Travel Blog: San Diego 2017

Whew, y’all ready for a lengthy post? I promise there will be lots of pretty pictures, LOTS of food (aka donuts) and some fun times. I’ve cut these posts into two, and will also have YouTube videos up soon in case you’re more interested in finding out more that way. Okay, enough blabbing, time to go!


So, the trip started on Wednesday, August 30th. I went into work until noon, came home to finish packing (mind you, I literally just moved OUT of my apartment the night before, so my stuff was everywhere) and then got to the plane station (heh) for our flight. Of course, yo girl had an ALMOST anxiety attack as soon as we got into the air, but with lots of coaxing from Ben, I made it through the quick and harmless 3.5 hour flight.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
We arrived in San Diego around 7:30 pm PST, headed to our Air BnB and then out to visit our first food location, Barrio Star.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Β Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
After some food, margs & AMAZING service at Barrio Star, we walked back to our Air BnB and passed out.


We woke up really early (aka 5 am) on Thursday, so we did a few things around the place (which was super cute by the way) and headed to our reservation at Great Maple.Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
As you can see, we got quite a bit of stuff! I got their “Pickle Mary” which was really good and then Ben and I shared their specialty – maple bacon donuts. OMG SO GOOD. I also had vegan hash and Ben had brisket hash (I think?), but they were all out-shown by the donuts!

After “breakfast,” we walked to a nearby Trader Joe’s, grabbed some food we could make/take with us places and then stopped by a super cute coffee shop to get me some caffeine.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
One thing we noticed in San Diego was everyone was SO nice and helpful – servers and just random locals on the street.

After (or maybe before?) the coffee, Ben and I passed by this cute little wall where you could write in something you want to do “Before you die” which I took full advantage of and wrote in “Work for Myself.”

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
Ben is becoming a very good blogger photographer, by the way. πŸ˜‰

We got an Uber back to our place … so here’s a few pics of that before I forget! There was a hammock in the back that we took full advantage of as well, which is where the cute pic is taken.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
The best part about the place, though, was the location. We were right near Little Italy, close to the Gaslamp District (but not TOO close) and the neighborhood was super cute and safe.

A little later in the day, we took the ferry over to Coronado Island for the rest of the day.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
The island was super cute, so we hung out on the beach and walked around before heading back to get dinner.

Dinner was at Bencotto, a little Italian place in Little Italy. Our food was really good (appetizers and wine were the best IMO) and our server was outstanding. We sat outside enjoying our food and company, before walking back to our place.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
On our way back, I convinced Ben to stop quickly at Queenstown Public House for a quick drink because I just wasn’t ready to go home yet (mind you – we had been eating at SUPER grandma/grandpa times because we were still stuck on central time).

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017


So, Friday marked one year since Ben and I met *in person* for our first date back on Sept. 1, 2016 so we definitely made the day a celebration.

We were up early and headed to the airport to get our rental car before driving off to Torrey Pines for a hike.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
Besides seeing the biggest spider I’ve ever seen, we had a great time (no pics because I was running away quick AF, let’s be honest.)

After Torrey Pines, we stopped in quick at In n’ Out because Ben’s never had it and I lovvvvvve it. Unfortunately it did not love me, and I was pretty sick the rest of the afternoon.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
Once we got my stomach under control, we hit up the Cabrillo National Monument and tide pools.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
(P.S. You still with me? I told you there were a lot of photos!)

Once we were through with that, we were pooped and sweaty and sticky, so we headed back to our Air BnB for showers, a quick rest and then got ready for our dinner out. Initially we had planned a fancy anniversary dinner, but then realized that just wasn’t “us” and instead went to a more chill outdoor place called Indigo Grill.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
Ben looked super handsome BTW, but we didn’t get any pictures together … of course. He got steak, I got fish (and a couple of drinks) before heading home to hang out in the hammock. Perfect anniversary night.

Saturday AM

So, I’ll switch over this post soon since we were only in San Diego in the morning before heading to Laguna Beach, BUT I can’t NOT tell you guys about Donut Bar.

Travel Blog: San Diego 2017Β Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017Β Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017 Travel Blog: San Diego 2017
I may or may not have went a bit overboard with the donuts and donut pics.

And then we died. KIDDING. There’ll be another post on Tuesday wrapping up my trip πŸ™‚

Whew, thanks for getting through it, but I think travel posts are the most fun! We loved San Diego and the rest of the trip wasn’t as jampacked, so stick around for those blog posts!

Have you ever been to San Diego?

Weekend Recap: Moving in with Ben!

Hey everyone, happy Monday! Β I mean, let’s at least try to make it happy, okay. πŸ˜‰

This weekend was a bit crazy, but we got in some good eats + moved, so it was a good one. I do have to say, though, Ben and I need to go on a serious “food budget” once we’re back from San Diego. I spend SO much money on food! Don’t get me wrong, I love trying out new places, but it just can’t be as frequent as it has been. Anyways, on to the weekend!

Friday was probably one of the slowest days of my life at work. It wasn’t super busy and for some reason, the day was dragging on, especially in the afternoon. I stuck myself in Hogsmeade, one of our breakout rooms, for a few hours, but that didn’t help too much.

Weekend Recap: Moving in with Ben Weekend Recap: Moving in with BenThe best part of my day was having a call earlier in the day with a potential client I’m REALLY excited about so keep your fingers crossed for me!

After work I hopped on the train with my friend/colleague Perry and headed home. Once home, I hung out with Cora for awhile, ate some dinner and then hung out with Ben before hitting the sack for an early bedtime.

Saturday morning I slept in a tiny bit until 8 am, played with Cora and then walked to a salon to get my eyebrows waxed, then walked home to play with the pup. On my way home, I stopped at a new-to-me coffee shop called Sip Coffeehouse and fell in love. In fact, if you are following me on Snapchat or Instagram stories, I told you all about it. πŸ˜‰

Ben came over around noon and we immediately started moving. Most of it was easy – just shoving boxes and bags into his SUV and driving it two blocks, then putting it in the apartment. Unfortunately his roommate isn’t moving out until Thursday, so we couldn’t put anything away, but at least it’s *almost* all in his/OUR place!

The only bad thing was we had to carry my 5’x5′ heavy-duty cube wall the two blocks and into his basement. I was not loving it and kept saying, “I DON’T WANT THIS THING ANYMORE.” We did it, though.

Weekend Recap: Moving in with BenPlus, that was the only big thing we had to move – my couch, kitchen counter thingy and bed are all staying because the new tenant said he’d take them. We just have to grab some last minute things Tuesday night and then I’m officially out! We’ll be staying there, though, since things are still a little rocky at his place.

I was in such a good mood even though I hate moving. I think I’m just so excited to finally be officially living with my little family, not having to go back and forth. Soon!

Around 3:30, we headed to Butterfly Sushi with a bottle of wine #BYOB and got some sushi. Sushi was good, wine was good … I drank too much wine … (and Ben’s getting the #blogger pose down πŸ˜‰

Weekend Recap: Moving in with Ben Weekend Recap: Moving in with Ben Weekend Recap: Moving in with BenAfter a late lunch, we headed back home and I blabbed to Ben about weddings and babies (#wine) until he took a nap and I pinned wedding things on Pinterest. Just being real with ya. πŸ˜‰

The wine started to wear off and for some reason it made me kinda cranky. We spent the rest of the night hanging with the puppy, eating a late dinner and doing a few last minute plans/reservations for San Diego. Tons of plans in San Diego, but not sure what to do in Laguna Beach so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

Weekend Recap: Moving in with Ben Weekend Recap: Moving in with BenSunday I woke up just before 7, took Cora out and played with her until Ben woke up. We decided to walk to a little cafe not too far from our place called the Windy City Cafe for breakfast. It was so cute and our waitress was phenomenal. I had a Southwest Skillet, Ben had Southern Comfort (biscuits, chicken and gravy – not the alcohol haha!) and we shared Cinnamon Roll French Toast (see what I mean about with a food budget?!)

Weekend Recap: Moving in with BenAfter breakfast we headed to Sip Coffeehouse because Ben had to do work and I wanted to show him this place. Definitely our new go-to spot – I’m so happy I tried it out on Saturday! So much more space and better vibe than Starbucks. Still overpriced coffee, but oh well.

Weekend Recap: Moving in with Ben Weekend Recap: Moving in with BenI left Sip around 10:45 to go to 4-Elements Salon (the place I went for my brow wax, actually) to get a mani and pedi. I probably shouldn’t be, due to my current financial situation, but my feet are disgusting from walking all summer in sandals for miles to/from work and I’ve been promising myself a manicure since January for my birthday so … I did it!

Weekend Recap: Moving in with Ben! Weekend Recap: Moving in with Ben! Weekend Recap: Moving in with Ben!After that, I walked home, got everything all packed for the puppy to drop her off in the suburbs (SAD) and headed off to Ben’s parents’ house for a wedding anniversary party. I cried before we got her in the car and then cried the whole way home. I miss that sassy little nugget already. And that was my weekend! Leaving for San Diego on Wednesday, so be sure to watch out for that!

How was your weekend?
Have you ever been to Laguna Beach? Any recommendations?
Any flight anxiety tips?

Weekend Recap: Homeward Bound!

Hey everyone, how was your weekend?

We started out the weekend on Friday packing up the car, grabbing Cora and heading to my parents’ house. What should’ve been a 4-hour trip without traffic turned into almost 6 due to traffic in Chicago + having to pick up a Uhaul trailer. This is how Cora rode the whole time πŸ™„

Weekend Recap: Homeward BoundOnce we finally made it up to my hometown, we went and got a fish fry by the lake (#wisconsin) and headed back to the parents’Β for bed. Unfortunately Cora ended up being up all night sick again, so it wasn’t very restful sleep for us.

I let Ben sleep in a bit on Saturday since he had been up with Cora all night Thursday night (and I had been on Friday …). We ate some breakfast and then headed on a waterfall tour for a few hours with my dad, his dog and my sister.

Weekend Recap: Homeward Bound Weekend Recap: Homeward BoundWe stopped for some ice cream before heading back to my house where Cora, my mom and my cousin were all hanging out. We had dinner (pork + pineapple tacos!) and hung out for the rest of the night. Ben, Jenny and I ran to the grocery store so we could have s’mores fixin’s for the bonfire.

Weekend Recap: Homeward BoundMy mom stayed up with Cora on Saturday night so that Ben and I could get some sleep thankfully. We woke up, had some breakfast, then packed the uhaul with the bed frame my dad made us!

Weekend Recap: Homeward BoundThen we set off on our long journey back to Chicago, which took about 5.5 hours with a few stops and a little traffic.

Weekend Recap: Homeward Bound Weekend Recap: Homeward BoundWe dropped off Cora at home, unloaded the bed frame into Ben’s apartment (soon to be mine, too!) and went to take the uhaul back to the “24-hour drop off location” which is where my day took a turn.

I was so over being in a car all day and had talked to Uhaul reps no less than FIVE times over the course of a few days, changing locations that they screwed up, etc. I was told I could drop it off at this 24-hour location near my apartment, so we did. There was no where to park it IN THE MIDDLE OF CHICAGO. So, we parked it in front of the Uhaul garage, took a bunch of pictures and called a rep who told us to just “leave it there.” I got home, called another rep, who told me more crap and gave me a fake email address when I asked her if I could send my photos to someone. I still have no idea if that Uhaul made it the night without being damaged or stolen, but I did everything in my power not to be charged for it… only time will tell.

After that huge stressor, Ben and I ordered in some Thai food, did face masks and he did a little work while I did laundry and started packing random stuff. I hate packing! It’d be so much easier if I could just bring my stuff over to his place, but his roommate isn’t moving out until the last possible day and she doesn’t want my stuff all up in here way (which I get) so it’s just adding time, money for boxes and a little stress, but we’ll get through it! It’s all worth it in the end.

And that was my weekend! Pretty good, minus the huge Uhaul stress. I’m so ready to be moved in with Ben and Cora all in one place. I’m also ready for her to stop waking us up 3-5 times a night to go to the bathroom …

How was your weekend?

Weekend Recap: A sick pup

Hey friends! Can you believe it’s Monday already? I sure can’t… and I’d do just about anything for it to be Friday again. My colleague says Mercury in Retrograde is what’s killing me right now and I’ll just believe her since I have no other excuses.

Friday I worked remotely, so I woke up about five minutes prior to having to start work. I got some work done, then took Cora over to Ben’s place (soon to be OUR place) while my apartment was being shown. I went back to my apartment a little later to find it wide open – not locked or shut. I’m so ready to move out of this place! I did get to wear my new Nikki B t-shirt, so that worked out for me. πŸ˜€

Weekend Recap: A sick pup Weekend Recap: A sick pupWe left around 2 pm and I sat in the back of the car with Cora on the way to Ben’s grandparents. We stopped for a gross Panda Express and made it up to their place around 5 pm.

Weekend Recap: A sick pupWe pretty much headed straight to a local place for fish fry, then came back to play with Cora, who was hyper as EVER.

Saturday morning we got up and got in some boat time before the rest of Ben’s fam got there.

Weekend Recap: A sick pupUnfortunately Cora’s stomach started to bother her and, while still hyper, she started getting the pup poops again. Not good.

The rest of the day we spent with the family outside and ate some Lou Malnati’s deep dish for dinner that Ben brought in for the g-parents (which they loved!)

We watched a fun, old movie with the fam before going to bed with Cora. Unfortunately we didn’t get much sleep because she was up every few hours to be taken out to get sick. I feel so sorry for the babe.

Weekend Recap: A sick pupOn Sunday, Ben, Cora and I slept in quite a bit since none of us slept all night. Cora was super chill since she was pooped (both literally and figuratively lol) so we hung out with the family. We went and grabbed ice cream …

Weekend Recap: A sick pup… before having a late lunch of Portillo’s beef sandwiches that Ben’s mom brought in. It was a total Chicago weekend!

We left around 3 and I sat in the back with Cora again. She was so wiped out and stressed because she hates being in the car. We’re starting to think her sensitive stomach is actually from nerves of being in the car, which sucks because we plan to travel with her a bunch (including this upcoming weekend).

Weekend Recap: A sick pupOnce home, Ben and I ate, then hung out with the pup and put facemasks on (Ben loves his life with me HA) before heading to bed. Pretty chill, but fun weekend … minus the sick pup part.

Has anyone else had a pup that gets super sick from travel? Or stressed? Appreciate any feedback!

Weekend Recap: August Food Coma

And it’s Monday! Time for a weekend recap. Today we’re actually moving into our new office at work, so I’m excited about that… it’ll help with the fact that it’s a Monday. πŸ˜‰

So Friday was moving day at work! Tons of orange boxes and basically no work getting done.

Weekend Recap: August Food ComaWe let out around 3ish so the movers could come in, so headed home to hang out with my faves. Basically my life revolves around these two on the weekends, and I’m very okay with that. πŸ™‚Β Weekend Recap: August Food Coma Weekend Recap: August Food Coma Weekend Recap: August Food ComaThat was basically my Friday night along with watching Moana, which is the cutest Disney movie and I loved it.

Saturday I slept in until 10:30 (which is CRAZY), so Cora and I hung out for a little bit after that before I walked to the gym to workout with Ben. He trained me since he’s still getting over an injury and then we headed to get some burgers and shakes from Burger Bar.

Weekend Recap: August Food Coma Weekend Recap: August Food Coma Weekend Recap: August Food Coma

Weekend Recap: August Food ComaWhat diet?!

After lunch, Ben and I headed back to play with Cora who is teething like a crazy person, so she’s INSANE.

Weekend Recap: August Food Coma Weekend Recap: August Food ComaShe lost four teeth total in 24-hours – poor baby!

Ben played some video games while I got ready to go to dinner with my friend Laura.

Weekend Recap: August Food ComaI had a few sangrias and Orange Chicken Tacos at Barocina. The place was cool, our guac appetizer was great, but I wouldn’t recommend the tacos I got – not worth the $$ at all. Laura liked her tacos, though, but she got a different kind!

Sunday Ben, Cora and I slept in until 8:30 am before getting up and getting ready to go to the mall. We got there right when it opened and got a few things at Lush, Banana Republic (for Ben) and Victoria’s Secret (for me). After a bit of shopping we headed over to Wildfire for lunch.

Weekend Recap: August Food ComaSorry for the *quality photography* but we shared bison meatballs as an appetizer, then Ben got a filet mignon and I got a chopped salad. We also shared a warm cookie with ice cream at the end. πŸ™‚

The rest of the afternoon was spent the afternoon hanging out together and getting a little work done.

How was your weekend?

Video Life Update!

Okay, okay, okay … let’s be real.

I’ve sucked at blogging and vlogging lately.


No excuses, just the truth. While my blog has been updated *the most*, if you’re looking for a true, full update … check out my vlog!

^^ The thumbnail, though. πŸ˜‰

Hope you’ll check it out!

Weekend Recap: A weekend HOME (sorta)

Hey y’all! How was your weekend? Do anything fun? Let me know in the comments!

My weekend was really great – we finally didn’t go out *too much* – meaning we stayed in the Chicago-area. πŸ€” Β I never knew I’d become such a homebody, but after weeks of not having time to breathe on weekends unless Ben or I is sick, I really need some time off!

So Friday after work I took the train home and went to Ben’s apartment. His roommate is in Mexico for a birthday, so she won’t be home until Tuesday, meaning we can stay at his apartment instead of my tiny one. πŸ˜ƒ

We hung out a bit, but I was in a super exhausted mood. I ate, then we walked to Ben’s friend’s apartment and hung out with a few people for the night. I was so tired, but it was still a fun time.

Saturday Ben got up for work and I got up a few minutes after he left to get Cora ready to take to the vet. Oh, and I’ve started meditating using the app Headspace and I love it! I’ll probably do a dedicated post soon, but I’m on day 5 (Sunday as I’m writing this) and I love it.

Our vet is out in the ‘burbs, so it was a good 4-hour morning between the drive and the appointment, but it’s worth it. The vet is WAY less expensive than the ones in the city, plus they’re so kind and helpful, especially since Cora has quite the sensitive stomach and is sick basically ALL the time.

Ben got home around 2 pm after work and our little family hung out for awhile, looking at trips (we’ve caught the travel bug like WHOA) and just hanging out together. Cora was sleepy from her shots, so we took advantage of that. Around 6, we hopped in a Lyft to Tuco & Blondie – one of my faves here in the city. I don’t know that I *deserved* a treat meal since I only worked out once this week (lollll) but it was so nice out so who cares if it was deserved or not!

Weekend Recap Weekend RecapAfter dinner we stopped at Jeni’s and got a little treat. (Fun fact: we were supposed to go to an Incubus concert that we bought on Groupon AGES ago, but couldn’t imagine sitting in the car in traffic to get there … #cityproblems Thankfully the tickets were only $20!)

Once home, we hung out with the pup and … BOOKED A TRIP! 🌴

As you might know, we’re going to San Diego/Laguna Beach at the end of August but we actually already booked our SECOND trip to Riviera Maya at an all-inclusive for November and I’m SO DAMN EXCITED. I love that Ben and I are able to travel – it’s always been a dream of mine. I’ll write a post this week, letting you know more about our trips! πŸ€—

Sunday we woke up with Cora and I got in some meditation, then Ben got in some yoga. Much needed zen start to the morning. Unfortunately I had quite a bad headache, so I was trying to push through with that. We both sat on the couch and got some work done before heading out to the suburbs to hang out with Ben’s family.

Weekend RecapWe spent the afternoon with them before heading back to the city. We spent the night making dinner and getting ready for Monday. How did you spend your weekend?

Weekend Recap: Relaxation in Wisconsin

Happy Monday, friends! I mean, it’s super grey and dreary here in Chicago and I’m still pretty sniffly, BUT let’s stay positive and think about the weekend.

I don’t have to much of an update for y’all because I spent the weekend off of my phone and trying to be as “chill” as possible. I came down with an AWFUL cold last week, so I just wanted to work on getting better.

Friday I had a day of PTO, so I slept in a bit with the pup while Ben was at work and then we left for Wisconsin at 11:30. Unfortunately there was already traffic (boo) and we had to stop with Cora a couple of times, so we didn’t get up to his grandparents’ home until almost 4. I spent a little bit of time working on my client work before switching to the driver’s seat so Ben could take a quick nap. Long day in the car!

Once we got there, we played with Cora a bit before heading to a local fish fry place that Ben has been talking about ALL summer to get unlimited cod – super yummy! We took a ride around the country after that before heading back to the house to play with the pup and go to bed early.

Saturday we all slept in (well, Ben, Cora and I did, at least) and it was the first day I felt better. Still sniffly, but not like I was going to die. We went out on the boat a couple of times, ran Cora silly outside and played a few yard games all day. Super chill, super fun, no phones besides for this pic – the only pic I got all weekend!

Ben got up with the sun on Sunday to go out on the boat for the sunrise to fish while Cora and I slept in until about 8:30. We hung out with his grandparents before getting back in the car for our 4-hour drive back to the city. Again, I spent the first half of the ride doing some work before switching with Ben so he could do some work.

Once home, we chilled out on the couch watching Harry Potter while Cora slept THE WHOLE NIGHT (wooooo) and ordered in some food from D’Agostinos. Not the best, but we did have this cookie ice cream thing that was amazing. We spent the rest of the night preparing for Monday and hanging out on the couch.

Besides the driving, we had quite the quiet weekend which is just what I needed after a week of being super sick. What did you do this weekend?