Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving

It’s officially Monday – booooo. It’s okay, though. Let’s just go back to the weekend.

So on Friday, I ended up staying home in the morning due to a migraine. I woke up around 10 and started to work from home for the rest of the day. It was a pretty slow day at work, so that was helpful. Ben’s friend/client came over later that night, so they took off to have some dinner and drinks while Cora and I hung out at home.

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving On Saturday, I headed out to breakfast with my friend Marette at Over Easy Cafe.

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving I haven’t seen Marette since the summer, so we had a lot to catch up on. Like her biggest announcement here!

I ended up getting the “Sassy Eggs” which were SUPER good and took the rest home for Ben. The worst part was the Uber ride – $17 one way!

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving Ben was training a friend at 11:15, so I changed quickly to go with him (since I spent all my money on Uber LOL). He dropped me off at a new Starbucks near his gym so I could get some work done before heading to his gym to workout with him around 12:30.

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving
While at Starbucks, I filled out my Best Self Journal while listening to the Bucci Radio podcast.  I’ve actually *just* gotten into podcasts (I know, I’m late). Another favorite podcast of mine is the Day in the Life podcast, but I was all caught up on that one. 🙂

Oh, also – I tried the new Toasted White Chocolate Mocha (with skim milk) at ‘bucks and … totally not worth the $5 IMHO. I’d much rather have the Salted Caramel Mocha. MMMM.

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving After the gym, Ben and I headed to Do-Rite to get another chicken sandwich. I’ve been craving one since last weekend when I had to scarf one down before the movie.  Apparently this is the weekend of gluttony haha!

The rest of the afternoon we just kind of hung out at home before heading to a Friendsgiving party (of sorts) with our friends Frank and Draco. So. Much. Food. (and a few drinks) It took us forever to get downtown with traffic + we kept getting lost … The $15 Uber ride was looking pretty good by the time we finally found the parking garage.

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving
Sunday I slept in a bit while Ben got up and did his football stuff. He left around 10:30 to get coffee with his cousin, then head to watch football with friends, so I didn’t see him until almost 7:30 pm. While he was out, I watched some Say Yes to the Dress, did some work, hung out with Cora and just played around at home. I also filmed this Coffee Chat video if you’d like to watch that…

Ben came home with Thai food and beignets  (which was AMAZING) so I ate all that stuff before sitting on the couch and filming a Boyfriend Tag video with Ben – those will be up this weekend along with … FINALLY TELL YOU GUYS HOW WE MET (if Ben ever gets done with his half of the blog). So expect lotsa lovey stuff this weekend – it’s our anniversary, so felt like it was good timing.

And now it’s Monday! I’m wearing ripped jeans, a beanie and my “I Miss My Dog” shirt from We Rate Dogs, so I’m feelin’ pretty great.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqbvjAuFOPM&t=25sI’m also filming a Day in the Life video today so expect to see that soon, too. I know not ALL of you enjoy my YouTube vids, but I still like to tell you about them! I’ve been missing YouTube, so I’m trying to get back into it.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK

Happy Monday! I’m feelin’ pretty great this Monday because I’m working from home. Granted I have a doctor appointment over lunch, but hey … I didn’t have to get ready for work this AM. Makes Monday a bit easier. OH and I’ve been drinking coffee since last week. 🤗

Weekend Recap
I also worked from home on Friday. I had to WFH in the morning because I had another doctor appointment (you’ll notice November is apparently the month of doctors … and bills). My boss suggested just working the whole day from home and I obviously wasn’t going to fight that … and neither was Cora.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK
Ben and I took a late lunch break to Whisk and I got my favorite food – Buffalo Chicken Hash.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACKI ended up working late, but at least it was from my couch. The rest of the night we all just hung out as a fam and went to sleep – nothing crazy!

Saturday I slept in a bit when Ben went to work. Once I woke up, I played with Cora, watched some TV and tried to clean up the house a bit. I left around 10:30 to Target (I DROVE BY MYSELF IN THE CITY!) for an eye doctor appointment. After dropping $100 on contacts (after insurance) … I wandered Target. I literally went down almost every aisle. I haven’t been able to do that in Target in SO long. With that, I walked out with over $100 worth of stuff, ha.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACKThis was the best item, though …

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACKBen came home after work quick before heading out to work with his cousin on their new business adventure. My mac was dead, so I hopped on the train to my office, grabbed my charger and then some Qdoba before heading back home.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK
I found out that Harry Potter was on TV and that pretty much screwed the rest of my day. I can seriously watch HP at any time.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK
Once Ben came home, we hung out for a little bit before his brother stopped by. We ran out quick to get some sushi (I barely had a roll since I had eaten Qdoba like three hours prior) and then I headed back home while they went to a concert. Cora and I just watched some more HP while I drank some wine (and snacked on ALL THE FOODS).

On Sunday, we got up pretty early (thanks to the time change!) and Ben started doing his fantasy footballs stuff. I walked over to Starbucks, got a coffee and sat down to do some client work for a little over an hour. I was listening to Christmas music (whoops…) and having a great time – I wish I could’ve kept going because I was so motivated, but Ben and I had plans to go see Thor.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACKI got home and we Ubered (is that a verb now?) downtown to Do-Rite Donuts for a chicken sandwich (I hadn’t eaten anything except the Starbucks coffee), then we walked the couple blocks to the movie theater. Thankfully we were sitting for the next two hours, because my toes were KILLING me.

Thor. Was. Amazing. ❤️  I love most Marvel movies, but Thor has a special place in my heart because, well, he’s beautiful AND Loki is one of my favorite characters of all time.

Once home, my motivation to do anything was pretty much shot, which means it wasn’t a super productive weekend. Basically Ben put on football and we watched, ate dinner and hung out with Cora. I also ended up snacking a bunch again and had two glasses of wine. The elimination diet I did really messed with my head when it comes to food – I feel hungry or like I need to eat all the time. I also spent some time setting up my new goal-setting/gratefulness journal so I’ll let you know how that’s going once I get into it! We also played some Aggravation, but Ben beat me so I don’t wanna talk about it. 😂

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACKAnyways, that was my weekend! So thankful to be working from home today, even though I have a doctor’s appointment. It feels like an extension to my weekend PLUS I need to be productive because I have a few projects due for a client, a guest blog post and work, obviously.

How was your weekend? Are you happy/sad about the time change?

Weekend Recap: Puppysitting

I can’t believe it’s Monday already! 😱 I mean, seriously. Last week went by SO quickly for me beause I worked from home the whole week. Gosh, I wish I could WFH every day – I got so much done! But back to the grind it is … Uber’ed in this morning because:

1) I wasn’t at home so it would’ve taken forever to figure out which bus/train/walk to take

2) I didn’t sleep a wink last night

3) I still can’t walk! #brokentoesies

Hoping today goes by pretty quickly! I’ve got a call with my coach Amy tonight and then hopefully will be going to bed at like …7.

Weekend Recap
Friday I worked until 4:30, quickly packed a bag and then all three of us got in the car to go to my friend Saige’s new place in Chicago (!!!) to babysit her pup Nushi for the weekend. Her place is super nice and huge, so the dogs had fun all weekend running around in their lower level.

It took a bit for the two to get acclimated (Nushi is bigger than Cora and Cora is well … extremely submissive #AKAawimp) but they had a good time together. We played with them for awhile, Ben walked to Chipotle for himself (since I still can’t eat normal food #goingcrazy) and then we settled in to watch an episode or two of Stranger Things. Any other fans out there? LOVE IT.

Weekend Recap: Puppysitting
Anyways, Saturday we woke up early-ish, played with the pups and then Ben left for work. I was struggling while he was working since I can still barely walk, so having to take the pups out or even just find out where they were was a bit much at times. By the time Ben got back, I was so pooped from the pups that I did not want to do anything. Oh, and did I mention I was SO pissy that I still had to eat turkey and rice (that’s literally all I’ve had for breakfast, lunch and dinner for basically two straight weeks now) that I literally ate a small breakfast and then didn’t eat again until 7 pm because I was pouting? Oh, how fun. 😐 So instead of focusing on food, we watched the rest of Stranger Things up until the last episode before we had to leave for a birthday party for Ben’s client.

The party was beautiful and extravagant. Of course, again, I couldn’t eat or drink anything (…) but the place was awesome! We ended up leaving after the go-go dancers and male strip tease, though … a bit out of both of our comfort zones HA!

Once we got back to Saige’s, I ate a little more food and we settled in to watch the last episode of Stranger Things. Is it just me or was this season SO MUCH MORE INTENSE. Still loved it.

I didn’t sleep well again Saturday night, so Ben turned off his alarm and let me sleep until 9ish, though I still felt groggy and tired all day Sunday. He left for coffee with his cousin for a few hours, I prepped some food for the week (aka turkey and rice on Saige’s stove so I could take it with me to work …) and hung out with the pups. He came home a few hours later and did his football “stuff” while I did an invoice for a client/hung out on the couch. We left in the early evening to run to the ‘burbs quick for Ben to play hockey (they won!) before coming back to Saige’s.

Weekend Recap: Puppysitting
Unfortunately Ben had to work super early on Monday and with Cora/being far from our place and work, he decided it was best if he and Cora went home for the night and I stayed at Saige’s with Nushi. I tried not to be a baby, but I cried as soon as he left. Is anyone as much of a baby as I am? I’m almost 30, but I still hate staying in new places I don’t know by myself. Small hotel rooms are one thing because I can literally turn on all of the lights (which I did when I traveled all the time haha) but a big house with lots of windows and sounds I don’t know? I was so anxious the whole night, hence not sleeping.

So that was my weekend! Pretty uneventful, apart from pup madness and Stranger Things. I think this week is going to be a struggle for me getting back into the swing of working at the office all week, plus we’re getting an intern on Wednesday (and I really have no idea what work I’m going to give to an intern …) so it’ll be interesting. We did reintroduce a few foods into my diet this weekend, but I’m feeling pretty flustered with the whole elimination diet – I really feel that it’s told me nothing. Is it bad that I’m already look forward to this weekend? I’ve really gotta find a way NOT to just live for the weekend – I’m going to wish away my whole life!

Weekend Recap: Puppysitting
How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: An Ice Cream Breakdown + Broken Toe

Back to the week we go! Seriously, how do weekends go by so quickly?

Weekend Recap
So, Friday I ended up working from home. I got my blood work retested that morning to check my thyroid levels and got a bit lightheaded during the appointment. I asked my boss if I could work from home and he was totally cool with it.

Weekend Recap: An Ice Cream Breakdown
I ended up getting quite a bit of work done during the day, catching up on a few projects I had in Sprout Social and helping a colleague out with some social responses. My goal was to get my November content calendar finished, but that just didn’t happen.

Weekend Recap: An Ice Cream Breakdown
Cora and I did a lot of cuddling in between. Ben only works until noonish on Fridays, so he was home doing his own thing during the day. I watched a LOT of Say Yes to the Dress (seriously, it’s a problem). We ended up renting Hocus Pocus and watching that, which was fun because I’ve never seen it!

Weekend Recap: An Ice Cream Breakdown
Then … the ice cream breakdown happened. Ben was super sweet and asked me earlier if it was okay if he ate pizza for dinner, which I didn’t care about since I rarely crave pizza. He had that, but after Hocus Pocus, came out with a big bowl of ice cream.

I freaked out.

By freaked out, I mean my mood changed completely. I was so irritated with him. How could he eat that in front of me? Did he seriously not care about my feelings THAT much?

He was like, “are you seriously mad at me right now because I ate ice cream?” —> And the waterworks started.

Of course I wasn’t mad at him, I explained, but I was sooooooooo sick of this stupid diet. I had been feeling awful for DAYS with no actual feeling of anything good happening to my body. I was sick of “normal people” being able to eat whatever they wanted. I was sick of not knowing what made me feel so bad. I was sick of only eating rice and turkey and pickles. I was sick of being given a blanket term by doctors. I was sick of everyone being like “Oh, why can’t you eat this but you can eat this?” I. WAS. OVER. IT.

Ben was so sweet trying to help me figure out how I was feeling and honestly, he’s just as frustrated as me with my body. He absolutely hates it when I’m sick.

Time for bed …

Weekend Recap: An Ice Cream Breakdown
Saturday I woke up feeling a bit better. I got up with Ben when he left for work and sat on the couch with Cora for awhile, watching TV. I switched over to work later in the day and got quite a bit done before my eyes were sick of looking at a computer screen. We watched a couple of episodes of Parks & Rec before heading to bed.

Sunday we slept in a bit since I barely slept the night before. Once up, I prepared some meals for the rest of the day since we were going out to the ‘burbs to visit Ben’s fam, let Cora get in some yard time and so we could make a few stops at some stores. Sometimes I miss being close to things like that – I’d love to just leave in the middle of the day and go to Ulta or something like I used to in Green Bay and Milwaukee. The problem in Chicago (*in the city*) is there’s so many things you have to think about just to go to one place, unless you’re in walking distance. For me, shops aren’t close to me, so … do I want to move my car? Do I want to have to find parking? Do I want to deal with Sunday city traffic? Do I want to pay for an uber? I mean, it’s just not fun. I love the city, but I almost feel stuck where we’re at because it’s not super easy to get to stuff. Or maybe I just need to figure it out better! (Okay, rant over.)

Anyways, back to the ‘burbs! After running our errands (I stocked up on some makeup from Ulta, bought myself some casual athletic-type shoes for walking/general wear from Dick’s and bought some stuff from Trader Joe’s. Ben bought a whole year’s worth of clothes at Dick’s for work (since he’s a PT) 😂

Then, MORE drama happened. We got back to Ben’s parents and ate (he and his dad had Chipotle 😭 I had salmon…) and then Ben went to grab something from the car. Cora freaked and tried to follow him, but went into the living room (where she’s not allowed because she chews their rug). I went to grabbed her, picked her up and we knocked a frame off the wall. She freaked and jumped down – right onto my pinky toe. She must’ve fallen in just the right way because she broke it and scratched up the toe next to it. Almost my whole foot is bruised and I can barely walk (I’ll spare you pics haha.) So the rest of the night was spent icing my foot before we headed back to the city. It’s still so swollen and bruised I couldn’t go into work today!

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: I won!

Happy Monday, y’all! I’m currently starting this post on Sunday, so we’ll see how happy I’m actually feeling tomorrow morning. Either way, let’s get into the weekend!

Weekend Recap
So, Friday night I came home and started off my weekend. I had been feeling super crummy for the past few days dealing with extremely painful bloating – AGAIN.

Weekend Recap: I won!
I wasn’t exactly in the best of moods. I had also taken an Everly Well “food sensitivity” test which came back with absolutely no results, so highly do NOT recommend spending $200 on one of those tests. I decided at that time that I was going to just do an Elimination Diet (recommendation by my doctor) to see what the heck is happening to my body. I spent some time looking diet info up before we ordered some Postmates for dinner (they had free delivery because of Friday the 13th for some weird reason).

Our Postmates took forever, but when it finally came in from Portillos, it had CIGARETTE BURNS in it from our driver, plus our food smelled like cigarettes. Disgusting (not Portillos fault … still love them). Postmates gave me half my money back, which I think is ridiculous, but I didn’t feel like fighting with them.

Weekend Recap: I won!Our night wasn’t doing the best if you can tell…

I sat on the couch and started eating some of the salvageable food. I had been checking and checking to see if I had won the Bloguette’s giveaway, but wasn’t hearing anything. All of a sudden I noticed an Instagram notification and I just *knew* – sure enough, I WON THE TICKET TO THE WORKSHOP IN FEBRUARY! Arizona, here I come (well, in February). I’m so excited! Definitely completely turned my night around and I couldn’t believe how fortunate I am. I had been looking

Weekend Recap: I won!
I’m so excited! Definitely completely turned my night around and I couldn’t believe how fortunate I am. I had been looking over that conference for a few weeks, but just couldn’t bring myself to sink more $$ into my business when I’m not really making a ton out of it. Then the other day I saw they were doing an Instagram giveaway for a ticket to the workshop, which is normally $550 so I had to enter! Even though I still have to pay airfare and hotel, it’s totally worth it! Plus, in my mind, there’s obviously *some* reason I need to be there because I put it out into the universe, it’s been in my head for weeks and now I won the contest! Definitely seems like there’s a reason I need to be there! You all should definitely check it out if you; re thinking of going to a conference or workshop for your blog, though.

You all should definitely check it out if you; re thinking of going to a conference or workshop for your blog, though. I love that we’ll actually be working through things all day, not just sitting there listening to people chat!

So that’s exciting!

Weekend Recap: I won!
Saturday I slept in a bit and Ben didn’t have to work because we were technically supposed to be in Michigan for the weekend, but it was supposed to rain so we didn’t go. Good thing, too – it literally POURED all day. I ventured out with the fam to get a coffee a little after lunch, otherwise I didn’t go outside at all. Perfect gloomy day to sit under a blanket with Cora, watch some TV and just chill. We also spent some time looking up food and making a grocery list for the elimination foods.

Weekend Recap: I won! Weekend Recap: I won! Weekend Recap: I won!We also spent some time looking up food and making a grocery list for the elimination foods I can/cannot eat. It’s very daunting, but basically I have to cut most foods out for 2-3 weeks, then I can start to reintroduce certain foods, one at a time and see what happens. That’ll help me figure out which foods are affecting my digestion so badly. Not looking forward to this, but hoping it’ll help me get some answers!

I also spent lots of time with the pup.

On Sunday Ben, Cora and I slept in a tiny bit before heading out to the grocery store to pick up some food. I did film a grocery haul + some more info on why I’m doing this “diet” (doctor recommended, not because I want to lose weight or anything) and I’ll probably have that up Tuesday/Wednesday if you’re interested! I’ll be writing / taking videos of this whole process.

Weekend Recap: I won! Weekend Recap: I won!After the grocery store + a coffee, we hung out at home for awhile before Ben headed out to hang out with friends to watch football. I ended up preparing a few things for the week, looked up flights to Arizona for The Workshop and hung out at home. I was feeling super exhausted, so I took a quick nap(ish) when Ben got home after we ate some Thai food.

Weekend Recap: I won! Weekend Recap: I won! Weekend Recap: I won! Weekend Recap: I won!

We left for the ‘burbs around 7 for Ben’s hockey game and they won! I hung out with his dad in the stands while Ben got knocked around on the ice. We ended up staying up a bit too late getting me ready for Monday, which of course, didn’t do so well for me trying to wake up on Monday to workout. Whoops!

I’ll keep you all updated on this elimination diet!

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: Dog Mom AF

And, just like that, it’s Monday!

First of all, thank you SO much to everyone for the love on my Stitch Fix review. I’m loving trying out new things on this blog and I’m glad you loved it. Either way, let’s move into the weekend recap!

Time to talk about the weekend! Weekend Recap: Beautiful Day for a Wedding
Friday ended up being a pretty chill day at work, so I spent a lot of the afternoon working up on the roof. I didn’t have much to do, so that let me be a bit lax on the YouTube videos I was watching while waiting for other people to finish their work so I could schedule it on social. 😂

Once home, I hung out with Ben for a little bit before heading off to dinner at Rhyme or Reason with our friends, Frank and Draco. I don’t have any photos, but I did do a review of the restaurant a few months ago. Dinner did not disappoint!

On Saturday, I got out of bed as Ben was going to work so I could hang out with Cora. I didn’t feel well, so I ended up literally sitting ALL DAY watching TV and sitting on the couch. I was going crazy by the time Ben got home.

It was TRULY a blogger weekend for me! Weekend Recap: Dog Mom AF
Later that night we headed out to the ‘burbs for Ben’s hockey game, where I got to wear my newest shirt …

It was TRULY a blogger weekend for me! Weekend Recap: Dog Mom AF
That’s just me, warming up in the bathroom before the hockey game started …

Sunday morning Ben let me sleep in until almost 9, which I wasn’t ready for! I woke up thinking it was before 7 and here it was almost 9 am! I must’ve needed the sleep.

I made myself breakfast before heading out to try to see a few of Ben’s clients in the Chicago marathon. Then we stopped at DoRite donuts and Shake Shack for some foods on the way home.

It was TRULY a blogger weekend for me! Weekend Recap: Dog Mom AFAs you can see, my “eating well” is still not going the best. 😂

We walked the rest of the way home, stopped to grab a coffee and then I tried on a BUNCH of outfits and posed while Ben took pics of me. You’ll see more about that on Wednesday – stay tuned!!

It was TRULY a blogger weekend for me! Weekend Recap: Dog Mom AF It was TRULY a blogger weekend for me! Weekend Recap: Dog Mom AFCora and Benjamin were HUGE helps! Can’t wait for you guys to see the pics.

I took off all the sweaters and boots (SERIOUSLY how to real bloggers do this crap – it was SO hot and I was sweating the whole time lol!) and got to work. My client/friend’s podcast goes live on Tuesday so I was getting some last minute stuff done for her! It’s going to be so cool – a Day in the Life podcast with all kinds of cool people. I’m talking the founder of inkWELL, a counterterrorism expert and a Hollywood entertainment assistant – and those are just the first three she’s done! You’ll be able to subscribe on Tuesday, October 10, but check out her FB group in the meantime and let her know I sent you. 😀

After I finished up some work for her, I started writing this blog and getting ready for my week while watching the Packer game. And scheduled some content in Planoly for Insta.

#DogMomAF Just me and the loves of my life (@benfritzfit was the blogger boyfriend today 📸)

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The rest of the night was pretty boring – just played around on social media while Ben did some work. We didn’t get a good night’s sleep unfortunately so this Monday is already a struggle!

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: Beautiful Day for a Wedding

Edit: Putting this up a day late due to the horrible tragedy that happened in Las Vegas yesterday. I didn’t feel it was appropriate and I also just wasn’t feeling very inspired. Please go and hug someone you love. 

Time to talk about the weekend! Weekend Recap: Beautiful Day for a Wedding
Gotta be honest, I feel like trash. I’ve got a nasty cold that’s trying to knock me down and let me tell you, it’s currently winning.

Unfortunately I was sick the whole weekend. I went into the office on Friday for a half day before going home around 1 pm to work from the couch. I felt feverish and just all-around awful.

Time to talk about the weekend! Weekend Recap: Beautiful Day for a WeddingOnce 4:30 hit, I logged off for the day and sat on the couch watching HGTV before convincing Ben to make the trip to the ‘burbs to drop Cora off to be babysat for the weekend. I was supposed to bring her by myself on Saturday morning, but I was afraid I’d feel way too awful to do that, so we brought her out there late Friday, then came home and went to bed (TG for NyQuil).

Saturday I woke up went Ben left for work and parked myself on the couch with Say Yes to the Dress (this damn cable package is bad). I also finished some work and invoicing for clients. Ben got home around 11:30 and we spent some time getting ready before driving up to Kohler, Wis. for my friend Brooke’s wedding. I chugged back that DayQuil and hit the road!

What a beautiful wedding! It was held at Riverbend and it did not disappoint. It was a little chilly, but we were in the sun so it wasn’t bad at all. Right behind the area where the ceremony was being held was a waterfall and … it was just an absolutely gorgeous day. Plus, one of my favorite women in this world was getting married, so that made it even better!

Time to talk about the weekend! Weekend Recap: Beautiful Day for a WeddingOnce the ceremony was over, we all moved inside for a cocktail hour where Ben and I ended up laughing our faces off with Brooke’s uncles. Dinner was amazing and intimate – there were only about 40 people in attendance, which was so fun and refreshing. I’m so used to huge weddings and this was much more intimate and lovely. I didn’t take many photos since I was just drinking everything in, but it was gorgeous and I’m actually surprised I didn’t cry the whole night.

Time to talk about the weekend! Weekend Recap: Beautiful Day for a WeddingWe left around 8:30 to drive back to Chicago and thankfully we did because my DayQuil had worn off and Ben was exhausted (he’s basically got the end of this cold). By the time we got into Chicago (and hit traffic at 10:30 pm FRICKEN CHICAGO) we were ready for bed. We got home, I took NyQuil and headed to bed. The amount of times I’ve mentioned DayQuil and NyQuil, you’re probably thinking I’m sponsored by them. #notsponsored

Sunday we woke up a bit late (8 am, but that’s late for us as of recently). Ben did yoga and I died on the couch (slightly dramatic with a cold, I suppose.) We grabbed a quick breakfast from The Breakfast Club and then headed to Sip to get some work done. I have a guest post to write that I am STRUGGLING with because my brain is mush today. So I listened to some fun tunes (thanks Pandora) and started writing this post to get my juices flowing.

Time to talk about the weekend! Weekend Recap: Beautiful Day for a Wedding
We left for the ‘burbs a little later in the afternoon once we were done with work and headed straight to Home Goods and Trader Joe’s. Afterwards we jumped over to his parent’s house to see Cora, then grabbed some Qdoba for me on the way to Ben’s hockey game. And they won!

Time to talk about the weekend! Weekend Recap: Beautiful Day for a Wedding

Time to talk about the weekend! Weekend Recap: Beautiful Day for a WeddingCora had her surgery on Monday morning, so we left her in the ‘burbs. 🙁 But we went home and went straight to bed!

How was your weekend? 

Weekend Recap: Things are changin’ round here!

Hey friends! Happy Sunday Monday (I’m writing the beginning of this on Sunday morning #cheater). Let’s take a look back at the weekend, but stay until the end to see some of my ideas for this blog moving forward … I hope you’ll stick with me!

So, let’s head back to Friday. I walked to work, got myself a coffee from Dunkin (I’ve been saving so much money with my Keurig!) and then got into work to start my day. I had a shorter Friday due to a doctor appointment, so I got started with work. Unfortunately there were some issues with the platform (#startupprobs & #techworldprobs, amiright?) so I had to monitor social pretty closely all morning, so I spent some time in a room getting through that.

Also, remember that new client I told y’all about? I already had to end with her so that was over as of Friday. 🙁 I’ll give you the story in another blog (she’s an amazing woman, so nothing to do with our relationship!)

The rest of the day/afternoon was filled with work, listening to a podcast our Director of Education did and getting things all set for me to be out at the end of the day.

I left around 2:30 and walked to my doctor appointment to get my Mirena IUD replaced. Ben met me there because I was really nervous – when I had it put in 5 years ago, I almost passed out from the pain so he wanted to be there to take me home. <3 If anyone would like an in-depth conversation about the pros/cons of the Mirena and why I get it, let me know. Just know I literally screamed during the insertion (again) and had to be monitored for awhile afterwards. Low pain tolerance, y’all.

Ben and I grabbed an Uber home (I was extremely light headed and bleeding #tmi so I didn’t want to walk around like we had originally hoped to do) so we got home and I basically sat on the couch for the rest of the night. Benjamin was so sweet and ordered Thai food from our favorite place Opart Thai and then watched the last Harry Potter movie for the night, which basically means I cried like 900 times.

Saturday morning I got up early at 6:30 with Ben and Cora to hang out for a bit. Ben left for work and dropped me at the CVS on the way to his gym so I could pick up pantyliners (girls, I haven’t worn pads or pantyliners in like 6+ years because I rarely got a period on the Mirena + before that I used tampons) and then I decided it’d be fun to walk ALL the way to Marianos (a local grocery store) about a mile away, then walk home. So I walked 2+ miles. With cramping. #smart

I turned on HGYV and continued to watch that with Cora-boo until Ben got home. I also ordered myself some sushi from the restaurant Jieyi Sushi via UberEats. They had a $10 box deal – a big salad, three baby shrimp egg rolls, a spicy tuna roll and a diet coke. Such a great deal – granted I had to pay the $6 shipping/taxes from UberEats, but whatevs.

We hung out for a bit before I turned on Say Yes to the Dress (ha) and he did football stuff. We literally did NOTHING (well, Ben was working.) We ended up ordering from UberEats again – this time we got Devil Dogs which is AMAZING. I had a Chicago dog and a small Elvis slider (which has peanut butter AND sriracha on it and it’s amazing). Of course, I didn’t feel awesome afterwards, but it was amazing.

The rest of the evening we kept HGTV on, but then started unpacking a few more of my boxes + making a Goodwill pile.

Sunday morning we woke up at 6:45, played with/took Cora for a walk and then got ready to go to Sip Coffee to get some work done.

Weekend Recap: Things are changin' round here!
After a little bit of work, we packed up Cora and took her to the ‘burbs to play in a yard for awhile while Ben and I went shopping.

Weekend Recap: Things are changin' round here! Weekend Recap: Things are changin' round here!
Ben needed a suit (the one he has is just way too big for him) so we headed to the Fashion Outlets and he bought the first one he tried on. 😂 #boys Of course, he still needed to shop around but we ended up coming back and getting the first one he got.

We were pretty rushed since he had a hockey game, so I wasn’t able to find anything besides two quick candles from Bath & Body Works, plus my body was pretty sore from walking around all day. We headed over to his hockey game (they won!)

Weekend Recap: Things are changin' round here!
After the game, we stopped to eat quickly at Portillos. Of course, I was craving pasta and we went to one of the locations that apparently doesn’t have pasta (boooo) so I got a burger, which was really, really good!

Weekend Recap: Things are changin' round here!
We headed over to Ben’s parents to hang out with his family for a bit + grab Cora, and then we headed back into the city. And that was my weekend!

Weekend Recap: Things are changin' round here!
So, my quick little “announcement” of sorts is that I’m going to be writing a bit more about social media, virtual assistance and all of that. It’ll still be from my perspective, obviously, but those things are such a huge part of my life so I figured I should be writing about it! If you have anything you’d like to hear about, let me know!

Weekend Recap: Puppy Time in Wisconsin

Happy(ish) Monday, everyone! It’s been a DAY already and it’s not even 11 am my time … but it seems all of my colleagues are struggling with this Monday, so I don’t feel so weird.

These past few weeks have been insane. My virtual assistant business is booming which, in turn, makes my brain go crazy. I’m planning to get on a schedule with blogging here again soon, so hold on!

So, in conjunction with the VA business booming, I went to dinner with Ben to Quartino on Thursday night to celebrate landing another client. Quartino holds a special place in my heart because back in October 2016 I spent some time alone in Chicago and decided that’s where I wanted to live. During that trip, I ate lunch at Quartino by myself and just felt so at home. Definitely was the place to go to celebrate where I’m at!

Weekend Recap: Puppy Time in Wisconsin Weekend Recap: Puppy Time in WisconsinOn Friday, I worked a half-day in the office, but mostly from the roof …

Weekend Recap: Puppy Time in Wisconsin
Around noon, I took off to get home and quickly get in the car to drive up to Wisconsin before traffic got crazy. The good (and bad) part about being a social media manager is that I can log in pretty much from anywhere, so I worked the entire trip up to Ben’s grandparents’ house.

Once there, I turned off all work and we went to get a fish fry before spending the night hanging out and chatting.

Saturday I did a tiny bit of work via my phone when I woke up, then got up to spend some time with the family and the puppy. Ben and I took the boat out for a couple hours (where I made him talk about engagement/wedding stuff – THAT’LL TEACH HIM TO TAKE ME FISHING) before coming back in for the afternoon. It was SO nice outside, so we all sat outside and did different things.

Grandpa: Read
Grandma: Knitted
Jessie: Pinterest..ed
Ben: Looked at Football Stuff

A little later in the afternoon, we all sat down for dinner before hanging out together the rest of the night. There was a little craziness going on in the Facebook group I moderate, so I monitored that before we went to bed.

Weekend Recap: Puppy Time in Wisconsin Weekend Recap: Puppy Time in WisconsinSunday it was a little harder to wake up, but once I did we played around with Cora to wear her out before the car ride and then have peppers and sausage for lunch. It took us a little under 4 hours to get home, so once home I cleaned, took a shower and then got to work. Oh, I also watched the Packers lose, but I don’t want to talk about that. 😉

One thing about having my own business besides working full-time – I do not have time to breathe somedays. I’m learning quickly that I don’t want to work 60+ hours per week for the rest of my life. Honestly, the whole reason I want to work for myself is so I can have a flexible lifestyle and make more money. Family time is coming down the road (NOT ANYTIME SOON) and I do not want to be working a ton. Plus, I want to make my own schedule. These are all things I’m learning as I’m currently working my butt off and knowing it’ll pay off someday!

How was your weekend?
Do you run your own business? Any tips?

Weekend Recap: Bed, Bath & Beyond Damage

It’s officially the start of the week. Can you believe it’s already the middle of September – what?!

So, my favorite thing to do is take a look at my weekends so let’s get back to Friday!

I worked on Friday (obvs) until 4:30, took the train home, made some dinner and literally sat and watched HGTV with Ben and Cora until bedtime.

Not kidding.


Saturday I slept in a bit while Ben went to work, then got up and took Cora for a quick walk. We headed back to the apartment, did a little cleaning (with HGTV on, of course #addicted) before I walked to Ben’s gym to workout with him and his cousin, Andrew.

Weekend Recap: Bed, Bath & Beyond Damage | Come check out what the weekend was for Ben, Cora and I finally moving in together! Weekend Recap: Bed, Bath & Beyond Damage | Come check out what the weekend was for Ben, Cora and I finally moving in together! Weekend Recap: Bed, Bath & Beyond Damage | Come check out what the weekend was for Ben, Cora and I finally moving in together!
After a great lower body workout (which I’m still feeling today …), I sent a check-in email to my coach. Yep, back on the macro train. Since I need to be in a swim suit for about five days straight in November and I’m not exactly “feelin’ myself” right now, time to hunker down a bit!

Ben dropped me off and then went to have lunch with his cuz. I took Cora for a walk and had a call with MY NEW CLIENT! So excited to be working with this woman as of Monday. She wants me to put in quite a few hours, so hopefully this will help me move into full-time “work for myself” mode sometime soon!

Once Ben got home, we got ready and headed out to the suburbs to hang out with his family, go shopping for house stuff and go to his hockey game. We spent an hour+ in BB&B and walked out with almost $500 worth of stuff – ugh. Unfortunately it was all stuff we needed (bedding, sheets, shower stuff, pillows, Keurig stuff, shelving, etc.) but DANG that’s a hit to the wallet, especially after our California trip. We’ll definitely be staying in quite a bit until November!

Weekend Recap: Bed, Bath & Beyond Damage | Come check out what the weekend was for Ben, Cora and I finally moving in together! Once finished, we hung out with his fam a bit more because his hockey game was canceled (booo) and then headed back to the city.

Sunday we woke up pretty early, had some breakfast and started laundry. Ben did some yoga and I did some work for my Brittney. I’m definitely going to have to learn time management soon here. With 10-hours of work for Brittney per month and my new client would like me to do 20-hours per WEEK (yep) … it’s gonna be crazy. Plus, you know, my full-time job. Nothing like truly side hustling, huh?!

Weekend Recap: Bed, Bath & Beyond Damage | Come check out what the weekend was for Ben, Cora and I finally moving in together! Ben turned on the Bears game (boo) and I did a little more work for Brittney as well as got my calendar in order and started this blog post.

Weekend Recap: Bed, Bath & Beyond Damage | Come check out what the weekend was for Ben, Cora and I finally moving in together!
The rest of the day was pretty much hanging out with Cora, watching football and trying to unpack!

Make sure you check out my blog on San Diego OR the new video is up if you prefer to digest content that way!