Weekend Recap: My Home Office

Good morning and happy Monday! I’m currently at work, though a lot of Chicago is off today for MLK Day. It currently looks like a snow globe outside and I’m not mad about it (except when I’m trying to walk in it … then I am!) Did you get today off?


Friday was a pretty slow day at work, but I finished writing up my first draft of my 2018 strategy and then did some work throughout the day. I was ready to leave by the end of the day, though! Definitely was feeling a little anti-social and just wanted to go home. Once home, we ate dinner and watched a little Netflix, before heading out to the ‘burbs to go to Ben’s hockey game. I did not want to go (the game was at 9:15, so we didn’t get home until after 11) but it was nice to chat with his dad and have some talking time with Ben. I talked his ear off about wedding colors. 🙃  But seriously, which color do you like? (Gold Sparkle or Eggplant?)

Weekend Recap: My Home Office Weekend Recap: My Home Office


I slept for almost 10 hours on Friday night 🎉  so I woke up feeling amazing around 9:30. Ben was at work, so Cora and I spent the morning slowwwwwly waking up, watching HGTV and drinking some coffee. I left for Ben’s gym around noon to get in a workout with him.

After our workout, we spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out and getting things done around the couch. My work holiday party was Saturday night, so we left around 7 pm and stayed until about 9:30 pm. It was a fun night, though I was so exhausted (somehow…) and just didn’t want to be out. #old I also have no pics from the night because I forgot my phone at home – that’s the first time I’ve done that!


Sunday ended up being our most productive and best day of the weekend – at least to me! We got up *pretty* early (I had horrible nightmares the night before, so I was very tired) and got some stuff done around the house. We headed out to Costco at 10 to get a membership and go shopping for the first time! We didn’t do as much damage as I thought I would, but we did pick up a good chunk of stuff… took two hours, though!

Weekend Recap: My Home OfficeOnce home, Ben put together a little ottoman/storage unit thing we got at Costco for $25 (we need more seating/storage in our living area) and then set up a desk we ordered on Amazon. We don’t have a ton of space in our place and since I work from home occasionally and want to make that more of a regular thing, we decided we needed to make our closet (aka spare room) a makeshift office as well.

Ben finished the desk and then we headed out to Target quick to get a chair that Ben really liked (and a pillow for the chair that I really liked) plus a little tote to hold all of our wedding things we pick up here and there. Then I spent the rest of the evening setting up my little office, which I love! (sorry the pics are slightly crooked – our apartment is seriously at a huge slant …)

Weekend Recap: My Home Office Weekend Recap: My Home Office Weekend Recap: My Home OfficeWe did end up watching the last episode of Ozark before reading a little bit and then going to bed. I end up getting kinda gloomy around 7 pm on Sundays because I’m sad to go to work the next day. I really can’t wait until the end of this month when I can fully unplug from work for my birthday in Florida! Two more weeks. 🙂

Weekend Recap: My Home Office

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: The best weekend of January so far ;)

See what I did there with the title? 😉

How have y’all been? I’m sorry my blogging has been a bit all over the place lately, but things are about to change! In the meantime, back to a quick weekend recap since it seems to still be a popular read!


Friday was pretty low-key. I had a really hard time readjusting to work last week (even though I LITERALLY was in the office for two days) so I was absolutely wiped by the end of the day. I took the train home and immediately hopped on the couch. Quite honestly I’m pretty sure I didn’t move from there the whole night and Ben and I watched a few episodes of the Ozarks. He’s trying to get me into watching tv series on Netflix, but I’m just not a tv girl!


Saturday I woke up with Ben, but definitely later than normal, before he went to work. Once he left, I got a few things done around the house with my little helper (AKA Cora) and got ready to grab lunch with my friend Amanda.

We went to a place called True Food Kitchen and I got a Gluten Free Spicy Curry. It was really good and loved the vibe, but HOLY OVERPRICED. Still really enjoyed the food, I just wish it wasn’t $20 for this small curry with just a couple shrimp… seems a bit much!

Weekend Recap: The best weekend of January so far ;) After lunch, we walked to Trader Joe’s so I could pick up some green dragon sauce that Ben and I have been out of for like, three months (blasphemy!), grabbed a quick coffee at Starbucks and headed to her apartment to chat. I left a little later to go meet up with Ben at the gym.

We were going to workout, but both of us weren’t feeling 100% and Cora had been in her kennel for awhile + we had a goal setting meeting set up. We hurried over to this cool little coffee place called Drop Shot Coffee and pushed out our personal and relationship goals for the year. This was Ben’s idea and I loved it. It’s nice to do personal goals obviously, but since we’re saving for a wedding and have goals as a family, it was so nice to sit down and decide what things are important to us this year.

Weekend Recap: The best weekend of January so far ;) Once we got home we cuddled up with Cora and spent the rest of the night just doing random things around the house before watching some more Netflix.


I had been looking forward to Sunday all week! I went and met up with my BFF Saige at a coffee shop called Sawada Coffee (lots of new coffee shops this weekend!) before we headed out to meet Ben and her husband Joel at Duck Duck Goat for Dim Sum.

Weekend Recap: The best weekend of January so far ;) I unfortunately couldn’t eat most of the food #glutenfree but our server was amazing and helped me work through their GF menu to find something delicious. I ended up getting vegetable fried rice with shrimp and glass noodles – both were amazing and actually everyone else’s favorite dishes, even though they were the GF dishes!

After lunch we all split up and Ben and I headed home to Cora. I spent the rest of the day making a budget for the wedding and reaching out to the caterer and beverage people we’d like to work with. CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THE VENUE I’M LIKE, 100% SURE I’M GETTING.

Weekend Recap: The best weekend of January so far ;)
I also spent some time trying to get a few dates / find locations for our engagement party / my 30th birthday party for February. Ben got a bunch of work done and Cora … well, she just tried to lay in one of our laps at all times. 🤗

Weekend Recap: The best weekend of January so far ;)

That was my weekend! I woke up today SO TIRED, but ended up having some time to workout in the gym at work around 10 am which helped a little with endorphins but HOLY CRAP I’m starving. Trying to push off lunch as long as I can since I won’t be eating dinner until almost 7 pm. Maybe I’ll run to Target and grab a can of tuna HAHA.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: A Netflix & Chill Type of New Year

Hi friends! Anyone else feel like the holidays literally turn them upside down and back around? Seriously, I keep forgetting today is Tuesday and I did NOT want to go to work today, especially with a -21 windchill. Thankfully I was able to finagle my way into two more days of work from home so I’m sitting on my couch in thermal pj pants and a huge blanket. Best way to come back to work, in my opinion!

Friday, December 29

Friday ended up being an incredibly relaxing day. I was supposed to get lunch with a friend, but she texted me that she was sick so all I had planned was a few phone calls with wedding planners. I ended up having three phone convos (really loved two of the girls!) but Ben and I are going to take a little breather on hiring vendors just yet and focus on the venue. Ben feels a bit rushed by me (oopsie) and wants to sit down and really hammer out our budget and what’s important to us. I think that’s a great idea, plus I do still have a few more wedding planner interviews over the next couple of weeks so at least I’ll have all the info!

Weekend Recap: A Netflix & Chill Type of New Year
Ben got home from work around 1 and I’m pretty sure the rest of the day was spent cuddling with Cora and watching Netflix. We really got into the show Mindhunter (which we finished this weekend!) and I highly recommend it!

Saturday, December 30

I woke up pretty early with Ben on Saturday because I was going to go work on wedding planning stuff plus my blog at a coffee shop while he was at work. I was planning to workout with him and since the temps have been so cold, there was NO way I was going to walk there so I figured I’d hang out at a coffee shop for two hours right by his gym. Unfortunately we woke up to a very goopy-eyed puppy and I had to take her out to the ‘burbs to check on her eye. 2 hours later + $155 appointment/meds/heartguard + $30 in gas, I got home. HA!

Weekend Recap: A Netflix & Chill Type of New Year
I had picked up Qdoba while out in the ‘burbs, so I ate that while waiting for Ben to come home. I started cooking a little bit and all of a sudden got SUPER nauseous and felt really sick so I ended up laying on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.

Weekend Recap: A Netflix & Chill Type of New YearBen’s friends came over later that night (thankfully I was feeling better at that point) and we hung out with them and their 4-month old baby for a few hours.

Sunday, December 31

The day started out pretty slow before I got into cooking a few things for the rest of the week. Ben’s cousin came over so they could talk “business” (they’re starting a donut shop!) while I cooked up some stuff. We ran off to Target quick to pick up a few things ..


We hung around the rest of the day until we headed out to Saige’s house (my friend) for a Murder Mystery party!

Weekend Recap: A Netflix & Chill Type of New Year Weekend Recap: A Netflix & Chill Type of New Year Weekend Recap: A Netflix & Chill Type of New Year Weekend Recap: A Netflix & Chill Type of New YearIt was SO much fun, but she ended up making this yummy juicy drink that went down very easily and … well, like 6 glasses later, I was way more intoxicated than I had initially planned (since I had initially planned to only have one drink LOL).

Monday, January 1

Unfortunately most of Monday morning was nursing myself back to health. I have always gotten hungover quite easily, but especially when I rarely drink, I definitely can’t handle that much alcohol anymore! It ended up being okay, though, after I ordered myself my FAVORITE brunch item at Whisk to be delivered (AKA $40 since I had to meet a $20 minimum, so Ben got it too PLUS delivery, tip, tax, idiot…)

Weekend Recap: A Netflix & Chill Type of New Year
We spent the rest of the day watching Mindhunter and then starting Ozark. It was SO nice for the both of us to just have a fully chilled out day. It’s very rare and after traveling all over for Christmas, it was nice to completely turn off at just hang out watching some tv. We made a quick spaghetti dinner and then continued watching Ozark before getting ready for our week back at work.

How was your weekend? Do anything fun for NYE?

Weekend Recap: 2017 Christmas!

Happy … Wednesday! It’s Wednesday, right?

I’m just going to forwarn you that I don’t have a TON of photos because I was doing Vlogmas so I was more focused on getting videos. Speaking of videos, I’m pretty proud of myself for doing the FULL Vlogmas – 25 days of videos!

Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep going when I’m not getting the results I want, but I stuck to it. My thinking is when my channel DOES start growing, new subscribers will have more than 25 videos they can look through if they’d like.

Onto the weekend recap!

Friday, December 22

I had the day off on Friday 🎉  so I got up, hung out with Cora and got ready slowly – THE BEST. I headed over to a wedding venue (I know, it’s already starting …) called Salvage One. I didn’t love it at first (it’s very eclectic) but then I could see it all put together and really liked it! Plus, it’s near my place (sort of) so that’s nice, too. However, once they gave me the pricing (which was different rates than they gave me online …) and I saw it was almost $10,000 JUST.FOR.THE.VENUE. I was like, nope.

I bought myself a Starbucks on the way home which was glorious and then hung out with Cora. I made a Google Sheet doc with multiple tabs for the wedding already (duh – #plannerlife) and I already have a profile on The Knot set up, so I spent a little bit of time looking through some other venues. I actually have an appointment at my “favorite” venue (that I can tell from the website photos – and pricing) on January 3 and Ben’s coming with (it’s out in the ‘burbs so he needs to go with for that one!) so fingers crossed on that! Once the venue is booked, I can *chill* a little bit since our wedding won’t be until Summer of 2019, but venues go so quickly here so we’ve got to get that booked. Then onto the bridesmaid proposals because y’all KNOW I’m doing that.

P.S. Who here is interested in a Wedding Wednesday post or something, especially once planning gets into full force?

Weekend Recap: 2018 Christmas!
Ben and I watched a few shows on Netflix for the afternoon and then went to a surprise party for a friend of his later that night. I’ll be honest – I did not want to go (after sitting on the couch all afternoon) but it was fun once we got there!

Saturday, December 23

Saturday I got up with Ben when he went into work and hung out with Cora before getting to last minute packing.

Weekend Recap: 2018 Christmas!
We left for Green Bay around 1, dropped off Cora with my mom at my aunt’s and then headed to the Packer game! It was SO COLD. The game ended up being pretty boring (game-wise … we still had fun in the stands!), so we left at the end of the 3rd quarter to get the feeling back in our toes.

Weekend Recap: 2018 Christmas!
We drove up to my parents (about an hour north) and almost immediately went to bed.

Sunday, December 24

On Sunday we woke up and hung out with the fam. My sister got me an engagement present which she was too excited to wait all day to give me. All kinds of fun stuff – a bridal magazine, wine glasses, a ring holder, The Knot binder (I’m sooooo organized, y’all)… so much cool stuff!

Weekend Recap: 2018 Christmas!
This sparked the wedding chat and we started talking about stuff for awhile. My family is way too huge to invite down to my wedding in Chicago, so my family is probably going to throw an additional reception in my hometown later in the summer of 2019 for my family to come to.

Later that day, we made cookies and ate dinner before watching The Christmas Carol and opening gifts.

Weekend Recap: 2018 Christmas!This was our first year opening gifts on Christmas Eve but Ben and I had to leave early on Christmas to get to Illinois for his family Christmas and my sister had to work.

Monday, December 25

We woke up pretty early and my dad made us some french toast (gluten free for me!) before we set off for Illinois. After about a 4+ hour drive in a LOT of wind we made it to Ben’s parent’s house and hung out with his immediate family before heading to his aunt’s house for the rest of the night.

Weekend Recap: 2018 Christmas!We got home around 10 pm and all (Cora included) passed out immediately. Our first split holiday is complete!

Tuesday, December 26

Since I’m doing this post on Wednesday, I’ll throw in another day. I’m working (from home, thankfully) on Tuesday-Thursday before we’re off again on Friday. Thankfully so far it’s been pretty slow, so I was able to get some cleaning, laundry, etc. done during the day.

Weekend Recap: 2018 Christmas!Ben had to work so I spent the evening looking up wedding planners (mostly because they can get you really good deals on venues and helping with a budget wedding, so I’m interested in finding out a bit more. I have a call with one this Friday and then a in-person meeting with another in a couple of weeks. The holidays are really pushing back meetings, but that’s okay. I also spent the night looking up bridesmaid proposal ideas and wedding dress salons… and then deciding that I immediately need to start losing weight and working out again LOL.

Whew, what a LONG weekend! How was your Christmas and/or weekend?

Weekend Recap: I’M ENGAGED!

How do you like THAT title!

My weekend has been pretty much revolving around getting proposed to on Friday night! I made a video on it, but I’ve also written it below if you’re not interested in listening to Ben and I tell the story (Though I will say the video includes Ben giving some back story on how he planned the night, so it’s a fun watch!

On Friday, December 15 I went to work just like any other day. I came home around 4:30, got dressed quickly in a little “nicer” clothes and grabbed a Lyft downtown to a restaurant named NoMi with Ben. He and I had planned to see Potted Potter at 7:30, but he had gotten a gift card to NoMi from a client that he thought would be fun to use before we went to the play. I thought it was a *little* weird since Ben doesn’t love going out to eat much (I’m the spender, he’s the saver lol) but I was also on high alert because I knew he was going to pop the question sometime in the next few months.

Once at NoMi, we were seated right by the windows with a beautiful view of the water tower and little park right next to it. I was FLOORED Ben was able to get that table, but assumed it was because he had gotten a reservation really early and we got there pretty early for dinner in the city.

I'M ENGAGED! | A Harry Potter Proposal StoryFrank & Draco, Ben’s clients, we’re stopping by quick on their way to their own date night, so they stopped by our table quick and dropped off a gift. I thought it was a little fishy that they were coming by, but we weren’t seeing them until January so it didn’t throw me off too much. As soon as they left, my guard went down and I assumed there was nothing fishy happening so I could just chill. We ordered a couple of drinks and our food (Ben got chicken, I got gluten free sushi) and we chatted about the rest of the night. It was SO pretty being able to see all the lights downtown and I was absolutely loving it. Plus, the play we were going to was only a two block walk so SCORE!

After we ate, Ben decided he wanted dessert so we checked out the menu and they had a gluten free cookie skillet (I LOVE COOKIES) so Ben wanted to order that. The waitress told us the skillet took 25 minutes to make, so I was a little hesitant since it was 6:50 and our play started at 7:30 but Ben was really into this cookie for some reason 🙄 so we ordered it and continued to chat.

At that point, Ben was like “Let’s open the gift from Frank & Draco!” and I was like, “SHIT we didn’t buy them anything yet – can we stop at Crate & Barrel after we leave the play?!” but Ben was just pushing the gift bag into my lap. I opened it up and pulled out another bag that had a long box in it and I knew immediately – IT WAS A WAND!

Yeah, that big of a HP nerd that I knew before I even opened the box. The funny part is, I still thought the wand was from Frank & Draco!

I was like, “BABE THEY GOT ME A WAND OMG HOW DID THEY KNOW I LOVE HARRY POTTER” and Ben was like, “Well, take off the paper!” There was a little piece of paper that said “ALWAYS” laying over the wand. I pulled it away and … there was a sparkly ring on the wand.

My reaction?


Seriously. 😂

He proceeded to say a bunch of stuff I don’t remember (he explains it in my YouTube video) and all I remember him saying is “Jessie Deschane” and “put on the ring!” a few minutes later! He took a bunch of pictures and the waitress came out with champagne, but I was so thrown off I wasn’t interested in pictures (thankfully he didn’t hire a photographer because I was like STOP WITH THE PICTURES.)

I'M ENGAGED! | A Harry Potter Proposal Story Ben ate the skillet cookie (I couldn’t because #nerves) while I called my sister since she was in on the whole thing.

I seriously wanted to just not go to Potted Potter, but we ended up going and it was super funny. I called my two best friends and family + Ben’s family after the play and then we went home to celebrate with Cora (AKA all fall asleep) – what a night!

I can’t believe I’m engaged! I mean, I can, because we were talking about it, but it still feels surreal. It started to feel “more real” on Saturday when we started telling people. I still couldn’t BELIEVE how many people asked me when the wedding is … or were like, “Can’t wait to come to the wedding!” and I was like … we literally just got engaged and also, I haven’t spoken to you in well over a year. It’s amazing how many people you tick off when you get engaged 😂  But after a little stressful weekend between people and me losing my client (more on that later …) it still was an amazing weekend and I’m so happy I get to spend the rest of my life with my dream guy.

Thanks for reading! Watch the video for more inside details! 🙃

Weekend Recap: Vlogmas Style

And just like that – it’s Monday again! I was SO looking forward to this weekend and having little to do, but the weekend actually ended up filling up a tiny bit. I did get the Sunday blues just a little, but tried to still enjoy the day nonetheless. Anyone else have that issue?

Also, I’ll be filming a Q&A with Ben sometime this week. I’d love it if you left us a question in the comments below that I could answer! I asked on Instagram and so far no one has given me a question! 🙁 

Since it’s Vlogmas and I’m trying to keep up with a video EVERY DAY until Christmas, I decided to do this weekend’s recap in vlog style. They won’t all be like this (as I know a lot of you enjoy just reading my blog) but wanted to try it out this weekend. Check it out!

Also, if you’re interested in my channel, here are a few other videos I’ve done since Friday.

Saturday’s Vlogmas:

In this vlog, I tell you 15 things about me that you might not already know. Check it out!

Sunday’s Vlogmas:

On Sunday, I took you through a week in outfits.

Thank you ALL for continuing to support me in whatever way possible. I know not all of you love the videos, but some of you do! Either way, thanks for putting up with the crazy amount of videos lately. I’ve wanted to do Vlogmas for years and I finally put my mind to it. I really REALLY hope I can continue – it’s hard!

Weekend Recap: Girls Madison Weekend

Oh, Mondays… why do you get here so quickly!

Also, if you’re interested, I’ve been participating in Vlogmas so I’m (trying) to put up a YouTube video every day until December 25. Today’s video is my November Favorites!


Weekend Recap: Girls Madison WeekendFriday ended up being the best day. ❤️  Much needed after a crazy work week. I ended up texting me boss in the AM telling him I was going to work-from-home because I was just brain dead. I worked all day with Cora in my lap and logged off immediately at 4:30. Ben ran and got us Thai food and we watched the second Lord of the Rings movie. Once that was over, Ben played one of his video games that I like to watch and then I fell asleep.

Friday’s Vlogmas:


On Saturday I woke up, tried to start vlogging on my phone and my phone just shut down. NOT GOOD! I had to get to Madison to see my friend Lindsay and I couldn’t even get my damn phone to work! I was super stressed while I got ready for work while Ben tried to find another option for me. Finally I did some stupid update and it started to work. UGH Apple …

After a little commotion, I left about a half hour later than I had wanted, but set out on my way. I picked up Ben’s brother in the ‘burbs and dropped him off at UW Madison, then off to Lindsay’s I went. The trip too just over three hours and I finally got to see one my best friends that I haven’t seen in over a year!

Once I got to her place, we headed out to Cafe Hollander for brunch. I got a bloody mary and a quinoa skillet – the skillet wasn’t outstanding, but wasn’t bad either. Then a quick stop at Starbucks and we were on our way to Sun Prairie (right outside of Madison) to visit her boyfriend.

Weekend Recap: Girls Madison WeekendAfter visiting with him for a bit, we walked around all the cute little shops in SP before heading to Verona (another area right outside of Madison) to go to Toot & Kate’s for a glass of wine. Super cute, chill place if you’re ever in the Madison, Wis. area!

Weekend Recap: Girls Madison Weekend
We started getting pretty hungry and headed over to Biaggi’s for dinner. We shared a bottle of wine and I had a gluten-free pasta dish, but I did fall into temptation and had bread as an appetizer. My stomach was SO bloated afterwards… ugh. But it was so good!

Weekend Recap: Girls Madison Weekend

Weekend Recap: Girls Madison Weekend
We then headed over to DSW and World Market before calling it a night.

Saturday’s Vlogmas:


We woke up pretty early with the dogs and spent the morning watching a few movies. Lindsay also made me an entirely GF breakfast that was SO good! I headed out around 1 pm, stopped at Qdoba to eat quick and then picked up Benjamin’s bro before heading back to the ‘burbs. I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with his family before heading back into the city.

Weekend Recap: Girls Madison Weekend Weekend Recap: Girls Madison Weekend
Sunday’s Vlogmas:

It was SUCH a fun weekend and I missed seeing Lindsay so much! After a stressful week at work, it was just what I needed. However I also need a weekend just to sleep – that’ll be this coming weekend! 🙃

How was your weekend?


Happy Monday! This week could be a struggle for me … I really only worked in the office one day last week and now I have a full week ahead of me. 😱  We’ll see how this goes!

We were up in Northern Wisconsin at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Ben, Cora and I headed back for Chicago around 11 am on Friday morning. It took us a good 5 hours (with stops and traffic) to get back home, so we listened to the podcast Serial (I’m so behind!)

Once home, we watched the first LOTR movie and hung out on the couch. We both weren’t feeling super hot and Cora was pooped from playing with my parents’ animals so early bedtime it was.

I slept in until almost 9:30 am on Saturday while Ben was off at work. Once up, I got a few things done around the house and did some work for my FT job. Unfortunately I don’t really get to be fully “off” on vacations and holidays, but at least I don’t have to go into the office. Ben got home around 11:30 and we both had some energy after being sick all week, so we cleaned the house, put up some pictures, and put up Christmas decorations!

Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIMEWe ran out to Home Goods to get a big mirror FINALLY which was super exciting for me. I also picked up some Chipotle and frozen yogurt. The FY was almost $10 – what the heck, Chicago.

Once home, Ben played his video game the rest of the night and I bought a bunch of crap online #damnyousales. Seriously, I bought these leggings from Spanx, this dress from ShopHopes, these joggers from Athleta, this fluffy rug from Target, and the Content Planner. Whoops.

Sunday morning I woke up earlyish, had some coffee while cuddling with Cora and then started on some work for my client. After about an hour and a half of that, I started writing this blog (woo!) while Ben went off to get coffee with his cousin. I got dressed and had a very healthy breakfast of a gluten-free waffle with peanut butter and chocolate chips. 😉

Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIME Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIMEI met Ben over at Whisk for brunch around 12:30, but there was an HOUR AND A HALF wait so … eff that … and we took off to Lockdown Bar to try it out. I got a bloody mary (okay, two) and it was SO good … plus it was $5 which is unheard of in Chicago for a drink. I ended up getting nachos because it was all bar food and I’m trying to stay gluten free for the hashimotos stuff… so I got those.

Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIME Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIME Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIME Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIME Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIMEOnce home, I took a nap(ish) on the couch for awhile while Ben worked.

I got in SUCH a bad mood – does this ever happen to you? Something about the impending doom of Monday (I make it sound so bad, I know it could be so much worse) and wanting takeout food, but knowing I shouldn’t spend anymore money. 😂  Either way, I tried not to let my bad mood ruin the rest of my Sunday, but just ended up going to bed early. Crappy end to my weekend!

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: Weddings & Puppies

Annnnnnd just like that, it’s Monday! Y’all have been hearing a lot from me lately, so I’ll *try* to keep this as short as possible. Speaking of that, if you’re interested in learning the story of how Ben and I met from BOTH of our perspectives, they’re linked below. 🙂

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

And yes, I say both of our perspectives because Ben also wrote his POV throughout the whole thing!

On Friday after work, Ben and I headed over to Mindy’s Hot Chocolate for dinner and dessert to celebrate our anniversary a day early. Super cute place – would totally go back there for hot chocolate (I had the Mexican Hot Chocolate with cayenne pepper OMG) but the food was just okay.

Weekend Recap: Weddings & Puppies Weekend Recap: Weddings & Puppies Weekend Recap: Weddings & PuppiesWe spent the rest of the night watching a Rom-Com and falling asleep on the couch #typical

Weekend Recap: Weddings & Puppies
On Saturday (technically our one-year anniversary), Ben went in to train two clients while I got ready for a wedding. We picked up my friend Perry (to dogsit) and headed over to my friend Saige’s place. Saige, her husband Joel, Ben & I were all driving together up to Waukesha, Wis. for the wedding! I don’t have many pictures because I was being “in the moment” but it was a beautiful wedding full of love. Plus, I got to spend the day with my best friend!

Weekend Recap: Weddings & PuppiesThen Sunday rolled around. I slept in until about 9 before getting up and getting some cleaning/laundry done around the place. I took a quick trip to Target ($65 later – SERIOUSLY) and then came back just in time for Ben’s little sister and her boyfriend to show up. They hung out with us all day watching football and the boys played some video games. Cora literally slept ALL day because she was so pooped from running around with Nushi (Saige’s dog) all day on Saturday. Kinda nice. 😉

Weekend Recap: Weddings & Puppies Weekend Recap: Weddings & Puppies Weekend Recap: Weddings & Puppies
We were supposed to head out to the ‘burbs for a hockey game, but when we looked at the traffic, it would’ve taken us an hour + to get out there, so Ben called it off and ended up working a bit. We listened to an episode of The Black Tapes podcast which I HIGHLY recommend, but I don’t think I can listen to it anymore. I’m already a chicken as it is + I hate the dark, so the last two nights we’ve listened to this and it’s taken me almost an hour to fall asleep.

Weekend Recap: Weddings & Puppies
And now it’s Monday! It’s supposed to be “warm-ish” today, but I’ll be inside all day. I’m planning to work from home the next two days, so that will be nice. Excited for a short week!

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving

It’s officially Monday – booooo. It’s okay, though. Let’s just go back to the weekend.

So on Friday, I ended up staying home in the morning due to a migraine. I woke up around 10 and started to work from home for the rest of the day. It was a pretty slow day at work, so that was helpful. Ben’s friend/client came over later that night, so they took off to have some dinner and drinks while Cora and I hung out at home.

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving On Saturday, I headed out to breakfast with my friend Marette at Over Easy Cafe.

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving I haven’t seen Marette since the summer, so we had a lot to catch up on. Like her biggest announcement here!

I ended up getting the “Sassy Eggs” which were SUPER good and took the rest home for Ben. The worst part was the Uber ride – $17 one way!

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving Ben was training a friend at 11:15, so I changed quickly to go with him (since I spent all my money on Uber LOL). He dropped me off at a new Starbucks near his gym so I could get some work done before heading to his gym to workout with him around 12:30.

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving
While at Starbucks, I filled out my Best Self Journal while listening to the Bucci Radio podcast.  I’ve actually *just* gotten into podcasts (I know, I’m late). Another favorite podcast of mine is the Day in the Life podcast, but I was all caught up on that one. 🙂

Oh, also – I tried the new Toasted White Chocolate Mocha (with skim milk) at ‘bucks and … totally not worth the $5 IMHO. I’d much rather have the Salted Caramel Mocha. MMMM.

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving After the gym, Ben and I headed to Do-Rite to get another chicken sandwich. I’ve been craving one since last weekend when I had to scarf one down before the movie.  Apparently this is the weekend of gluttony haha!

The rest of the afternoon we just kind of hung out at home before heading to a Friendsgiving party (of sorts) with our friends Frank and Draco. So. Much. Food. (and a few drinks) It took us forever to get downtown with traffic + we kept getting lost … The $15 Uber ride was looking pretty good by the time we finally found the parking garage.

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving
Sunday I slept in a bit while Ben got up and did his football stuff. He left around 10:30 to get coffee with his cousin, then head to watch football with friends, so I didn’t see him until almost 7:30 pm. While he was out, I watched some Say Yes to the Dress, did some work, hung out with Cora and just played around at home. I also filmed this Coffee Chat video if you’d like to watch that…

Ben came home with Thai food and beignets  (which was AMAZING) so I ate all that stuff before sitting on the couch and filming a Boyfriend Tag video with Ben – those will be up this weekend along with … FINALLY TELL YOU GUYS HOW WE MET (if Ben ever gets done with his half of the blog). So expect lotsa lovey stuff this weekend – it’s our anniversary, so felt like it was good timing.

And now it’s Monday! I’m wearing ripped jeans, a beanie and my “I Miss My Dog” shirt from We Rate Dogs, so I’m feelin’ pretty great.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqbvjAuFOPM&t=25sI’m also filming a Day in the Life video today so expect to see that soon, too. I know not ALL of you enjoy my YouTube vids, but I still like to tell you about them! I’ve been missing YouTube, so I’m trying to get back into it.

How was your weekend?