Video Life Update!

Okay, okay, okay … let’s be real.

I’ve sucked at blogging and vlogging lately.


No excuses, just the truth. While my blog has been updated *the most*, if you’re looking for a true, full update … check out my vlog!

^^ The thumbnail, though. 😉

Hope you’ll check it out!

YouTube Update!

It’s FRIDAY OMG THANKFULLY! This week, while I’ve been lucky and haven’t had to commute much, has just been a doozy. Happy to be a step closer to the weekend.

Since I’ve been focusing on getting used to living in Chicago + a new job + a 3-hour commute, I’ve basically been focusing almost completely on my blog and forgetting about my YouTube channel. I know not all of you are YouTube fans, but if you are … here’s a little update from me! 🙂

Beautiful screenshot of me, huh?

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! What are your weekend plans?

Life Update: I’m moving?!

Hiiiiii, remember me?

GOD I’ve missed blogging sosososososo much, but life … life just has been kicking my butt! I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things, but in the meantime if you’re interested in knowing what’s going on (if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, Snapchat –>justjessie23<– or Facebook …) I posted a chatty vlog about it!

Leave me some questions in the comments below! I’d love to know what you want to know – maybe I’ll vlog or write a Q&A of sorts. 🙂

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Linking up with Katie.

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Hi friends! Things have been a little crazy here this week, but I did have a few minutes to put together a vlog from yesterday. If you’d like to get a *small* update, make sure you check it out! 🙂 I’ll be back on Monday.


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New Hair & Wedding Dress HELP

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Tuesdays are always the hardest day of the week for me, for some reason. Usually I’m running on pure adrenaline on Mondays, but by Tuesday, I have to physically push myself out of bed. But I’m here!

Anyways, I got in a spur of the moment hair cut / color last night and … it took 3.5 hours. My hair just pulls yellow like nobody’s business! So a million years of toning later …

Before and After

It’s horrible lighting, but basically it’s a lot darker, with less warmth and more cool blonde. The bottoms are pretty much gray right now, but that’ll wash out and be an ashy blonde. I like it, but it always takes me a little bit to get used to change to my hair – I’m very particular about it!  But most of all, it needed to be cut SO badly – the split ends were out of this world!

Moving on from that, I wrote about my weekend yesterday, but as always, gotta plug the YouTube video. It’s short (what, me do a short video?!) and is just my day on Saturday for Homecoming if you’re interested in watching!

Okay, last but certainly not least … I NEED HELP. I have two dresses (albiet they’re basically the same damn dress …) that I need to choose between for a wedding next month. Normally, I would not care, but for the first time in about, oh, I don’t know … eleventy billion years, I’m actually going to have a date to a wedding (#shocker) so yo girl needs to look spiffy. Which do you prefer?

Dress - which to choose!

And last but CERTAINLY not least, it’s my BESTEST LOVE’S 30th birthday today! <3 Love you, Amy!

Amy's birthday

What is your least favorite day of the week? Favorite day?


Weekend Recap: Too much Snapchat

Happy Monday, friends! Well, technically as I write this, it’s Sunday evening as I wait for my vlog to publish, but I wanted to have something up for you tomorrow morning.

Most of my weekend can be found in this brand new vlog …

But if you’re not interested in watching a vlog, basically I got Mexican food with my sister Friday night, drank too much wine (aka a tiny bit because I’m a light-weight) and lost my entire Saturday to the “after effects”. If you follow me on Snapchat, I’m sure you saw it. 🙂 (JustJessie23 if you’re not already following!)

Sunday I spent running a ton of errands, getting a spray tan, doing my social media freelance work and packing for Chicago! Monday morning I work 4:45-7 a.m. and then I’m off to Milwaukee to the train … then to Chicago I go! I think I’m going to get to see the wonderful Marette Monday night, too! Not too many plans besides that … so the rest of the week I’ll just be bumming around Chicago and I’m SO EXCITED! I’ll take you along, though it may be almost entirely through Snapchat or a vlog. I’m sure I’ll still blog about it, but I’m really loving the vlog feel lately. I hope you do, too! 🙂

How was your weekend?

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Who has time for a sick day?

Good morning! I’m off to a site visit for an event in Madison I have next month, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging. My newest vlog just went up, so if you’re into the whole YouTube thing, I’d love it if you watched! 🙂

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Do you take sick days?
How do you deal with being sick when you have so much to do?