Who has time for a sick day?

Good morning! I’m off to a site visit for an event in Madison I have next month, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging. My newest vlog just went up, so if you’re into the whole YouTube thing, I’d love it if you watched! 🙂

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Do you take sick days?
How do you deal with being sick when you have so much to do?


Tutu Tuesday: YouTubin’ it up!

Hi friends! I know not all of you are big YouTube fans, but I’ve been loving the extra platform to express myself besides in writing and selfies. 🙂 Have you subscribed? I’d love it if you did! Or just give any of my recent videos a watch – sometimes it’s fun to “humanize” the blogger!

Are any of you big YouTube fans?
What are some of your Fall Favorites??


{Vlog} Chicago Travel Day!

We made it to Friday – woohoo!! Sometimes short weeks feel EXTREMELY long, but maybe it’s just because I worked a 14-hr day yesterday. Normal work day today, plus dinner at Margaritas with my friend, Kayla! I have an event tomorrow in Illinois, though – leaving GB around 6 a.m. WOOF. It’s gonna be a long one!

In the meantime, yesterday (while I was wallowing in self pity that I’m not in Ireland right now) I was finally able to edit my Day in the Life vlog from Chicago last week!

Have a wonderful weekend!

What are you up to this weekend?

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My Fitness & Weight Loss Story – 40 lbs lost!

Good morning! Since I’m off building lofts for students and making sure the football players bring the pieces to the correct rooms (you’d be surprised …), I figured I’d leave you with a video I made on my weight loss story. Disclaimer: It’s LONG. You know how I like to ramble. 🙂 But if you’ve ever been interested in the whole story of how I lost (and gained) 40 lbs, here you go!

P.S. I’m going to try REALLY hard to get the new link-up up tomorrow that Kelly sparked in my brain – a screenshot linkup! So if you’re interested in linking up, I’ll at least have that part up tomorrow. My goal is to make a button you can use as well, but I just don’t know that I’ll have that ready by tomorrow. It’ll be a work in progress right?


Get To Know Me

Good morning! I have some medical advice to ask you guys. My wrist hurts. Like, a lot. It’s not swollen, it’s not bruised, I can move it, but it hurts in pretty much every position I put it in (#twss). And putting weight on it?! NOPE. Should I go to the doctor or is that not even worth the doctor bill, because dude I’m poor. Especially if they’re just going to tell me to ice it and take ibuprofen and not workout for a million weeks (NO).

Moving on from my random “Ask the Internet”, I put up a new Get To Know Me video, which is actually a tag! So they’re super random questions – some are serious, but I’m not very good at serious. Check it out!

And finally, did you see the giveaway I put up on the blog yesterday for Kristin’s blogiversary? You should check it out! I’m actually way jealous that I can’t enter it myself.

That’s about it for me – honestly typing is irritating my wrist and I have a full day of work / writing up my review today so I gotta go! Have a wonderful day!


Weekend Vlog + Grocery Haul

Happy Hump Day, as they say! I’m hoping today goes by quickly, because I actually have an intro call with a life coach tonight at 5 and I’m REALLY excited. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow! In the meantime, take a look at my most recent vlog!

Have you ever talked with a life coach?
How’s your week going so far?

Friday Favorites + A Video!

It’s Friday!!! Yayy!!!!


Time for some favorites (besides the fact that it’s Friday, which is always a favorite!)

To keep on the Harry Potter train this morning, this gif is my first favorite.


I put it on Twitter the other day, comparing myself to Ron when a kid talks to me. I’m telling you, I’m SO awkward. Unless they’re Brooke’s kids, they understand me.


Favorite Numba 2 is Loving Tan self tan. It takes me a day or so to get used to the darkness, but it usually starts to fade and then I’m sad.

Friday Favorites

My next favorite is a shameless cross-promotion of my YouTube channel – because I love it and I put up a new video. 🙂

(Speaking of shameless cross promotion, do you follow me on Snapchat? I’m on it quite a bit: justjessie23)

This dress is always a favorite. 

Friday Favorites

The lighting, not so much … but you get the picture.

Instagram is always a favorite, especially when I find fun gems like these.

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

(Except change the her to him, because this will be me if I ever get a boyfriend again …)

Friday Favorites

And, finally a “fierce” one … anytime I see a quote with fierce in it, I get all fired up.

Friday Favorites

Another favorite: Katie’s Ireland recap  <3 MY HEART! Love Katie’s blog, you should check her out if you haven’t yet!

My last favorite is that I get to see this beautiful lady, Lindsay, in just a few hours!

Friday Favorites

I have a half day today, then I’m running home to pack (and possibly to the gym … we shall see) and then off to Madison I go to spend a good 24 hours with this chica! We’re planning to hit the town a bit tonight, go to Devil’s Lake tomorrow and possibly a winery. And play with her dogs because DOGS!

Oh, and an “extra” favorite is to all of you. Thank you SO much for the comments and support I’ve received about my pseudo-announcement yesterday. It’s always hard to put a goal out there into the universe when there’s a chance you could fail and then have to tell everyone that you did. BUT I’m not going to fail, so it’ll be fun to take you along for the journey.

Now, if only someone could get my butt to Hawaii …

Linking up with Heather today! 

What are some of your favorites this week?

NASM Certification + Online Coaching

Hi friends! I had a few of you ask about my NASM training that I mentioned in my last blog post, so I wanted to tell you about it. 🙂

So, background a bit. I’ve been working out for 5+ years (different intensities), but the last two years I’ve been focusing on weight lifting. I’ve lost a total of 40 lbs. with hypothyroidism and I’m still continuing to better myself every day. But I’m also real – I fall off the wagon, I eat too much Qdoba, I go nuts when I see frozen yogurt.

40 lb weight loss

So coaching: I ended up getting my first coach last September that did not work out for me at all. I actually ended up gaining weight with her and we just didn’t click. She’s a great coach, just wasn’t the one for me. In January, I signed up with my current coach who re-ignited my passion in fitness. With her, I lost about 10+ lbs total (which is a lot for my height). I will say, the 60-Day Challenge I did with her was the best for me, and I’ve actually not had the best experience during my 90-Day Training package. With my trip to Hawaii + my coach’s two-weeks off for her honeymoon, I think it was just bad timing for this program. And actually she emailed me telling me my training was over on Monday, but I thought I had two weeks left. I haven’t heard back.

I think my biggest challenge with her is that I rarely get much of a response from her. I sometimes feel like maybe she has too many clients, because I’ll write her a book and I’ll get the same message back – always very short, very unengaged. Now, I’m not bashing my coach. She’s AMAZING – one of my favorite people – but I honestly think I could’ve done even better with a little more of a personal touch than what I received. Because I personally need a bit more contact and that’s just not the way she coaches. It’s definitely not a bad thing, it’s just not what I need and I’m sure there are other people like me that need more hands-on coaching. Well, as hands on as you can get from an online coach.

So, instead of looking for yet another coach, I’ve decided that this is something I love and it’s something I could do. Why not? I want to start online coaching for IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros / Flexible Dieting), motivation and soon for personal training … enter NASM. 🙂 

So NASM is a personal training certification. I did a lot of research on which certification to go with and I feel like this one is the most respected. I’ll be honest, I’m very nervous. I haven’t done any type of  classes in YEARS and I’ve never been awesome at tests, but I’m so passionate about fitness and health so I’m hoping that I can get past my nervousness. Plus, the end goal is so exciting.

It’s something I can do and grow on the side, and hopefully it’ll become something that’ll take over after lots of hard work. I’ve mentioned this to a few of my friends and they’ve all been so supportive, saying that I would be an amazing coach which just makes my heart smile. I love helping people, listening and problem solving – something a good coach needs to do. I know what doesn’t work when it comes to coaching and what does, plus I’ll learn along the way. So, yeah. I just put that out into the universe, so I guess I can’t chicken out now! 🙂

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What do you think? Have you ever had a dream that seems crazy, but you just KNOW you have to try it anyway?

Friday Favorite | May Edition

Woohoo, we made it to Friday! Is it just me, or do “short” weeks sometimes go by slower than normal weeks? Maybe it’s because our office has been dead!

I actually just put up my May Favorites on my YouTube channel if you’re interested in watching me ramble. 🙂

Today has been a fun day so far and it’s only 8:30 a.m. I’m hoping the day goes by quickly and I can get outside to enjoy the weather! I don’t have anything planned for this weekend, so I’m excited to get things started.

What are some of your favorites?
Any plans for this weekend?

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