight on how to find a job if you’re looking since social media has helped me in a lot of ways. Heck, I’ve met my wonderful BF on social too (story coming soon, I promise. He wants to help me write it – how cute is that?!)

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Weekend Recap: The Calm Before the Storm

Good morning, friends! And welcome to Monday.

Since I had an event last week, I’ll start my post with Thursday. Around 8 a.m. on Thursday, my supervisor and I set off on the 4.5 hour trek to Minneapolis for my event. This event was sponsored by the Brave New Workshop, an alumni-owned theater in the city. They always do such a wonderful job with decorating and treat us so well!

A Brave New Workshop

A Brave New Workshop

The event ended up going pretty late, but I was able to catch up with a few of my favorite friends/alumni in the area! Afterwards, we headed over to Crave to eat (FINALLY) and then back to the hotel.

Crave Pasta - Minneapolis

We got up bright and early on Friday to head back to Green Bay. Super quick trip, unfortunately. We pulled into the college, unloaded the truck and I immediately left to go home. Once home, I did a few of my event wrap-up things from my couch and then took a 2.5 hour nap. Traveling + events make you TIRED, let me tell you. I ended up going to the gym later that night and then hanging out on the couch for the rest of the night.

On Saturday I got up, did some stuff around the apartment, worked a little from my couch and then had a call with my coach at 1. After my call, I headed to Starbucks for a few hours to get the rest of my client work done for the week.

Same pic, different day

After working, my sister and I headed to Pink at the mall to take advantage of the panty (I hate that word!) sale. There were SO many people out, so we ended up just getting in and out of the store before heading back home. I ended up going back into the gym around 7 and lounged in the hot tub and steam room before talking with my friend Dani at the front desk for 1.5 hours. I love when I get some chat-time with friends!

Once I got back home, I watched some YouTube videos, chatted on the phone and then headed to bed *late* (which for me means 1 a.m. – I’m too old for this).

Sunday ended up being a mostly work day. I worked a bit from the couch while watching YouTube videos, did my laundry and then headed into Starbucks with my sister and my friend Gina. The rest of the day was spent running errands, going to the gym and watching YouTube. I really should’ve gotten a head start on my social media work or … you know, packed … but I didn’t. =/

This is my last crazy week for work thankfully, but I’m excited for it! Today is nutso. Open the gym 4:45-7:45, run errands for my full-time job, GO to my full-time job and get everything ready, lunch with a coworker and a dentist appointment at 2:30. Then I need to pack for six days in Illinois once I’m home tonight. Mind you, that’s workout clothes + regular clothes + event clothes for two of those days. I hate packing. Any tips? I’d like to go to the gym to workout at some point, but that just might not happen today!

Tomorrow we head out on the road to Chicago at 8:30 a.m. and have a private event that night. We’re staying out in Bloomingdale (which is ridiculous) and then have events Wednesday in Lincolnshire and Thursday in Orland Park. Friday I have a lunch meeting in Lincoln Park with three of my board members and then I’m staying for the weekend – woooooo. It’s going to be the craziest week, but probably the most fun. Friday I think we’re going to the light festival or something, then dinner. Saturday is a little bit of work in the morning and then a hockey game at night. Sunday I’ll be on my way back to Milwaukee for my sister to pick me up at the train station. And I took Monday off. See, now I don’t even need to write my weekend recap next week because you already know what I’m doing. 😉

I’m ready to spend the week in Illinois! Even though it’s for work, I have such a great time each time I’m there. It’ll be permanent soon!

How was your weekend?
Any big plans before the Thanksgiving craziness starts next week?

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Weekend Recap: Homecoming 2016

And the crazy weekend is over – woooohoooo!

Saturday my day started out pretty early with a trip to the gym. Had to get it in!

Workout outfit from TJ Maxx

After an upper body + HIIT workout, it was off to the Homecoming tailgate!

Homecoming 2016

It was actually a pretty slow tailgate for us this year, but we still had a good chunk of people stop by!

After the tailgate, we went back to the house (my office is in a house) and unloaded the truck/ate/sat down for a couple of minutes. Then the rest of the afternoon was spent running around campus, checking in on smaller reunions and getting our “After Party” tent all set up.

Food truck at Homecoming


The After Party went all night and I was whooped. I got home around 9 p.m. and went straight to bed.

Sunday morning I slept in a little and then started in on my social media freelance … and was interrupted by a pug. 🙂


Pug Distraction

I got done with my social around 3 and then cleaned the apartment as best I could, did laundry, went to the gym, went grocery shopping, meal prepped … and then died. Just kidding – but it was a pretty crazy “weekend” if you can even call it that.

This morning I got up at 5 (somehow) and got in a shoulders + HIIT workout.

Workout outfit from TJ Maxx

And now it’s back to work!

TJ Maxx Work Outfit

Here’s to a productive week – last week before my travel month starts up. Madison (for fun) this weekend to visit my wonderful friend Lindsay and hopefully a TON more trips to Chicago next month. I’m telling you … I just need to be there permanently. 😉

How was your weekend?
What are you doing for Halloween weekend?

Let’s talk about dream jobs

Dream Job Pic Monkey

I’ve always been a planner. It’s in my nature and since my high school career consisted of competitive cheerleading, volleyball, dance team, band, YAODA, 4H and National Honor Society, on top of a part-time job and maintaining a high GPA, you kind of HAVE to be a planner to stay afloat.

My first taste of planning an event was when I was 17 and decided I wanted to throw my best friend a surprise 18th birthday party. I had everything planned – decorations, a plan with her mom, a secret invite to the rest of our friends, food and even asking a neighbor down the road to let all of the attendees park so my bestie wouldn’t see the cars (of course she made it difficult because she was also my neighbor). I even had the lie figured out to get my best friend to go shopping with me that day, along with the lie that I had to stop back home because I forgot something. It went off without a hitch and she was definitely surprised – I think that’s the moment I fell in love with events.

In college, I set myself up to be a communications major because I have always loved to write (and talk, let’s be real). I was lucky enough to land a marketing and events internship my senior year of college with a local large healthcare company, which just continued to solidify my passion for events. With that internship, I was able to amplify my writing skills by writing press releases, marketing materials and website information for our events. We put on events as small as 50 people for local ground-breakings on new clinics to hundreds of people for breast cancer awareness walks. I was hoping to transition into a full-time job after college with that internship, but unfortunately with it being in the 2009-2010 years and the job industry not doing so well, the events office was cut from 10-0, leaving only one person doing their PR. Even though our internships were unpaid, we were still let go due to the PR director just not having enough time to help us.

From there I moved into the marketing/advertising world, knowing that my passion still was in event planning. At the two advertising firms I worked at, I volunteered on both of their events teams to help plan internal Christmas parties, birthdays, and small client events that we had here and there. While it wasn’t my main focus, I made sure to make time to be involved in those committees because it’s something I truly loved doing. A little over a year and a half ago, I landed my first full-time event planning job at my alma mater and finally had the opportunity to do events for my job – finnnnnally!

So, after all of my rambling, you’re probably guessing “so … you already have your dream job then, Jessie?” While I do love working events, that’s not my dream job.  Truth be told, I have always wanted to be a wedding planner. 

I love weddings – all of ’em. Barn weddings, outdoor weddings, indoor weddings, church weddings, beach weddings, destination weddings, fancy-schmancy weddings – ALL OF THE WEDDINGS. <3

I’ve had a wedding Pinterest board since the first day I got Pinterest, even with no boyfriend in sight. I just love the look of them, the romance, the designs and ideas that every groom and bride have. I’ve helped a few of my friends with weddings details for years, trying to get any type of experience in them as I can. I mean, how fun would it be to work with someone to plan their most anticipated and exciting day!

So, here’s to hoping that some day I’ll get to start planning weddings! In the meantime, I’ll just be here stalking a million wedding planning companies and updating my Weddings & Events boards on Pinterest like the crazy single person that I am. 🙂

Do you have a dream job? Are you already doing it or well on your way to it? Does your idea of a dream job change? SO MANY QUESTIONS!