Jessie & Ben: How We Met (Part 2)

And we’re back with Part 2! If you haven’t already read Part 1, make sure to check it out.

So, where did we leave off? Oh yes … the first date. Fast forward a bit to the next few steps in our relationship!

Who doesn't love a good love story? Here's Part 2 of How Ben & I Met on Instagram! | Jessie & Ben: How We Met (Part 2)
September – Early October 2016

I remember talking with him WAY more frequently, but I was so confused. He was rarely flirtatious (at least in the way I was used to), but he texted me or snapped me every day. And he always at LEAST liked one my Instagram pics, if not commented. He remembered little things I told him, would send me pics of the sunrise or something about Harry Potter or songs I liked. Quite honestly, re-writing this now, I have no idea why I was convinced he just liked me as a friend.

I decided earlier in September that I wanted to take a solo-trip outside of work to really take some time to figure out what I wanted. Initially I was thinking of going somewhere crazy like California or Colorado, but then decided that was a bit out of my price range (and comfort zone) and decided to go to Chicago instead. I loved the city and loved visiting there for work, but figured it’d be fun to go on a “me” trip there. Plus, maybe I’d get to see a cute Chicago boy …

As great as meeting each other was, I really didn’t any thought to “dating” Jessie right after that. We lived 4 hours away from each other and that was where my thought process stopped. I DID however, definitely want to see her again and knew there was no way in hell I was waiting until mid-November until her next work trip.

We did talk quite a bit more after this. Luckily for me, she soon mentioned that she was thinking about taking a long weekend in Chicago in October. I was already planning on asking her to come down for a weekend but was in the process of figuring out how I wanted to pose that question. Between “hey how about you make the 8 hour round trip to me again” and “well you can stay with me and I’ll sleep on the couch” I was definitely nervous about asking. Thank god she really wanted to see me again too 🙂

October 10-12, 2016

ME TRIP! That I filled with 1000 things to do and people to see LOL. Of course, the first person I reached out to was Ben, then Marette, haha. Since I was coming on a Monday-Wednesday, Ben had to train clients at night, so we decided to meet up for drinks late on Monday night. If you’d like a whole vlog on my Chicago trip, you can check that out here (INSERT VLOG HERE)

I had so much fun in my cool hotel room and got ready for dinner with Marette that night. Marette has basically seen my entire “love story” unfold! We had dinner at Happy Camper and then I went back to my hotel to wait for Ben to get done training. He had told me he was going to take me to a surprise place and he’d pick me up from my hotel. I remember being SO giddy, just being in Chicago and getting to see him again, even though I was hella nervous. I tried on about a zillion outfits and sent pics to my friends Lindsay and Amy before heading out to meet him downstairs. There was that big smile again…

Ben ended up taking me to Cindy’s Rooftop Bar because he knew I’d love the view of the city at night – HOW SWEET IS THAT. I was in complete awe standing outside looking at the pretty city (and pretty boy, hello). We literally got one drink each and ended up finding a table and talking for hours. I remember the Cubs were in the World Series so that was on TV and we were literally the only people in the entire place NOT watching the game.

We had CRAZY in-depth convos about everything – from kids to cheating to future dreams and plans. I remember him saying he really wanted kids and that was almost more important to him than getting married, and that totally threw me off. I had always been the opposite – knew I wanted to get married, but wasn’t so sure on the kids. (This ended up being a fun conversation we had on our trip to South Carolina a few months later when we both were confused about what the other said – haha! If you want to have crazy talks with someone you’re dating, go on a road trip together.)

He walked me back to my hotel and we sort of hugged in the lobby of the hotel. I think he kissed me? I honestly don’t remember, I was so nervous! I wanted to bring him up to my room to hang out, but I didn’t want to give him the wrong impression that I wanted “more than that” – because I didn’t. I wanted to take things extremely slow. So our good-bye was awkward and I immediately texted him apologizing for not asking him up. He said something about a funny Uber driver and said, “I’ll have to tell you a story about it tomorrow, if you’ll see me again.”


Finallyyy she was back. I was super excited to see her again. She was coming in from a Monday-Wednesday, so we weren’t going to get to spend big chunks of time together and do typical weekend city stuff. We settled on drinks after I was done training clients that Monday evening. I decided to take her to Cindy’s Rooftop – it was a touristy, yet classy, cocktail bar that is known for its views of the city at night. (Editor’s Note: Ben wrote in “insert link” by Cindy’s Rooftop and that’s how you know he’s a good #BloggerBoyfriend)

(Photo cred^^)

It ended up being the perfect spot (it was very mild for Chicago in October) and we talked for a few hours. (So much for not spending big chunks of time together 😃 ) We talked about anything and everything – seriously… there wasn’t really a topic that was off the table. It was amazing. All I’d ever wanted when dating was being comfortable to be 100% open. This was that and more because she clearly felt the same way. It was that night that I knew we had a future – there were the beginnings of a deep connection there.

Once again, we had talked past midnight on a “school night” for me. (As a personal trainer, I regularly have clients at 7am or earlier so this was way past my bedtime #worthit) We left and walked back to her hotel. The nerves set in really hard again – we just had a great night of chatting – now what… *Disclaimer! I had no intention on “going up to her room”. It was late AF and quite frankly, the night had been amazing. I wanted to take things slowly and was more than happy with how the night had gone.

As we approached the entrance to her hotel, I slowed down, anticipating she was going to do the same – bid me farewell, share a kiss (after the first date debacle), and both go off dreamy-eyed into the night. NOPE. Jessie just powered on ahead, right through the doors without looking back or saying a word. Suuuper confused, I followed her in. The hotel had a massive lobby and Jessie just continued towards the elevators without giving me any sign of what was going on. At this point, my thought process looked something like this…

What the hell is she doing… why is she not giving me any cues whatsoever… it’s rather assuming of her to just expect me to follow her up to her room without saying anything… I’m really effing tired…

… “Okay, well it was great to see you again. Have a nice rest of your night okay?” I cut in and ended the evening. We shared a brief, extremely awkward, kiss and I turned and walked out as confused as ever.

This time I really didn’t know what to think. How could two people connect so genuinely through conversation and then be a complete mess when it came to showing what seemed to be obvious affection. Was it too early? Were we both just a bit tentative/confused?

My Uber driver arrived – a large, outspoken black woman – I jumped in, and she asked if I had seen the Cubs World Series game that just happened. I told her no, because I was on a date and it went really well so I wasn’t paying attention. She said “ohhh, so that’s why you were just coming from the hotel then huh?”. I replied yes, but probably not in way that she assumed – I had just dropped the fine young lady off. She proceeded to berate me and ask how the hell I could just leave a nice young lady to go back to her room all by herself. I can assure you that this was MUCH more drawn out and explicit – which I actually found hilarious. A few minutes into the ride, Jessie texted me apologizing for our awkward parting but that she was totally conflicted about what to do at the moment and just froze. I felt much better to hear this and I told her that I had a great story (Uber driver) to tell her, “so I guess we’ll have to hang out tomorrow 😃 “. “Perfect” transition into hanging out again.

The next morning I slept in and then went to coffee (for like, three hours) with my friend Laura before heading to lunch by myself. Ben texted me while I was with Laura to formally ask me on another date and I was freaking out. I had actually set up a date with a different Ben (ha…) for that night a few weeks prior that I had met through the college I worked at. I wanted to see MY Ben, but I felt bad canceling with the other Ben. Laura was like, “Which one do you actually want to see?” Obviously I said Ben F, so she’s like, “Okay, there’s your answer” so I canceled on the other Ben. Whoops.

I did a little shopping, then headed back to my hotel to get ready for dinner with my friend Amanda. After drinks and dinner, I walked to meet Ben at a restaurant near his work that happened to be near where I had dinner with Amanda. He was eating when I got there (since I had already eaten) so after he was done, we walked to Broken Shaker to get another drink. We ended up having even longer conversation than the night before, much more flirtatious (woo!) and he walked me back to my hotel.

Even though we ended the previous night “agreeing” to see each other again, I wanted to formally ask Jessie out again that night. I knew she was only in town for a few days and as much as I wanted to see her, it was HER vacation. She agreed (wooooo).

We ended up going back to the Broken Shaker again because we liked it so much the first time around. We were able to break some of the awkward tension with my story from the night prior and got in yet another longgg conversation. Jessie even managed to half-ass invite me to a wedding with her in Green Bay for a month later. I figured she was fishing buttt I managed to avoid it (not really even sure why…) and the conversation continued. Hours later, I walked her back to her hotel… and finally got the not-awkward goodnight kiss I had been waiting for 🙂

The next morning I was SO nervous. Now I knew for sure I had feelings for this guy, and I was so afraid he didn’t feel the same. He barely texted me that day so my nerves just increased more and more. I ended up taking the train back to Milwaukee, then drove home and texted him a bit here and there.

I was officially “in love”. However, I knew Jessie was finishing up her trip that day and didn’t want to seem overanxious, so I didn’t text her until late in the day. Whoops…

And that’s Part 2! Stay tuned for Part 3 – and the FINAL version of the “How We Met” story. Thanks for sticking with me. ❤️

Part 1

Jessie & Ben: How We Met (Part 1)

Hey friends and happy Friday! Tomorrow is a pretty spectacular day because:

  1. My friend Heather is getting married and we get to go to Milwaukee to celebrate
  2. It’s Ben and my 1st “Official” anniversary ❤️

Ben and I decided earlier this year that we’d celebrate our anniversary as the first day we met “in real life” (Sept. 1), but I still think it’s a pretty special day. Nov. 18, 2016 – the day Benjamin made me the most happy (and most uncomfortable – I WAS NERVOUS) girl in the world.

So, instead of telling y’all a bazillion reasons why he’s my favorite human, I figured we should FINALLY write about how we met – but from both of our perspectives. 😊  And remember, at the time, I was living in Green Bay and he was in Chicago, so there wasn’t any time for seeing each other in person.

This is Part 1 of 3, because apparently we like to talk about ourselves. 😉 Part 2 will be up Saturday and Part 3 on Sunday!

January 2016

WHOA, CUTE BOY FOLLOWED ME ON INSTAGRAM … must stalk… yep, follow back.

*Uses Crowdfire app to mass follow people that follow similar accounts to grow my Instagram. Follows Jessie Deschane by chance without knowing anything about her.*

February 14, 2016

I put up a random picture of me in the gym, saying something about being at the gym on Valentine’s Day and guess who pops up as liking the picture? Cute donut boy again.

I liked one of Jessie’s pictures. I wanted to show engagement. But also probably because she was wearing a “Do you even leviosa?” shirt. I don’t think the fact that it was Valentine’s Day had anything to do with it. However, I LOVE weird coincidences and would like to think that it was some crazy foreshadowing about what was to come for us 🙂

Random likes and comments in between February and June; Started following each other on Snapchat at some point.

June 17, 2016

After a run-in with a creep on the road, I went on a LONG Snapchat rant about guys being rude to girls when trying to get their attention. I then started driving to Madison to have a girls’ weekend with my friend Lindsay and when I stopped for gas, I had a Snapchat message from a certain Ben Fritz Fitness – my stomach dropped. He made a funny comment – “What, that’s not how I should be trying to get girls attention?!” and we joked/chatted back and forth for the rest of the night.

At this point I was pretty into Snapchat, so I was watching stories all the time. I think I was watching Jessie’s pretty consistently by now; between that and IG, her sense of humor and cleverness definitely had my attention at this point (besides being physically attracted to her.) After hearing her talk about some douchebag who followed her (they were both driving) and try to get her number or something, I thought it would be funny to comment by saying, “Oh… maybe that’s why I’m still single” or something to that effect. Super lame joke? Yes, but it worked – it subtly (not really) put out there that I was single and opened the door to communicating on a more direct basis. THANK YOU SNAPCHAT STORY RESPONSES.

June-July 2016

Snapchats and Instagram likes/comments started to become a little more frequent. I had convinced myself that he was just a nice guy and wasn’t actually interested in me, so I played it off (though I did get butterflies every time I saw a notification from him pop up)

I was taking every opportunity I could to make contact with Jessie by now – IG posts, Snap stories, even a couple direct snaps here and there (oh snap! #gettingserious). Definitely felt a connection with her, but didn’t allow myself to think much of it since she lived in Green Bay, WI and I was in Chicago #21stcenturypenpals

July 14, 2016

We were supposed to meet after my event in Chicago, but I ended up getting pulled into a dinner with our donors so I had to cancel with him at the last minute. I didn’t want him to think I was bailing on him, because I truly wasn’t! Because with most guys, I would bail – but remember, I had convinced myself he was “just a friend from Instagram.” 🤔

I remember being pretty bummed about this. It was exciting to think that I was going to meet that witty, cute girl from my phone screen in person! But I could tell that she truly wanted to meet up with me at some point and wasn’t just playing some annoying girl/guy game. Someday I’ll meet her…

July – August 2016

Continued with the Snapchats and Instagram comments. Ben was NOT outwardly flirtatious, so I really thought he wasn’t interested in me “that way.” He somehow sneakily got my number, but I don’t remember exactly how. He would occasionally send me snaps while he was driving to work in the morning because he drove right past the sunrises on the lake – BUT AGAIN, HE WAS NOT INTO ME. #SmartGirlBrain

We decided we’d meet up after my event in Chicago on Sept. 1 for a drink. I was again CONVINCED it was just a friendly drink. In fact, I was also meeting my friend Marette who I had never met “in real life.”

I specifically remember a turning point of our communications going from casual to more personal. And no, by personal I do not mean dick pics, or even shirtless selfies. *Note: if you’re a guy and you’re sending unsolicited dick pics, fuck you – you’re a pathetic, disrespectful asshole.* As for the shirtless selfies, I was just posting those to my story because I knew that she was watching that 😉

Anyways, turning point… I had discovered that she loved sunrises. I love sunrises as well (they’re magical) and at the time, I was driving along Lake Michigan in the morning at sunrise to get to my clients at the gym. So naturally I thought of her and had to send her a snap. I probably did this a couple of times. One of these days, we somehow continued a conversation and started talking about travel. I was sitting at Starbucks before my first client and was nervous and excited to be having our first “real” back and forth convo – connecting over something that we are both passionate about. At this point, I asked for her number – I could tell that there was chemistry and I knew that she would be in Chicago soon for work so I wanted to make sure I had the most direct line of communication open.

Sept. 1, 2016 – the lead up…

For some reason, I got a little more dressed up this day… but totally for my event, OBVIOUSLY not to impress a boy that wasn’t interested in me even though he texted me/snapped me or liked my Insa pics every day. I remember my friend Brooke totally “momming” me and was freaking out that I was meeting TWO internet strangers after my event, but I was totally all about it. I actually have a vlog from that trip.

Once I got to Chicago, I got through my event and headed off to eat dinner with Marette. We had such a great time and I totally forgot about my phone until I realized I was supposed to be texting Ben and letting him know when I was leaving. CRAP! I remember talking to Marette about how nervous I was even though it was TOTALLY platonic … obviously.

I took a taxi back to my hotel and got ready a little bit before meeting Ben out. I remember specifically putting on more makeup and trying to get myself to stop freaking out because it SO wasn’t a date. I wasn’t dating. So it wasn’t a date. NO. I left a little late (because I was so nervous) and walked the couple of blocks to Broken Shaker. I walked in and saw him standing there and he smiled so much when he saw me. Want to know my first thought?


I had a fantasy football draft and was getting to meet the sexy girl from Instagram this evening. BOOM – talk about hitting the jackpot. For me, the night really couldn’t be any more perfect. I remember being nervous that Jessie wouldn’t want to meet up because I knew the draft would go until at least 9 or 10 and thought that might too late for her. Luckily, she wanted to meet me as much as I wanted to meet her.

The draft was at the gym that I work at. We ordered a bunch of pizza and beer and it was set up to be a great time. It was a disaster. Okay, not because of how the actual “party” went – it was fun to hang with the guys and have a couple beers and talk football. My draft was a disaster – as in, the players I picked. (“Nobody reading this knows what the hell a draft is Ben!”) THE POINT IS… I don’t think I was focused on the draft nearly as much as I thought I was. I was super excited to meet Jessie, but also nervous. Have you ever met someone in real life that you’ve spoken to for MONTHS via text? Weird.

I don’t drink much and was slightly concerned about the couple of beers that I had. I truly wanted to meet this girl and I didn’t want to be too tipsy or acting awkward acting like I wasn’t tipsy. Confusing I know. But that’s what you do before dates, you overthink things. Either way, the butterflies had set in and it was time to go meet her.

I got to the cocktail spot first. (This was my first time there #risky but luckily it was the perfect environment.) When Jessie walked in, my first thought was “She is short! And… Damn she looks good in that white and black dress from IG!”

Sept. 1, 2016 – The Date (because that’s what it was, Jessie)

I was freaking out. I don’t remember much from the date, to be honest, because I was SO nervous. I remember sitting in a little corner of the bar (super cool place, by the way) and chatting for so long. We never had a pause in conversation and everything just felt super comfortable. We “knew” each other from Instagram and Snapchat and had gotten to know one another that way, so it wasn’t awkward in any way (except for me asking weird-ass questions). I do remember him scooting closer to me a few times, touching my leg and totally brushing my booty at one point (SASS). We had one drink (maybe 2?) and talked the rest of the night.

Ben insisted on walking me back to my hotel even though it was a couple blocks away, but it was pretty late so I appreciated the gesture. We got in front of my hotel and I remember feeling so nervous, so I hugged him real quick. I remember him mumbling something like, “Can I kiss you” and then planted one on me before I could even react. I didn’t even kiss him back!

The date was awesome. I think it was awkward for like 2 minutes and then totally relaxed the rest of the time. It was great to “know” her from social and some chatting because it made conversation flow so much better. We were able to talk about things with more substance rather than just your typical first date questions. It was almost weird how un-forced the convo was (relative to other first dates or just meeting other people for the first time in general.) Based on that alone, I knew this was someone that I wanted in my life. (Cheesy much? Look… I’m an introvert and genuinely connect with very few people. Therefore, I can tell when I do and this was one. A beautiful one at that 😃 )

When the date was over, I got nervous. As great as I am in conversation, I’m a terrible “closer”. Before you get too carried away in the gutter… I mean this in every way possible – I just have a hard time smoothly transitioning to whatever comes post-date. As I said above, I knew that I liked her and wanted to make that known. So I walked her back to the hotel she was staying at a couple blocks away. I have no idea what was being said as we stood outside of that hotel door, but apparently I asked her if I could kiss her (who does that?? *facepalm*). I’m pretty sure I didn’t even let her answer and proceeded to kiss her while she just stood there stunned.

Sept. 2, 2016 (technically because it was after midnight …)

I immediately got inside and started freaking out. I couldn’t believe I didn’t kiss him back! Shit! He’s going to think I’m not interested. He texted me a couple minutes later to let me know he got to his car safely and we chatted a bit there, so that made me a bit more comfortable. I think he made a joke about the kiss and I said something like, “I wasn’t prepared!”

I woke up the next morning and was CONVINCED he didn’t like me. (I had/have great self confidence) We texted a bit back and forth, and then I headed back to Green Bay. I remember specifically putting up an Instagram post and tagging him in it, and he didn’t respond the way I thought he would, so I got even MORE nervous that he didn’t like me. Typical.

Fackkk, why didn’t she kiss me back?!… things went so well, I thought we were for sure on the same page… ESPECIALLY because I don’t know when I’ll even get to see her again… god I’m awkward, how did I mess that up… ughhh, I guess it doesn’t matter because she lives in Green Bay anyways… *sigh*…

Part 2 coming tomorrow! I hope you guys enjoyed our long-winded first blog post! 

November Updates

Happy Wednesday!

I wasn’t going to write a blog post for today, but I’m trying to keep to a M, W, F schedule (have you noticed?) I planned on doing a Warby Parker try-on haul, but, you know, I’m an amazing blogger and totally forgot to take pics. Just took videos for Instagram stories.

First of all, thank you to all of you that left me sweet and informative comments or texted me about the Hashimotos diagnosis. I did *finally* hear back from my doctor who just suggested more pills (imagine that?!) but I’ve been doing my own research + listening to podcasts and most suggest at least starting out gluten-free to see if that helps. I’m also adding in a Vitamin D supplement (my levels are low) and am planning to either see another endo, or find a thyroid specialist of some sort.

Along with getting in a blogging regimen again, I’ve reintroduced my YouTube channel! If you haven’t already, take a look at my latest video …

Ben and I also filmed a Boyfriend Tag (finally) and Part 1 will be up Friday and Part 2 will be up Saturday ALONG WITH two blog posts on how Ben and I met. I had to break them both into two because they’re both SO long. But any of you that have been following along with my dating life for the last few years, I’m hoping you’ll find it interesting. Plus, Saturday is our one-year dating anniversary so this is my way of celebrating our relationship. ❤️

Client work has been booming with one of my clients who has brought me into a few more of her projects. I’m also reorganizing what I want to do and how I want to do it. One of those things (again) tying into this blog. I love blogging and my YouTube channel and currently they bring me basically no $$ – which is TOTALLY fine. I’ll continue to do this blog/channel even if I never rake in a penny, however if I’m given the opportunity to invest in this and see it grow, I’m going to. I signed up for BossPitch with Coming Up Roses that starts on Nov. 20 and I’m so excited. It was quite the investment, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it. I’m also continuing to coach with Amy (forever if I can 😎)  and have a blogging/entrepreneurship conference coming up in February – so excited!

Anyways, those are just a few of my updates! Have you ever had a dream you’d like to make into reality? What have you done about it?

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving

It’s officially Monday – booooo. It’s okay, though. Let’s just go back to the weekend.

So on Friday, I ended up staying home in the morning due to a migraine. I woke up around 10 and started to work from home for the rest of the day. It was a pretty slow day at work, so that was helpful. Ben’s friend/client came over later that night, so they took off to have some dinner and drinks while Cora and I hung out at home.

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving On Saturday, I headed out to breakfast with my friend Marette at Over Easy Cafe.

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving I haven’t seen Marette since the summer, so we had a lot to catch up on. Like her biggest announcement here!

I ended up getting the “Sassy Eggs” which were SUPER good and took the rest home for Ben. The worst part was the Uber ride – $17 one way!

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving Ben was training a friend at 11:15, so I changed quickly to go with him (since I spent all my money on Uber LOL). He dropped me off at a new Starbucks near his gym so I could get some work done before heading to his gym to workout with him around 12:30.

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving
While at Starbucks, I filled out my Best Self Journal while listening to the Bucci Radio podcast.  I’ve actually *just* gotten into podcasts (I know, I’m late). Another favorite podcast of mine is the Day in the Life podcast, but I was all caught up on that one. 🙂

Oh, also – I tried the new Toasted White Chocolate Mocha (with skim milk) at ‘bucks and … totally not worth the $5 IMHO. I’d much rather have the Salted Caramel Mocha. MMMM.

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving After the gym, Ben and I headed to Do-Rite to get another chicken sandwich. I’ve been craving one since last weekend when I had to scarf one down before the movie.  Apparently this is the weekend of gluttony haha!

The rest of the afternoon we just kind of hung out at home before heading to a Friendsgiving party (of sorts) with our friends Frank and Draco. So. Much. Food. (and a few drinks) It took us forever to get downtown with traffic + we kept getting lost … The $15 Uber ride was looking pretty good by the time we finally found the parking garage.

Weekend Recap: Friendsgiving
Sunday I slept in a bit while Ben got up and did his football stuff. He left around 10:30 to get coffee with his cousin, then head to watch football with friends, so I didn’t see him until almost 7:30 pm. While he was out, I watched some Say Yes to the Dress, did some work, hung out with Cora and just played around at home. I also filmed this Coffee Chat video if you’d like to watch that…

Ben came home with Thai food and beignets  (which was AMAZING) so I ate all that stuff before sitting on the couch and filming a Boyfriend Tag video with Ben – those will be up this weekend along with … FINALLY TELL YOU GUYS HOW WE MET (if Ben ever gets done with his half of the blog). So expect lotsa lovey stuff this weekend – it’s our anniversary, so felt like it was good timing.

And now it’s Monday! I’m wearing ripped jeans, a beanie and my “I Miss My Dog” shirt from We Rate Dogs, so I’m feelin’ pretty great.’m also filming a Day in the Life video today so expect to see that soon, too. I know not ALL of you enjoy my YouTube vids, but I still like to tell you about them! I’ve been missing YouTube, so I’m trying to get back into it.

How was your weekend?

The Time I Found Out I Have An Autoimmune Disease

As you all know, I’ve been struggling with my health recently. From stomach aches to broken toes to thyroid issues to mood issues (#PoorBen) … it’s been a weird ride!

Finding out I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis | The Time I Found Out I Have An Autoimmune Disease
I’ve known I have hypothyroidism since I was 23 – so about six years now. I’ve been taking a medication and was basically told, “You get to live with this forever!” and sent on my merry way. At least once per year I had to have my levels checked and basically when anything BIG happened, my levels would skyrocket. Think graduating college (when they found it), breaking up with my boyfriend of 4 years, moving to Green Bay, moving to Chicago, switching jobs because I hated my job so much …

You kind of get “used” to feeling like shit. I was used to being tired all the time. I was used to needing at LEAST 9 hours of sleep to function. I was used to gaining weight really easily and struggling to get ANY off. I was used to the dry hair and skin. I was used to the constant constipation and gut issues.

But “that’s just the way it is”

In October I finally decided to take my life into my own hands. I was sick of being sick all.the.time. so I scheduled doctors appointments and did an elimination diet. My PCP tested my thyroid levels a couple of weeks ago and told me my T4 and TSH were fine, but she took a look at my T3 levels and they were low, which she said made no sense. She referred me to an endocrinologist.

On Monday, I went to the Endo (weird guy … drew lots of pics) and he took one look at my results and saw my antibody levels from a test in March of this year and said, “Oh, this is easy. You have the autoimmune disease called Hashimotos Thyroiditis” and then he said:

Not a big deal, not a big deal, not a big deal.

In fact, he said that same phrase, that same three times about 15 times throughout my doctor appointment

The basic info is, not much will change. I was being treated for hypothyroidim, so I’ll stay on that medication and he’s re-checking my results to see if I have a rare form that is difficult to explain but again NOT A BIG DEAL, NOT A BIG DEAL, NOT A BIG DEAL.

If you’re interested in learning about the difference between Hashimotos and Hypo, this article explains it (though I’m still confused).

I left the appointment with a swirling brain, a bunch of badly drawn pictures #doctors and a donut, because I was trying to make myself feel better and there was a Stan’s Donuts in the bottom of the hospital. 😂

I got home, told Ben about it and started doing some research. I wanted to know what I could do BESIDES taking a bazillion more pills that haven’t helped me for the last 6 years, so how are they going to help now? I read about people with Hashi that need to go gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free … AKA the damn elimination diet that I was eating a few weeks prior. Then I read that food doesn’t help people at all – they just recommend trying to eat healthier. I also read that exercise is good, but not *too* difficult because it can stress out your body. I read about adrenal fatigue and goiters and all these things I don’t understand.

So here I am … waiting for the test results from the doctor and not knowing what to do after this. I’ll keep y’all updated, but know that the frustration is REAL and if you have any background, I’d love to talk with you. ❤️

Cora’s Day in the Life

Hey guyz. It’s Cora, obviously the best looking one of this family.

I’m taking over mom’s blog today because, well, I wanna and I’m sick of chewing on this yellow bone thingy for right now.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a golden retriever puppy? It’s hard work, ya know! P.S you follow me on Insta, right? Of course you do… you’d be silly not to.

Cora the Golden Explorer Day in the Life
3 AM: WHOA SOMEONE’S UP … oh, she’s just going to the bathroom. Back to sleep.


5:05 AM: Okay, for real Dad… what the h*ck you doing LET ME OUT




Cora the Golden Explorer Day in the Life

Cora the Golden Explorer Day in the Life
7:30 AM: Why are you putting me in this crate… no… no… NO I DON’T WANNA (insert puppy eyes here)

7:31 AM: Oh wait, you’re giving me treats OKAY BAI


Cora the Golden Explorer Day in the Life

10-11 AM: Dad wrestles with me and throws my ball down the hall with me for awhile. I follow him everywhere (for some reason he won’t let me in this one room with the drinking bowl – something about a toilet) and then …


Cora the Golden Explorer Day in the Life
12:30 PM: Dad says the “H” word (editor’s note: hungry) and OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG PLZ GIMME FOODS OKAY I’LL WAIT HERE OMGOMGOMG.

1 PM: Dad says the “O” word (editor’s note: outside) HOLY H*CK LOOK AT ALL THESE STICKS AND WHOA ANOTHER DOG THAT LOOKS LIKE ME… what is it… NOPE I’M AFRAID … Okay, I’m good … NOPE I’M AFRAID … Okay … TOO AFRAID MUST GO


4 PM: Walk timeeeeee …. MOAR STICKS

Cora the Golden Explorer Day in the Life
4:15 PM: Ughhhh why do you always leave me (Insert puppy eyes here) … dangit, those don’t work as well with Dad.



Cora the Golden Explorer Day in the LifeNAP

6 PM: “H” word again!!!! This is the BEST.

NAP (on top of mom – can’t be too careful or she’ll leave me AGAIN)

Cora the Golden Explorer Day in the Life7:30 PM: Whoa, Mom’s getting up! NO DO NOT LEAVE ME AGA… oh, you’re just going in the toilet bowl room. Mom lets me go in the toilet bowl room with her and sometimes I help her in the big scary waterfall thing, but then my head gets all wet.




8:30-9 PM: Must help Dad wif all the things …

Cora the Golden Explorer Day in the Life9 PM: OH, Mom and Dad are on the couch, hmm… I’ll just squeeze myself in there … purfect.

Weekend Recap: Bed, Bath & Beyond Damage | Come check out what the weekend was for Ben, Cora and I finally moving in together!

10:30 PM: Whaatttt is happening? Dad’s picking me up? In the crate time? Oh, sleeps… my nice warm bed is in here… Okay, night. Turn off dat light plz.

Must be hard being a beautiful little pup, huh? 🙂 


Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK

Happy Monday! I’m feelin’ pretty great this Monday because I’m working from home. Granted I have a doctor appointment over lunch, but hey … I didn’t have to get ready for work this AM. Makes Monday a bit easier. OH and I’ve been drinking coffee since last week. 🤗

Weekend Recap
I also worked from home on Friday. I had to WFH in the morning because I had another doctor appointment (you’ll notice November is apparently the month of doctors … and bills). My boss suggested just working the whole day from home and I obviously wasn’t going to fight that … and neither was Cora.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK
Ben and I took a late lunch break to Whisk and I got my favorite food – Buffalo Chicken Hash.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACKI ended up working late, but at least it was from my couch. The rest of the night we all just hung out as a fam and went to sleep – nothing crazy!

Saturday I slept in a bit when Ben went to work. Once I woke up, I played with Cora, watched some TV and tried to clean up the house a bit. I left around 10:30 to Target (I DROVE BY MYSELF IN THE CITY!) for an eye doctor appointment. After dropping $100 on contacts (after insurance) … I wandered Target. I literally went down almost every aisle. I haven’t been able to do that in Target in SO long. With that, I walked out with over $100 worth of stuff, ha.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACKThis was the best item, though …

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACKBen came home after work quick before heading out to work with his cousin on their new business adventure. My mac was dead, so I hopped on the train to my office, grabbed my charger and then some Qdoba before heading back home.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK
I found out that Harry Potter was on TV and that pretty much screwed the rest of my day. I can seriously watch HP at any time.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK
Once Ben came home, we hung out for a little bit before his brother stopped by. We ran out quick to get some sushi (I barely had a roll since I had eaten Qdoba like three hours prior) and then I headed back home while they went to a concert. Cora and I just watched some more HP while I drank some wine (and snacked on ALL THE FOODS).

On Sunday, we got up pretty early (thanks to the time change!) and Ben started doing his fantasy footballs stuff. I walked over to Starbucks, got a coffee and sat down to do some client work for a little over an hour. I was listening to Christmas music (whoops…) and having a great time – I wish I could’ve kept going because I was so motivated, but Ben and I had plans to go see Thor.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACKI got home and we Ubered (is that a verb now?) downtown to Do-Rite Donuts for a chicken sandwich (I hadn’t eaten anything except the Starbucks coffee), then we walked the couple blocks to the movie theater. Thankfully we were sitting for the next two hours, because my toes were KILLING me.

Thor. Was. Amazing. ❤️  I love most Marvel movies, but Thor has a special place in my heart because, well, he’s beautiful AND Loki is one of my favorite characters of all time.

Once home, my motivation to do anything was pretty much shot, which means it wasn’t a super productive weekend. Basically Ben put on football and we watched, ate dinner and hung out with Cora. I also ended up snacking a bunch again and had two glasses of wine. The elimination diet I did really messed with my head when it comes to food – I feel hungry or like I need to eat all the time. I also spent some time setting up my new goal-setting/gratefulness journal so I’ll let you know how that’s going once I get into it! We also played some Aggravation, but Ben beat me so I don’t wanna talk about it. 😂

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACKAnyways, that was my weekend! So thankful to be working from home today, even though I have a doctor’s appointment. It feels like an extension to my weekend PLUS I need to be productive because I have a few projects due for a client, a guest blog post and work, obviously.

How was your weekend? Are you happy/sad about the time change?

Stitch Fix Haul #2

It’s that time of the month again – the good kind! 😂

I can honestly say that I definitely loved my first box more than this one, but I still found some fun things I liked.

My Fix

Stitch Fix Haul #2Stitch Fix Piece 1: Justin Taylor – Nina Floral Print Infinity Scarf, $28

I really liked this piece once I had it on, but not so much when I first picked it up. Again, with scarves, I just can’t see myself spending almost $30 on a scarf when I can buy them on for like $10. I did return this.

Stitch Fix Haul #2 Stitch Fix Haul #2Stitch Fix Piece 2: Z Supply Keran Side Slit Knit Pullover, $50

I didn’t like this at all. I didn’t like the slit, the color, or the way it was made. The slit on the side wasn’t hemmed and the slit was already starting to roll, so I know after I would wash it, it’d get worse. In my opinion, it was not worth $50, so I returned it.

Check out what I decided to keep / return from Stitch Fix! | Stitch Fix Haul #2Stitch Fix Piece 3: August Mist Allister Cold Shoulder Dress, $48

Please ignore my weird feet + wrapped broken toes 😂

Loved this piece! It looked really nice on and showed off my waist. The sleeves (I almost just wrote arm-holes 🙄) are a little big because I’ve lost all my #gains and quite honestly, why am I getting a summer dress at the end of October? I kept it because I’ll just pair it with a jacket or something (which takes away the “funness” of the sleeves) and I know I’ll love it when we go to Florida in January / I go to Arizona in February. I gave feedback that I’d prefer climate-appropriate dresses in the future, but I did keep this item!

Stitch Fix Haul #2 Stitch Fix Haul #2Stitch Fix Piece 4: RD Style Jana Poncho Pullover, $78

I hated this piece. It looked ridiculous on, I do not like the “slit” thing going on (and wish they wouldn’t have sent me two pieces with that trend) and $78 – are you kidding me? No way, Jose – returned it.

Stitch Fix Haul #2 Stitch Fix Haul #2Stitch Fix Piece 5: Andrew Marc Performance Rosella Mesh Back Performance Legging, $50

Initially I didn’t like the fabric on these and was 100% sure they’d be see-through in the 🍑, but they actually fit super well! In the end, I decided I’d rather spend a little more money on a pair of Athleta leggings, so I returned them. Plus, to be honest, I don’t need workout pants … I need leggings I can wear to work and I don’t think the mesh part is “work appropriate” even at a casual office.

Overall thoughts:

Wasn’t “in love” with my Stitch this time, but it’s literally my second box, so they’re still learning my size/style so I’m not worried about it. Definitely will continue through next month. Ben actually signed up last night, too, so maybe I’ll get a male’s perspective this month. 🙂

If you’re interested in trying out Stitch Fix, here’s my referral link!

OH, and PS – if anyone has any ring light/box light suggestions, let me know. Now that we’re getting into the awful seasons of coldness and no sun in Chicago, I need a light for pictures. Let me know!

Just in case you’re super interested in any of these clothing items, I found similar items that I’ve linked for you below! They’re not the same, but close!

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My New Favorite Fall Outfit From Red Dress Boutique

Happy November! I’m all about dresses throughout the year. I find them so easy to style. I can make them fancy, work appropriate or casual depending what I pair it with. And, since it’s cold here now (yayyyy Midwest …) I also love that I’m able to make my dresses work for the cold weather, even if they were initially a summer dress.

Now, sweater dresses are their own breed – and probably my favorite. No, you can’t really wear them in the summer, BUT since we have more months being cold (grrrr…) it’s worth spending a few buckaroos $$ on dresses I can only wear in the Fall/Winter.

With that, here is my newest favorite sweater dress from Red Dress Boutique.

P.S. I put a few other options at the bottom of the page if you prefer a different brand, but I really love this one. It does run rather large since it’s supposed to be over

My New Favorite Fall Outfit From Red Dress BoutiqueAnd the best part?

It’s only $28.

Second best part?


Since I was stuck on the couch all week with a broken toe that completely immobilized me, I decided one day to put on this little number, do my makeup and my hair, just to feel pretty for a little bit, even if I was just sitting in the house all day. Ben was super sweet and made me go outside quick “just to take a picture of how cute you are” so I painfully pulled on a boot (similar here and here), threw on my new favorite hat and one of my favorite scarves from last year on Jane (similar here and here).

What is your favorite Fall fashion item this year?

Weekend Recap: Puppysitting

I can’t believe it’s Monday already! 😱 I mean, seriously. Last week went by SO quickly for me beause I worked from home the whole week. Gosh, I wish I could WFH every day – I got so much done! But back to the grind it is … Uber’ed in this morning because:

1) I wasn’t at home so it would’ve taken forever to figure out which bus/train/walk to take

2) I didn’t sleep a wink last night

3) I still can’t walk! #brokentoesies

Hoping today goes by pretty quickly! I’ve got a call with my coach Amy tonight and then hopefully will be going to bed at like …7.

Weekend Recap
Friday I worked until 4:30, quickly packed a bag and then all three of us got in the car to go to my friend Saige’s new place in Chicago (!!!) to babysit her pup Nushi for the weekend. Her place is super nice and huge, so the dogs had fun all weekend running around in their lower level.

It took a bit for the two to get acclimated (Nushi is bigger than Cora and Cora is well … extremely submissive #AKAawimp) but they had a good time together. We played with them for awhile, Ben walked to Chipotle for himself (since I still can’t eat normal food #goingcrazy) and then we settled in to watch an episode or two of Stranger Things. Any other fans out there? LOVE IT.

Weekend Recap: Puppysitting
Anyways, Saturday we woke up early-ish, played with the pups and then Ben left for work. I was struggling while he was working since I can still barely walk, so having to take the pups out or even just find out where they were was a bit much at times. By the time Ben got back, I was so pooped from the pups that I did not want to do anything. Oh, and did I mention I was SO pissy that I still had to eat turkey and rice (that’s literally all I’ve had for breakfast, lunch and dinner for basically two straight weeks now) that I literally ate a small breakfast and then didn’t eat again until 7 pm because I was pouting? Oh, how fun. 😐 So instead of focusing on food, we watched the rest of Stranger Things up until the last episode before we had to leave for a birthday party for Ben’s client.

The party was beautiful and extravagant. Of course, again, I couldn’t eat or drink anything (…) but the place was awesome! We ended up leaving after the go-go dancers and male strip tease, though … a bit out of both of our comfort zones HA!

Once we got back to Saige’s, I ate a little more food and we settled in to watch the last episode of Stranger Things. Is it just me or was this season SO MUCH MORE INTENSE. Still loved it.

I didn’t sleep well again Saturday night, so Ben turned off his alarm and let me sleep until 9ish, though I still felt groggy and tired all day Sunday. He left for coffee with his cousin for a few hours, I prepped some food for the week (aka turkey and rice on Saige’s stove so I could take it with me to work …) and hung out with the pups. He came home a few hours later and did his football “stuff” while I did an invoice for a client/hung out on the couch. We left in the early evening to run to the ‘burbs quick for Ben to play hockey (they won!) before coming back to Saige’s.

Weekend Recap: Puppysitting
Unfortunately Ben had to work super early on Monday and with Cora/being far from our place and work, he decided it was best if he and Cora went home for the night and I stayed at Saige’s with Nushi. I tried not to be a baby, but I cried as soon as he left. Is anyone as much of a baby as I am? I’m almost 30, but I still hate staying in new places I don’t know by myself. Small hotel rooms are one thing because I can literally turn on all of the lights (which I did when I traveled all the time haha) but a big house with lots of windows and sounds I don’t know? I was so anxious the whole night, hence not sleeping.

So that was my weekend! Pretty uneventful, apart from pup madness and Stranger Things. I think this week is going to be a struggle for me getting back into the swing of working at the office all week, plus we’re getting an intern on Wednesday (and I really have no idea what work I’m going to give to an intern …) so it’ll be interesting. We did reintroduce a few foods into my diet this weekend, but I’m feeling pretty flustered with the whole elimination diet – I really feel that it’s told me nothing. Is it bad that I’m already look forward to this weekend? I’ve really gotta find a way NOT to just live for the weekend – I’m going to wish away my whole life!

Weekend Recap: Puppysitting
How was your weekend?