Five Things To Do When You’re In A Bad Mood

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling HIGHLY motivated. Of course, there’s been a day or two when I’ve felt down, but I’ve been in anything but a bad mood. Whelp, if you read my blog on Monday, you know that changed this past weekend.

I felt lethargic all weekend + body images issues + had myself convinced that I was never going to “make it” with my dreams of working for myself. I mean, had myself CONVINCED of it. Bad moods really aren’t my thing, so Sunday I spent some time (while writing out this blog) to think of a few things I could do (and you can to!) to pull yourself back into a good mood.


  1. Talk to someone you love who will lift you up.
    This is key for me. Luckily, I have this wonderful man who I get to have in my life every day who loves me, even through my weird ass girl moods. (Amiright, ladies? Like, WHY AM I CRYING NOW?!) He’ll always find a way to lift my spirits or just let me vent to get all the negativity out.When I didn’t have Ben in my life (and sometimes you just need a girl friend), I’d vent to my friends. My friend Lindsay is always one of the best to talk to because she’ll let me vent, but gives me constructive criticism if I need it. My friend Saige is the same. I love them for that!
  2. Look at puppies. Or cats. Or birds. Armadillos. Whatever the fuc* tickles your fancy.
    FO’ REAL. This always puts me in a better mood. Plus, I remind myself that one of the reasons I don’t have a dog yet is because I want a more flexible lifestyle where I can get a puppy and not leave it in a cage all day. Gives me some motivation.
  3. Watch or read something that’ll put your life into perspective. 
    My favorites for watching lately have been …
    Planet Earth: Reminds me that I’m a very privaleged lady that needs to be a bit more grateful for the fact that I can sit on the couch watching Netflix all day and ordering in Thai food instead of hunting fuc*ing tarantulas to set on fire and eat. GROSS.
    Gary Vee videos: I’ve been hooked on Gary Vaynerchuk for a little over a week now and his motivational keynotes and videos. I love his candidness, truthfulness and his work ethic.
    My favorites for reading/listening …
    “You Are a Badass”: I read this book on my way to Hawaii last year and loved it, so I’ve been listening to it on Audible and it just gets me in a good mindset.
    Any Virtual Assistant / Social Media / Girl Boss blog I can find: Since this is the direction I want my life to go, I’ve been reading up on a few blogs to get myself in a better mindset.
  4. Get in a good workout, walk,  run, spin class, Jazzercise, in-between the sheets time (WHAT?!), I don’t care.
    Getting active helps me about 95% of the time. Granted, this past weekend my workout didn’t help me much, but getting in a walk while listening to YARBA (that was me trying to abbreviate You Are A Badass) did make me feel better. The more I laid around the rest of the day, the more lethargic and just blech I felt. When it’s nicer out, I love to go take walks down by the lake or river to get in some activity plus be around water, which is one of the most calming things to me.
  5. Treat Yo’self.
    I’m bad at this one, so it’s something I’m working on. Maybe you’re buying yourself a cute summer dress or a donut from a local bakery, just get yourself something that’ll make you smile. Doesn’t have to be a lot of money and don’t go overboard with a calorie-dense crazy cheat day, but a lil’ somethin’ never hurt anyone. I bought myself a pretty t-shirt dress from Shophopes this weekend that I’m pretty excited about. My wardrobe needs an overhaul, but the one little dress will do for now.

While I’m not where I want to be physically, mentally, financially, work-wise … I’m working on it and you can’t forget to be proud of yourself for what you’ve done this far, right? Those are just a few of my ideas, so what are some of yours?

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Being a Risk-Taker

I don’t do risks.

Like, for real. Or so I thought.


When my coach called me a risk-taker the other day on our call, I couldn’t help but giggle. Me? A risk-taker? The girl that hates going on roller coasters, wouldn’t sky dive for a bajillion dollars and don’t even get me started on gambling (why would I give you money that I don’t know if I’m going to get it back?)

Of course, after the giggle, she mentioned a few reasons why she considers me a risk-taker. Apparently moving your whole life to a brand new city with a brand new career makes me a risk-taker. A lot of people wouldn’t even dream of doing something like that, in fact I can think of about 10 that tried to talk me OUT of doing it. I guess I am a risk-taker.

  1. I’m willing to do pretty much anything (legally, let’s be real here 😉 to get the life I’ve always wanted. I’ve worked for YEARS, gaining as much experience as possible and working multiple jobs to fulfill my passions since I never seem to get that from my jobs.
  2. I take a risk every day when I write as authentically as possible on here and all of my social medias. I could (and have) get made fun of or maybe even in trouble for some of the things I say, but I still think it’s worth the risk to be as real as possible. I think too many people aren’t their authentic selves online and that’s sad.
  3. Like Amy said, I moved my entire life to a city I knew I felt a connection to, even though there were (and still are) many reasons it could *not* work out.
  4. I’m starting my own business. Side hustle for now, but I’d really love to be able to live the life I dream of and Chicago gives me the push I was looking for. My goal is to be less controlled by location and more focused on having more time to live my life with the people I love doing the things I love. Wish me luck! 🙂

How are you a risk-taker?
Do you consider yourself one?

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Random Jobs I’ve Had

I had a reader ask me months ago to either do a video or blog post about the jobs that I had and how I got them. Well, I was so busy having three jobs, that I never got around to doing it. I figured now would be fun to talk about a few of the (MANY) jobs I’ve had and how they came about…

First Job (besides babysitting like everyone else): McDonalds (~3 years)
MCDs was the place to be in high school – at least we thought so. I was in cheerleading, volleyball and dance team + academic clubs in HS and they were in the only employer in my tiny, tiny town that worked around my schedule.

How did I get the job?  I got the job because a friend’s mom was a manager there and she brought me on board.

College Jobs: Waitressing + Internships
I put this all in one category because I had multiple jobs (Me? Multiple Jobs? Imagine that!) throughout my four years at college. On campus I worked in Facilities (for a very short period of time), Career Services (my fave) and Housing (on-campus internship). Off campus I waitressed at two different restaurants (not at the same time) and had an internship with a healthcare company in Green Bay, which is where I found my love for marketing and events. Don’t get me wrong, college was great … but I figured out what I wanted to do because of that internship, so I’m very grateful for it. Oh, and I worked one Black Friday at Charlotte Russe before quitting and swearing off retail (or so I thought). I had at least two jobs almost all four years of college.

How did I get the job?  Normal applications

In Between: Waitressing + Retail
It took me a good six months to find a real job out of college, so I worked at Express (hated it) and a restaurant in Milwaukee until I found my full-time job.

How did I get the job?  Waitressing job – Twitter. Seriously. I reached out to the restaurant via Twitter and they replied asking me to come in. Retail job – through a friend that worked there.

First “Big Girl” Job: Marketing Internship turned Marketing Specialist (~1 year)
My first job out of college was a full-time marketing internship with a marketing research group in Milwaukee. About a month in, I was promoted to Marketing Specialist. I wrote sales proposals, made binders, worked in our CRM program, etc. Basically anything our account executives needed. It was a good job right out of college and I met some really fun people (plus I got to work with my friend Gina for a couple months) but really, I was bored out of my mind. Most days I would sit almost the whole day with nothing to do and it drove me crazy! I’m a very efficient and hard worker, so that’s just not the way I work.

How did I get the job?  Online job search.

First Agency Job: Public Relations Account Assistant (~6 months)
And then I landed my first agency job … two miles from my other job! 😉 I actually was offered two different jobs at the same time – one in Milwaukee and one in Madison. My boyfriend at the time was living in MKE and I wanted to stay near him, so I picked up this job. I had no intention of only staying at this job for a short amount of time, but another opportunity came around.

How did I get the job? Online job search.

Second Agency Job: Account Coordinator –> Assistant Account Executive (~2.5 years)
I learned SO much from this job plus met my best friend Saige, so although it was one of the most high stress jobs I’ve ever had, I did like it a lot. Mainly I worked on project/client management and social media. I actually miss quite a few parts from that job!

Saige and I

How did I get the job? This job I also got from Twitter. I was following a lady and she tweeted that her company was hiring. I messaged back and forth with her and she put in a good word. It helped that she was best friends with my boss-to-be. 😉

At the same time …: Leasing Agent (~2 years)
After breaking up with my boyfriend, moving out of our apartment and moving to downtown Milwaukee on my own, I picked up a job at the apartment building I was living in. Lots of perks (no free rent … but I did get a break!) and I only worked every other weekend. It was a pretty easy job and I really enjoyed it. I always thought I’d be good at real estate, so I’m happy I tried it out. I do miss that job and still wonder if I should try out real estate someday, but who knows!

How did I get the job? Facebook post. I was following my apartment’s FB page and they mentioned they were looking for someone. I called them literally 2 minutes after they put the post up. #desperate

Event Planning Job: Assistant Director of Alumni Communities (~2.5 years)
This was a major career shift for me. I had done event planning in internships and helped with events at all of my agency jobs, but this was a chance to do events full time. I loved this job at first, working for my alma mater, but soon after I started I realized it wasn’t right for me. The planning part was amazing and I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. Plus, I met one of the best people in the world there (Brooke), so that’s worth it, too. But my manager was not trustworthy and I always felt like I was going to get stabbed in the back at any moment. I was bored 95% of the days and then would have to work long night and weekends with no time off work. Also, seeing my alma mater from this light just wasn’t the best for me. I loved going to school there, but working there was a different story. And honestly, I was bored AF in Green Bay and missed the (real) city. And I was paid an unlivable wage (even in Green Bay, where cost of living is smaller) so I had to work two part-time jobs as well. Sounds like a lot of bad things … but I really did love planning events, traveling and meeting fellow alumni. I’ll never forget that job!

Move-in week is over

How did I get the job? I was at an alumni event with two friends in Milwaukee and they mentioned they were hiring an event planner. I applied the next day and after a lonnnnnng process, was offered the job.

Part Time Jobs: Front Desk Rep and Social Media Manager (~2 years and 6 months, respectively) 
While working at the college, I waitressed for a hot minute (literally a month) before getting a job at the gym. Not only did I get a paycheck there and make some friends, that’s where I truly found my love and passion for fitness. That part-time job means so much to me and I miss the gym more than anything right now!

I also worked as a social media manager for a small agency outside of Milwaukee.  I liked this job, but it didn’t really make sense. I wrote content and found pictures for about 13-15 clients ranging from funeral homes (WHO TOLD A FUNERAL HOME THEY SHOULD HAVE AN INSTAGRAM PAGE) to denture offices to car dealerships to health clubs. I liked this job a lot (I love to write social media) but I had no contact with the clients and no input on social media strategy. Call it my ego, but that bugged me. I’d like to get back into freelance social media once I have my bearings straight here, but maybe I should just work one job for awhile? 😉


How did I get the job? Waitressing – I worked there in college so they just gave the job back to me. Gym – My friend Brooke was a spin instructor there and sent in my application for me. Social Media Manager – I found this job on Big Shoes Network (highly recommend if you’re in the Midwest or South) and they gave me the job almost immediately.

CURRENT JOB!!: Social Media Account Manager 
First time working corporate – woot woot! I’ve only been here about 2.5 weeks, but so far so good. This company is GIGANTIC and my commute is LONG, but I love being in Chicago. I love being challenged. I love (and hate) wondering every day if I know what the hell I’m doing. I miss that! I am in charge of a new social media program for one of our partners and I work with a small team (two designers, one writer) to do all of their social media and “special projects”. I’m still getting into the swing of things, but I think I’m going to like this. I’m good at working with people, being organized and I get a little bit of social media time, even though it’s not writing. I do miss planning events, but you never know what the future holds. For now, this was a wonderful choice for me AND (at almost 29) the first job I’ve had that’s paid me well. Perks of working at a well-established big corporation, I suppose. And, HELLO I’M LIVING IN CHICAGO!

chicago NYE

How did I get the job? LinkedIn. I applied for the job on LI and the recruiter called me almost immediately because, so I’m told, I was a “unicorn candidate” meaning I had everything they were looking for. I had a phone interview a few days later, then a 3-hour interview the following Monday. I completed the interview at 10 a.m. and around 1 p.m. (I was still driving back to GB) they called and offered me the job. It was INSANE.

Did you get through this whole post? If you did, you deserve a piece of candy or something. Hope you found this interesting or maybe it’ll give you some insight on how to find a job if you’re looking since social media has helped me in a lot of ways. Heck, I’ve met my wonderful BF on social too (story coming soon, I promise. He wants to help me write it – how cute is that?!)

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TOL: Just a little chat …

I have to be honest – I’ve been struggling on the blog front lately. With three jobs + traveling for work + looking for ways to move, my days have been full. I’m slowly trying to get back into both blogging and YouTube, so hang on tight! No better way than to link up with Amanda, right?


> Speaking of getting back into it, I feel like Vlogmas is the perfect time. Have you heard of this? It’s basically vlogging every day until Christmas. I’m going to *try*. A lot of my days are spent working, so there’s not much to show, but I’m hoping it’ll get back into the swing of things. I work so much and it sucks having to put aside your hobbies and passions because you work too much.

> I have a crazy cold that snuck in a few days ago. I finally took a rest day today because my body just wasn’t healing itself. BUT I did workout yesterday and take a #bathroomselfie after a high weigh-in.

Bathroom Selfie

Baby abs are trying to come in. TRYING SO HARD.

> I have been l-o-v-i-n-g this song lately. Kinda reminds me of a new person in my life. 🙂 It’s a really good song, though. Highly recommend!


> I have been obsessed with over-the-knee boots this year – I have three pairs. I used to be terrified of them because I’m so short (5’1″) but I feel like they actually make my legs look longer. Optical illusion, maybe? Anyways, I bought these red boots from Windsor a couple weeks ago (a favorite YouTuber was gushing about them, so I had to …) and I love them.

Windsor Boots

> And finally, I’m just so overwhelmed by the amount of people trying to help me succeed. Extremely overwhelming, in a good way, of course. I’ve had alumni, friends, boyfriend (obvs), boyfriend’s clients, boyfriend’s client’s friends try to help me out and I just can’t handle all the niceness. What did I do to deserve such nice people in my life?


So, there’s a few little updates! I’m “high” on cold medicine right now, but hopeful to get a lot of work done today and tonight. I work this weekend and then I’m headed to Chicago Sunday/Monday. Should be fun!

Tell me an update about you!

Let’s have coffee

I love these types of posts. Whether it’s coffee, tea, diet code red mountain dew (my teeth are going to rot off, I swear) … I love getting coffee with a friend and catching up. Since I don’t have many in-person coffee dates planned, let’s have one together!

Coffee Date

If we were having coffee …

I’d tell you about the awesome, life-changing and uplifting trip I had to Chicago last week. Do any of you ever just “click” with someone, something, some place? That’s how I felt with Chicago. I’ve always liked it there, but this last time just solidified things for me. Even a few of you who watched my video noticed how happy I was, which is crazy to me that you can see that!

I’d ask you a million and one questions, because that’s what I do. I love hearing about things happening in my friends lives, whether it’s how passionate they are about their work, a new person joining their family, a funny date story … I love it. So how about you tell me something about you in the comments? I’d love to hear it. 🙂

I’d probably spill some of my drink on myself, let’s be real.

I’d tell you about a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. After over a year of being denied by loan refinancing companies, one finally refinanced my loan based on my credit score instead of solely based on my very low salary. So, my payments were supposed to go up to $867 in January (per month) … and the loan refinancing company cut that in half. It’s a HUGE weight off my shoulders and a little more manageable. Seriously, check out SoFi if you’re struggling with student loans (or any type of personal debt).

You’d probably ask me about my dating life because, well … that’s what people ask single people. It’s okay, though. I’m used to it. I’d tell you I’m not actively seeking anyone, not online dating, none of that. I’d tell you that I’ve given up on the dating scene where I live a long time ago because I have no intention of staying in the area forever, which obviously hinders my dating life. Now, if you prod a little bit more, I’d probably tell you about someone that currently has my “attention”, so to speak, but I’m nervous about it. Girl has been burned quite a few times, so I am apprehensive. But you would be able to see past the nervousness and see that I’m more excited than nervous. We’ll see what happens. 🙂 (<— I’m THE BEST at being vague enough that ya’ll will hate me)

I’d ask you your opinion on what to wear for a wedding next month because girl is BAD at making decisions.

I’d ask you about your favorite hair stylist … hair is a big deal for me and I haven’t had mine done in almost a year. Whoops …

I’d tell you about how crazy my November is going to be for work – just the full-time job. I have five events next month, but four of them require overnight travel. Nov. 3: Madison, Nov. 10: Minneapolis (overnight), Nov. 15-18: Chicago (multiple overnights). I’d tell you that I’m excited about it, because getting out of the office and being at my events is the best feeling. Although, you would probably be able to tell that I’m hopeful for new opportunities soon.

I’d tell you that we need to have coffee more often because I miss being with like-minded, fun, energetic, driven people. So, I’d basically beg you to be my friend all the time. 😉

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I asked you above, but if we were getting coffee, what would you want to talk about? What would you ask me? What kind of drink would you get?

Ireland – One Year Ago

I can’t believe that one year ago I was in Ireland. A place I had dreamt of going for YEARS and then I was basically handed a trip (okay, I was handed two tickets, but still). Since I’m going to be so busy crying all day (seriously), let’s take a little trip back through my recap posts. 🙂

Chicago -> Dublin -> Dalkey

Dublin, Ireland


Dublin, Ireland


Galway, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

Killarney -> Muckross Abbey -> Torc Waterfall

Killarney, Ireland

Blarney Castle

Blarney Kiss

Rock of Cashel

Rock of Cashel

Waterford -> Kilkenny -> Airport

Waterford Crystal

I need to go back! Let’s go!

Have you ever been to Ireland?
What’s the best place you’ve ever been?

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Thinking Out Loud: A Post Full Of Screenshots

“Hi, my name is Jessie and 98% of my phone’s storage is screenshots.”

If you haven’t noticed, my Instagram (are you following me on there yet?)  is about equally quotes and selfies. Half the time when I’m messing around on Instagram, I’m screenshotting things and forgetting to double-tap (whoopsie). Not even a month ago I wrote a post with some of my recent screenshots I had hanging out on my phone and I’ve already got another post for you! At least I can delete them once I put them up here? Maybe? Either way, here’s a photo dump – I hope some of these make you smile! 🙂

Outfits I Want: 

Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Out Loud

Happy Quotes:

Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud

Song on Repeat:

Thinking Out Loud

Dog Quotes: 

Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud

Funny Quotes:

Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud


Thinking Out Loud

Told ya I had a lot.

Linking up with Amanda!

What’s your favorite thing to screenshot?
Who is your favorite person (or dog, let’s be real) to follow on Instagram?

10 Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

I have a lot of experience on this topic of singledom and after going stag to yet another wedding this past weekend, I figured it was time I named off 10 of the things I’m TOTALLY over hearing since I’ve been single. (Note: I’m not being mean and I’ve probably said all of these things myself to someone, but I’ve heard these things about 10,000 times in the past three years.)

Are you seeing anyone?

I’m seeing you, being all judgmental and asking me AGAIN if I’m seeing someone. Don’t you think I would’ve TOLD YOU THAT?!

He’ll come when you’re not looking

First, and most importantly … that’s what she said. #tyss
Okay. Seriously? I’m not sitting on the side of the street with a sign that says “WILL YOU BE MY BOYFRIEND??!!” I’m not going to the grocery store and attacking every male I see. This comment drives me nuts. YES, I get what people actually mean by it, but I haven’t been “looking” for someone, so knock it off.

Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

Have you tried online dating?

Yes, I have. Have you seen my video about my creepy dates? Now you’ll see why I’m no longer doing online dating. (P.S. ignore the quality, I need to re-do this video)

Have you met my friend/coworker/trainer/brother’s friend’s neighbor’s dog walker?

No, I haven’t. And I no longer trust your judgement after you tried to set me up with the waiter at the last three restaurants I’ve been to with you, so you can just stop trying to help now.

Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

So … you’ve at least been getting laid, right?


Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

Don’t you want kids? You’re almost 30!

I want a dog. Do I have to get a boyfriend to have a dog? Didn’t think so. Also, I AM NOT ALMOST 30 SO SHUT YOUR DIRTY MOUTH. No offense to my 30s crew! 🙂

Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

You’re so lucky to have this time to work on you.

I don’t need anymore work, thank you very much. Wait, why do you think there’s something I need to work on? What’s wrong with me now?!

Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

Ugh, this must be so hard for you.

Girl, I’m single, not dying of an incurable disease.

Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

Everything happens for a reason. 

I mean, I believe this one for most things in life but I’m soooooooooooo sick of hearing it. Yes, I know.

Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

I can’t believe you’re still single, you’re so awesome and beautiful and wonderful!

I tell myself this one all the time, so I don’t mind this one. #ProbablyWhyI’mSingle

Things Single Girls Hate Hearing

Do you have any to add?

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TOL: Recent Screenshots

I think my favorite piece of having a smart phone is being able to take screen shots. I know, iPhones can basically perform surgery at this point, and Jessie loves the screen shot function… Sometimes my camera roll gets a little too full with screen shots, so I’m going to share some of my recent favorites with you + some short hashtags since I can’t do an all photos blog post. I JUST CAN’T DO IT. Linking up with Amanda!

Screen Shots


Screen Shots


Screen Shots


Screen Shots


Screen Shots

#FoodIsBae #IHateSayingBae

Screen Shots


Screen Shots


Screen Shots


Is your camera roll filled with screenshots like mine?