My Experience at Harry Potter World

My Harry Potter World Experience

I did it! I went to Harry Potter World and only cried 5 times! I highly recommend any Pott-head to go. ❤️

I’ll be writing a few blogs about some of my favorite parts and my best advice on what to do once you’re there in the next few days, but in the meantime, here’s a video from my trip!

Leave me a comment below letting me know what all you’d like to know about HPW! 

Florida, here we come!

TGIF – am I right?

First, thank you to all of you that are interested in supporting my YouTube channel. It’s just another form of creativity for me. If you’re interested, I did a wedding update yesterday and would love for you to check it out! Plus, Cora makes a HUGE cameo at the end. AKA she climbs in my lap.

Now as for the rest of my Friday, I’m off to a four-hour meeting (who does that on a Friday afternoon??) so I need to grab some coffee, but then we’re off to the ‘burbs to drop Cora off at Ben’s parents’ house. 🙁 I’m so sad to be without her for a few days, but SO EXCITED FOR FLORIDA! We leave hella early on Sunday (5 am) but then we’ll be in Florida with Ben’s grandparents who we haven’t seen since September! And TUESDAY IS HARRY POTTER WORLD!! (And also my 30th birthday)

Make sure to follow along on Instagram if you’re not already and have a wonderful weekend!

What are your weekend plans?

3 Reasons Why We Canceled Our Trip To Mexico

We did it.

Last night we clicked the “Cancel Trip” button on and canceled our anniversary trip to Mexico in November. And do you want to know what I immediately felt?


Here are the 3 reasons why we canceled our trip to Mexico - and we're super happy about it!
We were SO excited planning this trip in July – I mean, who wouldn’t be … look at the place! (Photo from Secrets’ Website)

Here are the 5 reasons why we canceled our trip to Mexico - and we're super happy about it!Don’t get me wrong, I hope to go there someday soon, but here are the three reasons we canceled our trip.

  1. Save Money
    The biggest – and most obvious reason – is to save money. If you’re following me on Pinterest, you might know I’ve been a bit wedding obsessed lately (HA sorry Benjamin). One of Ben’s clients owns a wedding business and he told Ben to save for $100-$150 PER PERSON invited to your wedding. Ben immediately suggested eloping, but I said no. 😂

    The problem is, my family ALONE is well over 200 people (without kids because #sorrynotsorry, not inviting kids to my wedding) and that’s not counting Ben’s family or our friends. Granted, we’ll be cutting that down and some family I barely know just won’t be invited (again, #sorrynotsorryi’mpoor) but it still got my wheels turning that I should be saving. Since my savings account isn’t even in the four digits (ouch) that could be a problem.

    Plus, to be completely honest, I have debt and so does Ben. I’m working to cut down my credit card debt and that should be out of the way soon and then I can focus on pushing my monies back into savings. Just canceling this trip saved me $1470 that I can put toward the little bit of $$ I owed Ben and then go straight at my credit card.

  2. Timing
    Of course we’d love to go on a trip, but we literally just came back from San Diego and I’m hoping we’ll go somewhere for my birthday in January. While going on trips in the winter, especially being in the Midwest, is so nice, November isn’t even the worst of it! I’d rather go on a trip in January when we’re sick of the weather.

    We normally plan trips around holidays because then Ben loses the *least* amount of money. That’s the one problem with him having an in-person client-based job – if he isn’t in Chicago training people, he’s losing money. So we usually plan stuff around holidays that people would be taking off anyway. This is a great idea, but that lumps almost all of our trips into the end of the year which just isn’t feasible, so we need to figure something else out.

    Also, my friend Perry had a great suggestion. While we’d LOVE to take a super relaxing trip right now, knowing Ben and I, we’d both be so antsy by the end of it, we’d end up doing work anyway. She suggested going on an all-inclusive trip when we NEED it – like after a wedding or before/after we have kids – sometime when we’ll really enjoy it.

    Plus, maybe I can convince my bridesmaids to take me on an all-inclusive (CAN YOU TELL I HAVE WEDDING FEVER – no ring … so not sure why that’s happening.) 😐

  3. Future Trips
    This one came from Ben. He said if we just made up a number like $10,000 that we could spend in the next couple of years on our dream trips, would a Mexico all-inclusive be on that list? My immediate gut answer was NO. I want to go to Ireland at least one more time, Maui, Greece, Vancouver, Denver, Portland/Seattle, Harry Potter World … if I am told I have the option to go to one of those or an all-inclusive in Mexico, it’d be a no-brainer – I’d knock out Mexico in a heart beat. So we did.

And an extra piece – I’m actually quite nervous about the food and safety in Mexico and it has given me an uneasy feeling from the start. I’m already INTENSELY sensitive to a lot of foods and it’d be just my luck that I’d get sick in Mexico and the trip would be ruined for me. I’m also slightly nervous about safety, but that’s just a general thing that added to our final decision.

What do you think? Have you ever canceled something and knew it was the right choice?

Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017

And I’m back! If you haven’t seen my LONG post with lots of photos of my favorite parts of California (in San Diego), go check that out here.

Saturday PM

Since Saturday AM is in the last blog, let’s start around 11 am when Ben and I headed to La Jolla Coves. SO MANY SEALS AND SEA LIONS.

Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017 Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017 Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017 Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017 Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017 Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017You could get so close to them, which terrified me, but they seemed to be okay with it.

Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017 Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017 Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017
We left La Jolla, stopped to get a bite at Chipotle and then got to our next Air BnB right outside of Laguna Beach. Super cute, but I don’t have any pictures for some reason – just video. The only issue is she didn’t supply us with any toilet paper, paper towel OR shampoo/body wash, which was pretty annoying.


At this point Ben and I were tired … tired of traveling, tired of eating SO much (who knew?!) and missing our puppy.

Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017
We couldn’t decide on dinner because neither of us were hungry and it was SO hot out that we didn’t want to move… so we finally just decided to go to a local grocery store, make some homemade fajitas and head out to Laguna Beach around 8 pm.

Oh man, Laguna Beach …

First off, it was $20 to park a mile away from the beach – TWENTY DOLLHAIRS. Once we parked, we walked and there were SO many people it was just ridiculous. We walked around for about an hour before we realized we were just miserable and headed back to our Air BnB. Basically we found out on this trip that Ben and I are NOT good at touristy places and we really wish we would’ve just stayed in San Diego.


Okay, back to being positive about our trip. Sunday we woke up and were both feeling much better. We headed out to get me a coffee and an acai bowl (YUM) before heading back to the apartment. We got in a short workout and then headed out to lay by the pool for a bit.

Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017It had cooled down a TINY bit, so we put on some workout gear and headed out to hike the caves nearby in Laguna Woods.

Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017 Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017 Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017 Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017 Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017
We actually had a really great time, which we weren’t necessarily expecting since Laguna hadn’t been our favorite stop so far. And we DID see a rattlesnake, but luckily it was far enough away that I didn’t flip the F*** out.

We both grabbed takeout (Ben: Subway; Me: Thai food) and went home to hang out and repack for the rest of the evening.


On Monday we woke up bright and early to head up to LA with our rental car, which we dropped off around 7:30 am at the airport and my cousin came and picked us up. We hung out with him, his wife and puppies for a couple hours before heading down to Venice Beach.

I don’t know what it was, but I was over this trip by this point. I really loved how laid back and kind everyone in San Diego was and I was over the crazy, rude tourists and scary homeless people (seriously, a woman tried to hit me in the head while we were eating lunch on a patio). Nevertheless, we walked from Venice Beach up to Santa Monica to hit up a sushi place (that was closed …) and then sat down to eat at the aforementioned patio which I unfortunately don’t remember the name of… but the food was good!

Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017
We walked down to the Promenande area (I have no idea if I’m spelling that correctly), walked in a few stores and tried to get my stomach to calm down (story of our LIVES on this trip – my stomach was not happy) and then walked to Sidecar Doughnuts which Ben wanted to try based on a recommendation from Amanda Bucci. I thought they were good, but nothing super special!

Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017
Probably because they weren’t crazy like Donut Bar! 😂

We took a (very expensive) Uber back to my cousins’ place and took a nap.

After our nap, we got up, ran to Chipotle for dinner and then spent the rest of the evening catching up with family.

Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017


On Tuesday we hung out at my cousins’ place for a few hours in the morning before heading to the airport.

Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017 Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017 Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017
It was a pretty bumpy flight back, but Harry Potter got me through …

And then we both fell asleep at home haha! We did pick up this munchkin on Wednesday, though!

Travel Blog: Laguna Beach & Los Angeles 2017
I think I just like getting sleeping pictures of Ben. 😋

And those were my trips! Remember to check out my recap of San Diego (which was my favorite part of the trip) if you haven’t already!

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017

Whew, y’all ready for a lengthy post? I promise there will be lots of pretty pictures, LOTS of food (aka donuts) and some fun times. I’ve cut these posts into two, and will also have YouTube videos up soon in case you’re more interested in finding out more that way. Okay, enough blabbing, time to go!


So, the trip started on Wednesday, August 30th. I went into work until noon, came home to finish packing (mind you, I literally just moved OUT of my apartment the night before, so my stuff was everywhere) and then got to the plane station (heh) for our flight. Of course, yo girl had an ALMOST anxiety attack as soon as we got into the air, but with lots of coaxing from Ben, I made it through the quick and harmless 3.5 hour flight.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
We arrived in San Diego around 7:30 pm PST, headed to our Air BnB and then out to visit our first food location, Barrio Star.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017  Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
After some food, margs & AMAZING service at Barrio Star, we walked back to our Air BnB and passed out.


We woke up really early (aka 5 am) on Thursday, so we did a few things around the place (which was super cute by the way) and headed to our reservation at Great Maple.Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
As you can see, we got quite a bit of stuff! I got their “Pickle Mary” which was really good and then Ben and I shared their specialty – maple bacon donuts. OMG SO GOOD. I also had vegan hash and Ben had brisket hash (I think?), but they were all out-shown by the donuts!

After “breakfast,” we walked to a nearby Trader Joe’s, grabbed some food we could make/take with us places and then stopped by a super cute coffee shop to get me some caffeine.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
One thing we noticed in San Diego was everyone was SO nice and helpful – servers and just random locals on the street.

After (or maybe before?) the coffee, Ben and I passed by this cute little wall where you could write in something you want to do “Before you die” which I took full advantage of and wrote in “Work for Myself.”

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
Ben is becoming a very good blogger photographer, by the way. 😉

We got an Uber back to our place … so here’s a few pics of that before I forget! There was a hammock in the back that we took full advantage of as well, which is where the cute pic is taken.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
The best part about the place, though, was the location. We were right near Little Italy, close to the Gaslamp District (but not TOO close) and the neighborhood was super cute and safe.

A little later in the day, we took the ferry over to Coronado Island for the rest of the day.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
The island was super cute, so we hung out on the beach and walked around before heading back to get dinner.

Dinner was at Bencotto, a little Italian place in Little Italy. Our food was really good (appetizers and wine were the best IMO) and our server was outstanding. We sat outside enjoying our food and company, before walking back to our place.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
On our way back, I convinced Ben to stop quickly at Queenstown Public House for a quick drink because I just wasn’t ready to go home yet (mind you – we had been eating at SUPER grandma/grandpa times because we were still stuck on central time).

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017


So, Friday marked one year since Ben and I met *in person* for our first date back on Sept. 1, 2016 so we definitely made the day a celebration.

We were up early and headed to the airport to get our rental car before driving off to Torrey Pines for a hike.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
Besides seeing the biggest spider I’ve ever seen, we had a great time (no pics because I was running away quick AF, let’s be honest.)

After Torrey Pines, we stopped in quick at In n’ Out because Ben’s never had it and I lovvvvvve it. Unfortunately it did not love me, and I was pretty sick the rest of the afternoon.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
Once we got my stomach under control, we hit up the Cabrillo National Monument and tide pools.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
(P.S. You still with me? I told you there were a lot of photos!)

Once we were through with that, we were pooped and sweaty and sticky, so we headed back to our Air BnB for showers, a quick rest and then got ready for our dinner out. Initially we had planned a fancy anniversary dinner, but then realized that just wasn’t “us” and instead went to a more chill outdoor place called Indigo Grill.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
Ben looked super handsome BTW, but we didn’t get any pictures together … of course. He got steak, I got fish (and a couple of drinks) before heading home to hang out in the hammock. Perfect anniversary night.

Saturday AM

So, I’ll switch over this post soon since we were only in San Diego in the morning before heading to Laguna Beach, BUT I can’t NOT tell you guys about Donut Bar.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
I may or may not have went a bit overboard with the donuts and donut pics.

And then we died. KIDDING. There’ll be another post on Tuesday wrapping up my trip 🙂

Whew, thanks for getting through it, but I think travel posts are the most fun! We loved San Diego and the rest of the trip wasn’t as jampacked, so stick around for those blog posts!

Have you ever been to San Diego?

San Diego Recommendations?


Happy Birthday BenHe’s officially 29 today, so I’m no longer a cougar … just a slight snow leopard. 😉 Head over to Instagram to see my mushy, gushy tribute to him.


For Ben’s birthday, I bought him plane tickets! Actually, fun story, I bought him tickets to Vancouver, then immediately regretted the purchase because I wasn’t even sure what he wants to do in Vancouver. Since I had 24-hours to get a refund on the tickets (THANK GOD), I told Ben about his gift a bit early and we decided to postpone that trip but bite the bullet on our San Diego trip! We found a good deal on tickets and it all worked out.

So now I’m going to San Diego, then up to Laguna Beach. We’re flying into San Diego and out of LAX, so we’ll be driving up the coast.


I’m also looking to work with brands in the area, find as many donut places as possible (we already have these two) …

Ube Donut Ice Cream Cones!! 🍦💜🍦💖🍦Saturday Night!!! #donutbar #sandiego #DTSD #menu

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So, you know, I’ve got the donut part figured out. 😉

Any other recommendations? Even recommendations on how to work with brands? We’re going August 30 – September 5!

Even if you don’t have any recommendations, tell me about some travel hopes and dreams you have coming up!

Things I Miss About Ireland

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Like, the real holiday … not the drinking one. 😉 As you (probably) know, I’ve been in love with Ireland for my entire life and finally was able to travel there in 2015 (I won that trip – did you know?) so why not chit chat about it on this Irish day?

What I miss about Ireland

The People
Seriously, if you want to go somewhere and feel more welcome than you do in your “homeland” – go to Ireland. The people are happy, simple, excited for life and polite. They get up and dance at restaurants on a Tuesday night. They smile (sometimes toothless smiles, but hey) when you walk into a room and greet you. They call you things like “love” and “sweetheart” in their beautiful accents and make you want to sit and stare at them all day. Just me?

The Sheeps!
I can’t help it. I was obsessed with the sheep there. THEY WERE ALL OVER THE PLACE. P.S. Yes, I know the plural of sheep is sheep … come on now, guys. 😉

What I miss about Ireland

The Beauty
I have never seen a more beautiful place. Between the greenery (seriously … the most GREEN you’ve ever seen, I promise), the flowers, the palm trees (it still blows me away that they had those), the fields … Just insane.

Things I Miss About Ireland

Things I Miss About Ireland

Things I Miss About Ireland

Things I Miss About Ireland

The Castles & Old Buildings
The castles are the initial reason I fell in love with Ireland. I had books of Ireland growing up and used to look at all of the beautiful castles, abbeys, etc. They’re gorgeous and OLD. We don’t have anything this old in the U.S. obviously, so it was insane thinking about what happened in those buildings.

Things I Miss About Ireland

Things I Miss About Ireland

Things I Miss About Ireland

Things I Miss About Ireland

The Cliffs
The Cliffs of Moher are absolutely gorgeous. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. It was super windy, but a beautiful day. This was #2 on my list of things to see in Ireland (after the Blarney Castle) and it did not disappoint.

Things I Miss About Ireland

Things I Miss About Ireland

The Food
The fish was INSANE. I had fish and chips for almost every meal. Or seafood chowder. Even the beef was amazing and I’m not a huge red meat fan. It’s very obvious that their animals are taken care of there. OMG I want to go back just for the fish.

Things I Miss About Ireland

Things I Miss About Ireland

Things I Miss About Ireland

Okay, I’ll stop. Fun fact – I only intended on putting in one picture per category. Whoooops.

If you want to read about every day in Ireland, check out this page! 🙂

What are you doing for St. Patrick’s Day?
Have you ever been to Ireland? Any interest in going there?

Road Trip: Savannah (Part 3)

If you’re behind on our little road trip, you can catch up here and here!

*I’m just going to be honest right now and tell you that 50% of the photos in this post are Ben’s, not mine. For some reason I just was too busy being distracted by the ocean, food and a cute boy to remember to take pictures. Make sure you check him out since he’s the best boyfriend ever for letting me use them. 🙂 Here’s his website and his Instagram.*

On Thursday I woke up to the beach, water and Ben and let me tell you … I wouldn’t mind do that every day. 🙂 After a slow-moving morning, we put on some sandals (and sweatshirts because it was WINDY) to walk down the beach.

Tybee Island

Tybee Island

Tybee Island

Tybee Island

Tybee Island

We didn’t have anything specific planned in Savannah besides a late dinner reservation, so we took our time getting ready. After a little internet searching, we found a place for lunch that looked super cool and different called Treylor Park. Definitely my favorite place we ate at!

We started off with PB & J wings and OMG they were SO good. Of course I didn’t take any photos, but YUM. You can see the remnants of the sauce in the photo below. Then we both got tacos – Ben got Hawaiian Tacos and I got Chicken & Pancake Tacos that were OUT of this world (I’m hungry just thinking about it).

Chicken & Pancake Tacos from Treylor Park

For dessert we got Deep Fried Oreos and a Bacon Brownie (I wish I could use the heart-eyed emoji right now …)

Treylor Park Bacon Brownie

Treylor Park Deep Fried Oreos

The brownie was amazing, but the oreos were just so-so. I thought I’d like deep fried oreos for some reason – I do not. 😉

Our server was such a sweet girl and we had a ton of fun just looking through the menu, eating and drinking (obviously) and enjoying not being in the pouring rain that *thankfully* only lasted for the two hours we were at Treylor Park.

After we ate enough to feel like we were dying (well, at least me – Ben can eat like a bazillion calories a day and still have abs #notfair) we started walking around the city.


Don’t mind the awful screenshot from Ben’s Snapchat story, but it’s cute. 😉

We walked through a cemetery and then walked to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. The pictures don’t do it justice.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

After the church, we continued to walk up and down the streets and over to Forsyth Park.

Savannah, GA


Photographer Extraordinaire: Benjamin


Photographer Extraordinaire: Benjamin


Photographer Extraordinaire: Benjamin

After a bit more walking around, we headed back to our hotel on Tybee Island to take a nap and get ready for a nice dinner back in Savannah.

We got back into Savannah around 8 and headed to Jen’s and Friends for crazy martinis. I got a S’mores Martini and Ben got a Reese’s Martini. We shared a second Strawberry Shortcake Martini, but we were both feeling it after those drinks. Not in a drunk way – in a “that’s a lot of sugar” way. Neither of us drink often plus the drinks were super heavy. Don’t get me wrong – SO good and worth the stop if you’re in Savannah. Just maybe eat some real food first. 😉

Jens & Friends Martinis

Photographer Extraordinaire: Benjamin

Jens & Friends Martinis

Photographer Extraordinaire: Benjamin

We walked a couple blocks to our final dinner destination at the Olde Pink House – Ben was really excited about this one. 🙂 We had a 9:45 reservation (only time we could get in) but it was worth the wait! It was set in an old “house” (duh) that apparently was haunted (the ghost did not visit to my delight … unfortunate for Ben). Our server was amazing and the food was delicious.

Olde Pink House Savannah

Photographer Extroidinare: Benjamin

Olde Pink House Savannah

Photographer Extroidinare: Benjamin

We started with a BLT salad recommendation from our server that they split for us – fried green tomatoes (my fave), bacon and black pepper thyme buttermilk dressing.

Can I please go back just to eat?

After the salad, Ben got the special which was a crab-stuffed grouper and I got salmon. My salmon wasn’t amazing, but really … when is salmon amazing? 😉 Ben’s was really good, though and the service/space was totally worth the late reservation.

Olde Pink House Savannah

Photographer Extroidinare: Benjamin

After dinner, we drove back to our hotel and immediately crashed from the crazy day and crazy amounts of food.

Friday we woke up to a beautiful sunrise that was absolutely breathtaking. Made it even more difficult to leave … but we left around 8 to head back to Chicago.

We stopped in Asheville at a Waffle House (apparently a “southern road trip essential” – so basically a lot of fricken butter on eggs ha!) and then headed through the mountains back. We had driven through the mountains on our way obviously, but it was at night so it was fun to see it during the day. So beautiful. I started driving around 3 until we stopped in Indianapolis at 9 p.m. for Chipotle (probably the healthiest thing I ate all week).

We listened to a ton of music on the way back plus part of the audio book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” which I loved. the only reason we stopped listening to it is because we hit a wall of exhaustion and need to switch to screamo and dirty rap to get us through the rest of the drive. 😉

Our trip was amazing and I’m so grateful to have Ben in my life – someone who would even think of doing something like this and planning it all is pretty special. A lot of people thought we were crazy doing a road trip together, but I loved my time with him away from all of our life/work stress where we could just focus on relaxing together. Even our 32-hours in the car went well together – we only had a couple of weird conversations once the exhaustion hit and our brains were no longer working. I’m so incredibly lucky to have him in my life. 🙂 Okay, enough sap.

That was my trip! I hope you enjoyed reading it. It was fun to look back at all of the things we did, especially since this week is extremely stressful and emotional (my last day at my full-time job was yesterday!) More to come – life it only going to get better, I can feel it.

Have you been to Savannah or Charleston? 
Do you base your trips around food like Ben and I did? 😉 

Road Trip: Magnolia Plantation (Part 2)

Okay, on to the next part of the trip! If you’re behind, check out my first post yesterday for all the details.

On Wednesday, Ben and I got up, headed to the hotel lobby for some breakfast (yummmm) before heading out to the Magnolia Plantation outside of Charleston.

Magnolia Plantation

We walked around the plantation a bit before jumping on the tram tour where our host told us all about the rice plantation, the slaves that used to be there and everything you would want to know about the wildlife there. So fun!

Magnolia Plantation

After the tram, we headed out to eat some lunch (more PB&J and gummy worms – woo!) and then headed to our self-guided swamp tour where we saw and alligator WAY too close for comfort. I was too busy walking very quickly away from it to take a picture while Ben was taking a video, so you’ll just have to imagine it. 😉

Magnolia Plantation

After the swamp tour, we headed out to drive to Savannah. Thankfully it was only a two-ish hour drive, so we got there right around 5 p.m. and headed into B. Matthews for a quick dinner. The food was good, but nothing out of this world. Our bartender (we could only get a bar seat – they were full with reservations) was awesome, though!

B. Matthews

We headed out to Tybee Island (a 20-25 minute drive from downtown Savannah) where we got to our hotel that Ben magically found with an ocean view (smartest guy EVER).

Since we had been go-go-go the last few days, we spent the night watching a funny movie and just listening to the ocean waves crash outside our window. Not a bad way to fall asleep. 🙂

Tomorrow will be my last post from this week-long road trip! It’ll be all about our last day in Savannah and then our drive back to Chicago. I can’t believe the trip is over, but it’s fun to write out these posts.

Have you ever been to plantation?

Road Trip: Charleston, SC (Part 1)

I am SO sad my road trip is over, but SO excited to tell you all about it. Our road trip was five days, so I’m going to split up these posts the best I can!

So, let’s start from the beginning. On Monday (12/26), Ben and I groggily (well, I was groggy at least) got up, packed up my car and left Chicago a little after 7 a.m. We drove straight to Charleston from Chicago, so it was going to be a long day! I wasn’t feeling the best (a weekend of eating bad food for Christmas had my stomach in a tizzy) but luckily the excitement of the trip took over. The weather was pretty rainy for the first few hours until we got through Indiana. We stopped in Kentucky for a slightly longer bit to eat some PB&J, veggies and sour gummy worms (duh). 🙂

After millions more hours (okay, maybe just 6+) and most of  Aziz Ansari’s audio book “Modern Romance: An Investigation,” we stopped in Asheville, NC at Buxton Hall Barbecue for dinner. SO good! There was over an hour wait which was NOT okay, but somehow we walked up to the bar and magically two seats were open so we snatched those up.

Buxton Hall Barbecue

The vibe of the place was awesome and the food was really good! I wish we would’ve been feeling better, but at that point we had been in the car for over 10 hours and just wanted to get to the hotel.

After a quick snafu with the hotel (so … they didn’t have our reservation – thankfully we called and they had it fixed by the time we go there!) we headed into the last 4-5 hours of the drive before pulling into foggy Charleston a little after midnight. We stayed at the Hyatt House. The hotel was very nice and right on King Street in Charleston, which was wonderful for our couple of days there.

After sleeping in a tiny bit on Tuesday, we headed to get some … can you guess?


Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

We made a stop at Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts a few blocks up King Street and brought a couple of things back to the hotel to eat! 🙂  We ended up getting a sugar cookie donut (my fav), some sort of caramel donut, apple bacon fritter and then an orange glazed donut. So good!

Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts

The donuts fueled a fun little workout (the only time we had to workout the whole week …)

Charleston Workout

We got ready for the day (AKA I put on the worst walking shoes every … #foreshadowing) and then headed over to Hominy Grill for lunch.

Hominy Grill

I got a fried catfish po-boy sandwich (no picture, imagine that) but Ben got the best thing ever – the Charleston Nasty Biscuit with fried chicken breast, cheddar cheese and sausage gravy. I wish I could’ve eaten it! (Ben supplied me with this picture because I suck.)

Charleston Nasty Biscuit

Once we rolled out of Hominy Grill, we started walking all the way down King Street through downtown Charleston and over to the water.

Downtown Charleston

Downtown Charleston

Downtown Charleston

Downtown Charleston

Downtown Charleston

Downtown Charleston

Photo cred to Ben again ^^ 

We gingerly walked home (because YO GIRL wore the WRONG shoes – ouch), took a quick power nap and got ready to go out for the evening. We made reservations at Eli’s Table, where we had a couple of drinks and some dinner. I had fish, Ben had a steak and it was really good!

Eli's Table - Charleston

We walked a couple of blocks to Bulldog Tours for our Ghost & Dungeon Tour!

Charleston Ghost & Dungeon Tour

While I’m terrified of the dark and ghosts and cemeteries … the tour was so much fun. I highly recommend going on a ghost tour if you ever go to Charleston! We heard some crazy stories (this is the craziest of them!)

Charleston, SC

After the ghost tour, we headed over to the Pavilion Bar for a drink on the rooftop before heading back to the hotel for the night.

Pavilion Bar

And that’s Charleston! Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about our third day at Magnolia Plantation and the first couple of hours in Savannah, GA!

Have you ever been on a road trip?