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Happy Hump Day! Or, for me, happy sit-on-the-couch-sick-day!

Sorry I’ve been so absent this week on any form of social media and this blog, but the BF had the stomach flu earlier this week and ever so nicely passed it on to me yesterday. Oof.

With that said, what would YOU like to see on my blog? Are there any posts that resonate with you or maybe posts you tend to click off when you see them on my blog? No hard feelings here. I feel like I’m not always providing value with my posts. I know some of them may be entertaining and welcoming (like weekend recaps), but let me know. Fitness? Weight loss? Life in Chicago? Debt-problems? Hypothyroidism? Dealing with a bad job? Trying to start “your own thing”? I’d love to hear from you!ย 

In the meantime, I’m back to laying on the couch. I ate some crackers and felt fine this morning, so tried to get in some rice and chips. Bad idea apparently. ๐Ÿ™

Weekend Recap: Margaritas, Hangovers & Sick Boyfriends

I feel like this weekend literally flew by. Not fair!

In an attempt to make it seem like it’s still here, here’s my weekend recap.

Friday I worked from home, got in a workout with Ben and signed off as soon as the clock hit 5 p.m.

Weekend Recap

I met up with Ben and his cousin around 7:30 before heading to Big Star to get food with Ben’s friend and his new gf. Unfortunately there were FORTY parties in front of us, so we headed over to another Mexican restaurant nearby for food and margs. Honestly, it was okay but I don’t even remember the name of the place, so obviously not that memorable!

Weekend Recap

On Saturday I woke up feeling disgusting. After a few margaritas and not enough food, my body was not happy with me. I walked to the gym in hopes that the fresh air would make me feel a bit better.

Chicago in April

Iย did get in a few deadlifts with Ben before we headed to Portillos for a late lunch.

Portillo's Chopped Salad

After Portillos, we walked to the movie theater and saw Beauty & the Beast which we both loved. Thankfully it was nice enough out that we were able to comfortably walk back to Ben’s gym (where the car was parked). Unfortunately by that time, my dull headache had turned into a migraine so the rest of the night was spent recovering from my migraine pill (kicks my buttttt) and falling asleep on the couch.

Sunday I woke up late-ish before heading to brunch with Brooke and her fiance at RL. We had a couple of drinks + quiche and chatted for about an hour before I headed back home. It was nice enough out at that point that I walked the ~50 minutes back.

Weekend Recap

I was almost back home when Ben texted me that he was feeling super sick, so I stopped at Subway to pick him up some soup and swung over there. After a bunch of Netflix, we settled on the couch to work the rest of the night (well, I applied for jobs, he actually did a little bit of work before the sickness took over again).

Pretty chill weekend that went by WAY too fast. I contemplated playing hooky today just to get things done (AKA cleaning, laundry, everything else that I’d rather be doing than commuting to my job) but looks like I didn’t do that. I hate wishing away days, but here’s to hoping that Monday-Wednesday aren’t too rough and Thursday-the weekend show up soon!

How was your weekend?

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April Goals + March Hits and Misses

Bring on April! I’m over March (click here for my March goals!) – it was a weird month for me. Time for some April goals!

April Goals + March Hits and Misses

First, let’s take a look back at March!

What went SUPER well …
– Walk to work on Thursdays. I did this every day that was possible. Since March was so gross on and off, it wasn’t every day, but I did it quite a bit!
Up weights in both squats and deads. Done! I’m up in both, even with a slight back issue.
Work on mobility. I’ve done pretty well with this, too! Mobility was something that was never a priority (or honestly, something I knew I needed to do) so I’ve been pretty consistent with it.
Download Audible. Done and I can’t believe I waited SOOOO long!

What went pretty well …
Sticking to my macros. For the most part, I’ve done pretty well. If I couldn’t stick to my macros, I stuck to my calories. I’ve had a few off days, but pretty well overall!
Email people about my social media management & VA offerings. I emailed one person… so that’s better than none! I have gotten better about telling people about it though, which is a step in the right direction.
Writing 3-5x/week on the blog + YouTube. I did okay with this! I think there were a few times where I was at only two blogs per week, but I did get up two YouTube videos this month, which is good. My hypothyroidism and just overall lack-for-life this last month hit me hard, so it was hard to show up on the internet in a truthful, honest way. SO I didn’t – because I refuse to be anything but myself.
Look into sponsored posts and networks. I was really into this earlier this month and then fell off the wagon. I did set myself up on a few sites, though, so again … step in the right direction!
Weekly goal setting. I did this for two weeks and then fell off. Will try to jump back on this weekend!
Set-up newsletter. I’ll give myself a little credit … I did log in, create my account and look through everything, but again got overwhelmed and put it away.

What didn’t happen …ย 
Update WordPress theme. I’m so overwhelmed by this! Have any of you done it? Am I freaking out about nothing?
Write love story with Ben. This just hasn’t been a priority and I don’t want to force it. Ben is focusing on rolling out his online business and I’m trying to get my head straight and stay positive with a horrible job. Just not the time to be writing this stuff. Soon, though!
Set-up apartment completely. Nope… To be honest, I don’t know if these pictures will ever get on the walls LOL.

April 2017 Goals

Health & Fitness Goals:
Add cardio in. As much as I don’t want to, I need to. I’ve not been dropping any weight and it’s driving me nuts.
Work on self-love. I have been incredibly hard on myself this last month, picking apart every aspect on my body. It’s time to focus on loving my body for how it is NOW and improving it because I want to and because I love my body, not because I hate it. It’s not a healthy mindset.
Walk more (if possible). Whether that’s taking a break at work, walking to work on Thursdays, walking with Ben or friends around the city. 1) It’ll save me money on Lyft and 2) I need to get out of the house!
Research hypothyroidism and ways to help. I’m sick of depending on a medication that may/may not help this condition. It has knocked me on my ass in March and I need to find other ways to help improve myself so the symptoms don’t take over my life!

Business & Financial Goals:
Book one freelance/contract position. Whether it’s social media, VA, long-term or short-term, I don’t care. I need to get moving so I can live the life that I want instead of working where the life is being sucked out of me.
Work out a plan for how much I need to make/how many clients I need to be able to afford a sustainable lifestyle. This is an exercise my coach has me doing that I’ve put off. I’d like to get that done this weekend, if possible.
Write down my “dream life” and read it every day. I’m into manifesting the things I want, so I need to be able to focus on it.
Read/Listen to two books in April and write a blog post about it. I did this in March and really enjoyed it!
Work on finding sponsorships or opportunities for my blog. There are plenty of big bloggers and events in Chicago and I need to look into that. I’d also like to really focus on the websites I’ve set up to see what they can do for me.

Life Goals:
Enjoy time with family and friends. I have quite a few events in April between friends coming to visit and Easter with the family. I want to be able to focus on that and truly enjoy it, not letting other negative mindsets (or worrying about gaining weight) hinder that.
Talk with Ben about what we’re grateful for every day. I foundย this in the book I’m currently listening to and I love it. I used to do it every morning on my way to the gym in Green Bay and it’s a great practice to have.
Try yoga and/or meditation. I think I’ll really benefits from this.
Try not to let people mess with my head so much. I have some not-so-nice (aka disrespectful) colleagues that I’ve been letting get in my head too much. I just need to focus on what I have to do, be a good employee and get past it.

Any advice for me?
What are some of your goals for April?
How was March for you?

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Workout Wednesday: IIFYM Week #6

Happy Hump Day!ย Time for our weekly fitness update. How are you liking these, by the way?

Workout Wednesday

I was actually very consistent with my macros last week, until I hit the weekend. For the most part, I still stayed within my calories (apart from Friday since I had a couple of drinks) but I was pretty good! We’re thinking about messing with my macros a bit so I have more room to “play” on the weekends since I have so many friends coming to visit in the next few weeks. Ben is also finding it difficult being a coach AND a boyfriend. He made me pancakes for breakfast on Sunday and they’re not exactly macro-friendly, but he wanted to do something sweet for me. I’ll take pancakes from the BF over abs any day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I did alllll of my five workouts last week – yay! I was extremely sore after my workout last Tuesday, but still managed to push through. My lower back is still slightly irritating, but so far no injuries (fingers crossed).

How it’s going:
So much better! I feel much stronger this past week plus motivated to keep at it. I’ve been trying to separate work and my workouts (since I workout at work) and that’s been helping. Remembering I LOVE working out, and it gets me away from the painful day for a little bit.

I weighed in on Friday and I was feeling lean. I lost about a pound, which is pretty good. Hopefully I am able to shed some lbs this week, too, especially after a crazy weekend! Still trying to figure that part out.

What’s your favorite healthy food? Unhealthy food?

Trader Joe’s Haul!

After a small haitus with videos, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. Of course, I filmed this Trader Joe’s Haul, did a beautiful thumbnail and then forgot to upload said thumbnail so now you get my dumb face … BUT it’s a fun video, I promise. It includes most of my staples from TJ’s and a few fun things I bought!

I’m so happy that I’m close to a TJs again!

Are you a Trader Joe’s fan?
What are some of your faves?

Weekend Recap: A Summer Tease

And it’s officially Monday. How does that HAPPEN so quickly?!

Chicago, IL

My weekend started off on Friday THANKFULLY working from home because it was beautiful outside. I woke up late since I was working from home, started some laundry (because I FINALLY have a working washer/dryer in my apartment) and got to work. At lunch, I took a break and walked to the gym to get in my workout with Ben.

After working out, I headed back to get in the rest of my day of work, then we headed over to the Hotel Lincoln rooftop to meet Ben’s clients/friends for a few drinks.

Hotel Lincoln

We ended up hanging out with them (and their EXTREMELY well-behaved baby) for several hours before heading to Flo to get in a super late dinner. This is the second time we’ve gone there and unfortunately, I still wasn’t impressed. The service and restaurant itself are pretty cool, but I just am not loving the food and since there are SO many great restaurants in Chicago, I don’t know when we’ll go there again. By then, the temperature had dropped from 80 to 40 – not cool, Chicago.

Saturday started off super late for me … seriously, I slept until 11. Whoops! Ben was working and it had started raining, so I took a Lyft over to the gym around noon. We hung out for awhile, talked about businessey stuff and then started our workout around 1 with some deadlifts (yay!), goblet squats (eew), hip thrusts (eew eew) and finally bulgarian split squats (THE WORST). I was pooped at the end – plus it didn’t help that it was 3 p.m. and all I had eaten was half a quest bar. Whoopsie.


We got back from the gym, I showered and got ready at my place and then met Ben back at his place because he was making me Italian Beef Sandwich because he’s the best (and also because he wanted to kill me once he found out I had only eaten 90 calories and was pulling 175# in deadlifts while almost passing out after each one. Do. Not. Recommend.)

Italian Beef Sandwich

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching another documentary on Netflix and then taking a nap. Seriously, crazy party animals. The night was pretty slow, too – Ben played this one video game that I actually love watching (otherwise I’m not a video game fan at all), ordered in Thai food and went to bed fairly early.

Opart Thai

Sunday we slept in a tiny bit and then Ben made me pancakes. We went to Starbucks for a little while before heading out to his parents’ house in the suburbs.

And … I justย want to add this in because it’s funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

Funny Meme

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Books I’ve “Read”

I have been a book-reading (aka listening) MACHINE this month! I finally downloaded Audible and it’s seriously changed my commute – both walking AND driving. Driving especially.

I used to love reading growing up, but I’ve lost track of it. Honestly, once I was “forced” to read in college, it wasn’t fun anymore. Plus, by the time I get home from work the last thing I want to do is open a book (unless my boyfriend is reading “A Wrinkle In Time” to me … which he does … and it’s the cutest thing I ever did see).

So insert Audible! I’ve gone through three books this month and it’s only the 24th! I finished my third book last night on my walk home from work and just downloaded “Mastering Your Mean Girl” – I’ll tell you about that next month. ๐Ÿ™‚

Books I've read this month (March)

  1. “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero
    My favorite book out of the bunch! I actually read this book on my way to Hawaii last year and own the hard copy, but wanted to listen to it again. Since my first Audible book was free, I used it on that one! This book just screams motivation. I love Jen’s reading (and writing) style and it just made me feel pumped the entire time I listened to it. Highly, highly, highly recommend. Honestly, I’ll probably continue to listen to this one every now and again.
  2. “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert
    I loved this book. Up front, it’s pretty “flowery” with language talking about the universe and manifesting your future, but if that doesn’t bother you (or you can ignore it) it’s still a great book to get through. I really thought this book would be more focused on people with extremely creative aspirations (like writers, poets, artists, etc.) but I still found it inspiring and wonderful to listen to. If anything, it helps you think about ideas in a different way and how to be open to them.
  3. “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson
    I really enjoy this book! While he has less of a flowery, positivity message, I do enjoy the flat out reality checks he gives. Plus, the swearing makes me happy. I’m an avid swearer (<— ย is that a word?) in real life and I just love it when people don’t give a f*ck. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I listened to this book because I tend to care WAY too much about what other people think/feel and this book definitely gives insight on that.

Like I said earlier, my next book is “Mastering Your Mean Girl” and I have a few other self-help type books in my wish list on Audible. At this rate, I need to sign up for an account that gets more than one credit a month – I’m burning through it. Audible sponsorship, please? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do you have any recommendations of books to listen to for me?
Have you used Audible before or do you prefer hard copies?
Have you read any of the books above? What did you think?

Workout Wednesday: IIFYM Week 5

Good morning! Sorry my workout Wednesday post is a bit late – I’ve been at the DMV all more (gag). It actually wasn’t a horrible experience and I officially have an Illinois license and plates.

Workout Wednesday

Struggled again last week with macros and the weekend was pretty much a guessing game because I went out to eat twice. But so far this Monday/Tuesday I’ve been perfect on my macros so that’s great! Still no change in them … we’ll see how this week of consistency goes.

My workouts were a bit off again last week. I ended up working from home on Tuesday (so no gym) due to the snowstorm, then again on Wednesday because I fell on the ice on my way to work (no gym). Thursday is normally my off day + I work in the city (no gym). So FRIDAY I finally worked out upper body with Ben and Saturday I had an awesome lower body workout with him as well (and then we got burgers YIKES!) Yesterday I actually did a lower body workout that kicked.my.butt. but I loved it. Have to get in cardio/abs today over lunch!

How’s it going:
Better. I’ve still be struggling with self image issues, though. Working through those!

My weight stayed the same this week, but since I had a few times of overeating and not tracking, I understand why. I’m just happy I didn’t gain weight. My thyroid seems to be regulating itself, so that’s a step in the right direction!

What did you do to keep your body healthy this week?

Weekend Recap: So. Much. Food

It’s Monday again AND the first day of spring. I’m excited about one of those things, so while trying to get in the head space for the other, let’s do the weekend recap! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you saw my post on Friday, you know I was missing Ireland like crazy. I spent a lot of the day re-reading my blog posts from the trip and remembering how beautiful it was there. Of course, I got some work in as well, though Fridays tend to be incredibly quiet. I took my lunch break around 12:30 and headed to the gym for Ben to train me.

Weekend Recap: So. Much. Food

We’re super spectacular at taking photos together.

After my workout, I went back to my apartment, worked the rest of the afternoon and logged off around 5. I honestly don’t remember what I did next, but I’m sure at some point I went over to Ben’s apartment and hung out there for the rest of the night.

Saturday morning I got up around 8 and got ready for my hair appointment. I found a salon called Edit just a bit from my place, so I made an appointment for a hair cut and color consultation. Loved my stylist and made an appointment in April for a hair color!

Weekend Recap: So. Much. Food

After the cut, I walked over to the gym to meet Ben. The gym was crazy busy, so we sat and chatted for about an hour before hitting a leg day. My lower back was a little finicky, but we got in a good, solid workout. Of course, Ben was talking about burgers the whole time and I realized I haven’t had one in over a year (what?!) so we headed to a new-to-us burger place called Burger Bar right after working out. We both got bloody marys (yummmm), Ben got some ridiculous burger with like three meats on it (#protein) and I built my own with sweet potato tots.

Burger Bar Chicago

Our food was soooooo good and the music they were playing was AWESOME. We’ll definitely be back. ๐Ÿ™‚

After the burgers, we headed back to our places to shower and then I ended up back at Ben’s at some point. It was our four monthiversary (heh) so we decided we’d stop being hermits like we are every other weekend and go out to a bar for a drink. I don’t have any photos, but the bar was packed, I didn’t love my drink (Ben loved his) and then we left around midnight to go to bed. Party-ANIMALS.

Sunday we slept in a *tiny* bit before heading to Starbucks. I went before Ben and played around on my iPad because I apparently decided I wasn’t having a productive weekend.

Weekend Recap: So. Much. Food

Ben met me there, but I left soon after to meet my friend Amanda for brunch at The Dawson. I was able to walk there which was the BEST and I got a bloody mary (typical) and avocado toast. SO GOOD.

The Dawson Chicago

We sat and chatted for awhile, then randomly decided to go get a manicure down the road. Our nail tech was so fun and it was a nice way to end the afternoon!

Later in the day, Ben and I watched a few episodes of a documentary series we’re into, then watched a funny movie before calling it a night. Both of us start getting stressed by Sunday evenings (for different reasons) so it was fun to watch a ridiculous movie (Penguins of Madagascar if you’re curious) and forget about everything else.

That was my weekend! This week is going to be a little interesting, but nothing crazy. My coworker is out of the office later this week and I get to cover for her, so I’ve been invited to way more meetings than I’d like. At least it should keep me slightly busy, right?

How was your weekend?
Are you a brunch person?

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