Weekend Recap: Vlogmas Style

And just like that – it’s Monday again! I was SO looking forward to this weekend and having little to do, but the weekend actually ended up filling up a tiny bit. I did get the Sunday blues just a little, but tried to still enjoy the day nonetheless. Anyone else have that issue?

Also, I’ll be filming a Q&A with Ben sometime this week. I’d love it if you left us a question in the comments below that I could answer! I asked on Instagram and so far no one has given me a question! 🙁 

Since it’s Vlogmas and I’m trying to keep up with a video EVERY DAY until Christmas, I decided to do this weekend’s recap in vlog style. They won’t all be like this (as I know a lot of you enjoy just reading my blog) but wanted to try it out this weekend. Check it out!

Also, if you’re interested in my channel, here are a few other videos I’ve done since Friday.

Saturday’s Vlogmas:

In this vlog, I tell you 15 things about me that you might not already know. Check it out!

Sunday’s Vlogmas:

On Sunday, I took you through a week in outfits.

Thank you ALL for continuing to support me in whatever way possible. I know not all of you love the videos, but some of you do! Either way, thanks for putting up with the crazy amount of videos lately. I’ve wanted to do Vlogmas for years and I finally put my mind to it. I really REALLY hope I can continue – it’s hard!

Men’s Stitch Fix Haul & Review

Before I get into the Stitch Fix haul, I want to mention my Vlogmas videos that have gone out in the last few days, just in case you’re not subscribed to me (why nottttt?) I was EXTREMELY honest in these videos!

Thursday’s Vlogmas:

On Thursday, I give you the complete low-down on my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis diagnosis and what I’m planning to do about it.

Friday’s Vlogmas:

On Friday (today!) I take you through a fun night of me meal prepping some stuff for Ben and I. I promise it’s funny, especially toward the middle, when I start to get a little loopy from talking to myself all night. 😂

Okay, on to the real post! Ben’s second Stitch Fix box came in and, again, he allowed me to take pictures of him!

Stitch Fix Piece 1: Hawker Rye – Essential Wash Stretch Straight Fit Chino (burgundy), $78

Men's Stitch Fix Haul & ReviewFirst, let me just say, I did not realize Ben had this shirt and I lovvvve it on him and want him to wear it all the time. ❤️ Okay, back to the pants!

Ben really liked these pants and had been looking for something like this, but the almost $80 price tag just wasn’t working for him. However, after doing a little research online, he decided they were worth it and kept them!

Stitch Fix Piece 2: Hawker Rye – Essential Heather Vee Tee (Medium), $28

Men's Stitch Fix Haul & Review
I didn’t really love this shirt on him and he gets really nice t-shirts like this that fit him better from Banana Republic, so he decided to send this back.

Stitch Fix Piece 3: Flag & Anthem – Dublin Sweater Fleece Vest (Medium), $69.50

Men's Stitch Fix Haul & Review
Ben had asked for a vest to go with the button-down he got last time (which he’s wearing in this pic) and this did.not.work. First of all, it was WAY too big in the stomach area and we really didn’t like the color. I’m not sure how the stylist thought this would look okay with the shirt, but hey … just didn’t work, so he sent it back.

Stitch Fix Piece 4: Free Nature – Backwoods Brushed Flannel Shirt (Medium), $44

Men's Stitch Fix Haul & ReviewI hated this piece, haha, plain and simple. Ben didn’t hate it, but wasn’t a fan. He returned it.

Stitch Fix Piece 5: Julian & Mark – Normandy Stretch Plaid Flannel Shirt (Medium), $49.50

Men's Stitch Fix Haul & ReviewAlso not a huge fan of this shirt, and neither was been so back to Stitch Fix it went! Returned.

Ben was a little less excited about this box than his last one. I think he’s going to be pausing it for this next month because he needs to save some money around the holidays. Either way, he likes having Stitch Fix, but he’s just hoping his next one fits his personality and style a little bit better!

Did you like any of the items above?

Updates: Guest Post + Gaining 20 lbs + Vlogmas

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

On Monday, I had a guest go up on the wonderful Jenna’s blog! Please make sure to go check it out – it’s my 5 tips for living the side hustle life. ❤️

Since my weekend recap post on Monday, I’ve put up two new Vlogmas videos that I think y’all might be interested in.

Tuesday’s Vlogmas:

I figured this might be interesting to some of you that started following me for my fitness/weight loss blog posts a few years ago. Let me tell you – I cried all last night while editing this video. It’s definitely been a struggle.

Wednesday’s Vlogmas:

Follow me around as I chat your ear off about my day. 🙂

How has your week been? Anyone else feel like this week is CRAWLING to the weekend?

Weekend Recap: Girls Madison Weekend

Oh, Mondays… why do you get here so quickly!

Also, if you’re interested, I’ve been participating in Vlogmas so I’m (trying) to put up a YouTube video every day until December 25. Today’s video is my November Favorites!


Weekend Recap: Girls Madison WeekendFriday ended up being the best day. ❤️  Much needed after a crazy work week. I ended up texting me boss in the AM telling him I was going to work-from-home because I was just brain dead. I worked all day with Cora in my lap and logged off immediately at 4:30. Ben ran and got us Thai food and we watched the second Lord of the Rings movie. Once that was over, Ben played one of his video games that I like to watch and then I fell asleep.

Friday’s Vlogmas:


On Saturday I woke up, tried to start vlogging on my phone and my phone just shut down. NOT GOOD! I had to get to Madison to see my friend Lindsay and I couldn’t even get my damn phone to work! I was super stressed while I got ready for work while Ben tried to find another option for me. Finally I did some stupid update and it started to work. UGH Apple …

After a little commotion, I left about a half hour later than I had wanted, but set out on my way. I picked up Ben’s brother in the ‘burbs and dropped him off at UW Madison, then off to Lindsay’s I went. The trip too just over three hours and I finally got to see one my best friends that I haven’t seen in over a year!

Once I got to her place, we headed out to Cafe Hollander for brunch. I got a bloody mary and a quinoa skillet – the skillet wasn’t outstanding, but wasn’t bad either. Then a quick stop at Starbucks and we were on our way to Sun Prairie (right outside of Madison) to visit her boyfriend.

Weekend Recap: Girls Madison WeekendAfter visiting with him for a bit, we walked around all the cute little shops in SP before heading to Verona (another area right outside of Madison) to go to Toot & Kate’s for a glass of wine. Super cute, chill place if you’re ever in the Madison, Wis. area!

Weekend Recap: Girls Madison Weekend
We started getting pretty hungry and headed over to Biaggi’s for dinner. We shared a bottle of wine and I had a gluten-free pasta dish, but I did fall into temptation and had bread as an appetizer. My stomach was SO bloated afterwards… ugh. But it was so good!

Weekend Recap: Girls Madison Weekend

Weekend Recap: Girls Madison Weekend
We then headed over to DSW and World Market before calling it a night.

Saturday’s Vlogmas:


We woke up pretty early with the dogs and spent the morning watching a few movies. Lindsay also made me an entirely GF breakfast that was SO good! I headed out around 1 pm, stopped at Qdoba to eat quick and then picked up Benjamin’s bro before heading back to the ‘burbs. I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with his family before heading back into the city.

Weekend Recap: Girls Madison Weekend Weekend Recap: Girls Madison Weekend
Sunday’s Vlogmas:

It was SUCH a fun weekend and I missed seeing Lindsay so much! After a stressful week at work, it was just what I needed. However I also need a weekend just to sleep – that’ll be this coming weekend! 🙃

How was your weekend?

Stitch Fix Haul #3

Okay, time for the third Stitch Fix haul for me! In case you missed it, I’ve done these before plus I just did one for Ben earlier this week.  I’m not sure how long I’ll continue with Stitch Fix, but for now, it’s quite fun!

My Fix

Stitch Fix Piece 1: Le Lis – Yola Flutter Sleeve Off The Shoulder Blouse (small petite), $58

Stitch Fix Haul #3 | Time to take a look through this month's Stitch Fix box! What can I say about this piece? I understand why my stylist sent it to me – I specifically told her I loved feminine pieces – but I guess this was just not it. It didn’t fit right and I hate that I could barely move my arms without the sleeves flying up to the tops of my shoulders. This was returned.

Stitch Fix Piece 2: 41 Hawthorn – Poppi Textured Pullover (small), $68

Stitch Fix Haul #3 | Time to take a look through this month's Stitch Fix box! Folded up, I did not like this piece but once it was on, I loved it. I liked how fitted it was and how easy it would be to layer. But then I saw the price tag. No way in heckin’ bob I’m paying almost $70 for a layering shirt. I returned this. 🙁

Stitch Fix Piece 3: Octavia – Brooklyn Crossbody Bag, $48

Stitch Fix Haul #3 | Time to take a look through this month's Stitch Fix box! This is actually the last thing I opened, but decided to move it up in the post a bit, just for a surprise. 😉 I thought these were shoes and I saw the color and since I already own red boots, I figured I wouldn’t be keeping it. When I opened it, to my surprise it was a purse! I have a hot pink Kate Spade Crossbody purse that I love (similar here), but it’s too small to carry all the things I’d like to carry. Then I have a big Kate Spade bow purse (similar here), but it’s way too clunky to be carrying around when I’m commuting on trains in Chicago, so that’s just a *nice occasions* bag.

Anyways, loved this bag and I can fit so much in it without it being too crazy to carry with me. Kept this.

Stitch Fix Piece 4: Sophie Rue – Ingledside Embroidery Detail Knit Pullover (small), $48

Stitch Fix Haul #3 | Time to take a look through this month's Stitch Fix box! Stitch Fix Haul #3 | Time to take a look through this month's Stitch Fix box! I hated this haha. I will say, once it was on, I thought it looked pretty, but just because it was black. A big no for me, plus Ben told me I looked like a Russian dancer of shorts. #what

Stitch Fix Piece 5: Liverpool – Jacqueline Skinny Pant (6 petite), $78

Stitch Fix Haul #3 | Time to take a look through this month's Stitch Fix box! Stitch Fix Haul #3 | Time to take a look through this month's Stitch Fix box! You pretty much have to be these Athleta leggings that I rave about all the time for me to pay THAT much for you and these definitely were not. Ben loved them – said they looked super classy since they were structured with pockets. For me, 1 they were a little bit too small so my stomach bulged over them and 2, THE WHOLE REASON I WEAR LEGGINGS IS SO I HAVE A STRETCH WAIST BAND. Hello?! Why would I wear leggings that FEEL like jeans? Makes no sense. Sent back.

Overall Thoughts

Unfortunately I wasn’t super thrilled with this box either, though to be honest, I can’t imagine loving all the items and dropping $200 in one sitting haha. BUT I did love the purse that I got so to me, it was worth it. Will try again for #4 – I asked for REAL leggings and possibly something fun to wear for my 30th birthday in January when we’re in Florida!

If you’re interested in trying out Stitch Fix, here’s my referral link!

Just in case you’re super interested in any of these clothing items, I found similar items that I’ve linked for you below! They’re not the same, but close!

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Men’s Fashion: Ben’s First Stitch Fix

Guess what I did?? Convinced the boyfriend to try out Stitch Fix. 😊  He even modeled for me!

I thought I’d do a quick post on this. I know a lot of you that read my blog have men in your life (or you’re single and STILL KILLIN’ IT) and I’m assuming, if anything like my boyfriend, have no idea about fashion. I mean, to be fair, I know nothing about men’s fashion. All I know is Ben owns a suit for weddings and a BUNCH of athleisure because he’s a personal trainer and when he’s not at the gym, he’s working from home. So … why would he get all dressed up?

He wanted to get a few pieces that he could wear out to dinner or just out of the house in general, so when my first Stitch Fix box came with a free trial for him, he decided to set it up. It took him awhile to answer all the questions (mainly because he kept trying to help him) but then he was on his way. His box came in a few weeks later and here’s what he got!

Men's Fashion: Ben's First Stitch Fix - Take a look at how we style my boyfriend's first Stitch Fix box!
Look at him bein’ all bloggy and stuff. 😉

The first item he tried on was the white and blue button-down he’s wearing above, which he wasn’t a fan of. Just not something he’d wear very often. He also tried on the jeans, but then ran in his closet and realized he had two pairs of jeans UNOPENED from a year prior that he never wore. 🙈  So, it’s kind of like he got new jeans because it reminded him of the ones from last year … lol. #boys

Men's Fashion: Ben's First Stitch Fix - Take a look at how we style my boyfriend's first Stitch Fix box!
The second shirt he tried on was this red and blue button-down. We liked it, but he has one very similar so to me, it wasn’t worth getting another since he’ll rarely wear it.

Men's Fashion: Ben's First Stitch Fix - Take a look at how we style my boyfriend's first Stitch Fix box!
The final item he tried on was this shirt. It has a flannel-esque look to it, without actually being flannel. I think it’d look even better with a puffer vest or something, but it looks good on it’s own as well. As you can see again, loving the Sperrys and he did keep those.

Oh, and I did have a better photo than that one of the shirt ^^ but it’s just too cute with Cora.

So, all in all he kept the Sperrys and the flannel shirt in the last picture, PLUS basically got two free pairs of jeans that he forgot about in his closet HAHA. He ordered a second box and hopefully we’ll have our lights set up by then so there’s better lighting. 😉

Did you like seeing a men’s haul?
How do you get clothing for your man?


Happy Monday! This week could be a struggle for me … I really only worked in the office one day last week and now I have a full week ahead of me. 😱  We’ll see how this goes!

We were up in Northern Wisconsin at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Ben, Cora and I headed back for Chicago around 11 am on Friday morning. It took us a good 5 hours (with stops and traffic) to get back home, so we listened to the podcast Serial (I’m so behind!)

Once home, we watched the first LOTR movie and hung out on the couch. We both weren’t feeling super hot and Cora was pooped from playing with my parents’ animals so early bedtime it was.

I slept in until almost 9:30 am on Saturday while Ben was off at work. Once up, I got a few things done around the house and did some work for my FT job. Unfortunately I don’t really get to be fully “off” on vacations and holidays, but at least I don’t have to go into the office. Ben got home around 11:30 and we both had some energy after being sick all week, so we cleaned the house, put up some pictures, and put up Christmas decorations!

Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIMEWe ran out to Home Goods to get a big mirror FINALLY which was super exciting for me. I also picked up some Chipotle and frozen yogurt. The FY was almost $10 – what the heck, Chicago.

Once home, Ben played his video game the rest of the night and I bought a bunch of crap online #damnyousales. Seriously, I bought these leggings from Spanx, this dress from ShopHopes, these joggers from Athleta, this fluffy rug from Target, and the Content Planner. Whoops.

Sunday morning I woke up earlyish, had some coffee while cuddling with Cora and then started on some work for my client. After about an hour and a half of that, I started writing this blog (woo!) while Ben went off to get coffee with his cousin. I got dressed and had a very healthy breakfast of a gluten-free waffle with peanut butter and chocolate chips. 😉

Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIME Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIMEI met Ben over at Whisk for brunch around 12:30, but there was an HOUR AND A HALF wait so … eff that … and we took off to Lockdown Bar to try it out. I got a bloody mary (okay, two) and it was SO good … plus it was $5 which is unheard of in Chicago for a drink. I ended up getting nachos because it was all bar food and I’m trying to stay gluten free for the hashimotos stuff… so I got those.

Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIME Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIME Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIME Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIME Weekend Recap: CHRISTMAS TIMEOnce home, I took a nap(ish) on the couch for awhile while Ben worked.

I got in SUCH a bad mood – does this ever happen to you? Something about the impending doom of Monday (I make it sound so bad, I know it could be so much worse) and wanting takeout food, but knowing I shouldn’t spend anymore money. 😂  Either way, I tried not to let my bad mood ruin the rest of my Sunday, but just ended up going to bed early. Crappy end to my weekend!

How was your weekend?

Holiday Invites with Basic Invite

*This post was sponsored by the wonderful Basic Invite, but all opinions are my own.*

Growing up in a huge family called for lots and LOTS of holiday cards. My parents would use tacks to display all of our cards around one of the big doorways in our house so that you’d see them the whole month of December. I always loved getting cards from family as far as Germany or Alaska or even just Southern Wisconsin. 😉  I especially loved the ones that came with letters with details all about my cousins, aunts and uncles lives in the past year.

Holiday Invites with Basic InviteSince I’m out on my own and have built my own little family with Ben and Cora, I can’t wait to do holiday cards this year to send to friends and family, but honestly had no idea where to start. I’m so so so glad that Basic Invite reached out to me to tell me all about what makes them special. There’s over 250 Christmas card and holiday card designs! I’m pretty much set on dog Christmas cards?! We’ll just switch out this super cute baby with a super cute Cora …

Holiday Invites with Basic InviteThere’s also some fantastic options for newlyweds but *AHEM* no ring here (yet).

Holiday Invites with Basic Invite
Not into sending out holiday cards, but you’re having a party this year? How about an elegant holiday party invitation? Or make custom Christmas party invitations – and please send me one because I haven’t been invited to any Christmas parties yet this year. 🙄

I love how personal you can make these cards and invitations, and I can’t wait to use them *some day* for my wedding invites (I mean, of course I’m going to make two engagement hints in one post.) They even have foil designs, which I think are super classy and beautiful, but normally very expensive. Their foil holiday cards are available in gold, silver, and rose gold with flat or raised foil. Here’s an example:

Holiday Invites with Basic InviteHere are a few other reasons Basic Invite stands out to me:

  • Almost Unlimited Colors – Once you select a design you can change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color options so you can make sure the card is exactly how you want it down to the littlest detail.
  • Custom Samples – You can order a printed sample of your actual invitation to see exactly how it will print and feel the quality of the paper.
  • Over 40 Different Colors of Envelopes – There are 40 different color options to choose from for envelopes – how cool is that?! Oh, and they’re “peel and seal” so no envelope-licking necessary. 🎉
  • Address Capturing Service – You can share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to request your friends and family’s addresses! Plus, recipient address printing at no cost on all Christmas card orders. HEYO.

If you’re interested in checking out Basic Invite with me, they’re offering 30% off with coupon code: holi30

Also, check them out on social:

Facebook | Pinterest  | Instagram | Twitter

Thanks for reading all about holiday invites and cards today! Do you send out holiday cards or party invites? P.S. Who wants to be on my Christmas card list this year?!

Weekend Recap: Weddings & Puppies

Annnnnnd just like that, it’s Monday! Y’all have been hearing a lot from me lately, so I’ll *try* to keep this as short as possible. Speaking of that, if you’re interested in learning the story of how Ben and I met from BOTH of our perspectives, they’re linked below. 🙂

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

And yes, I say both of our perspectives because Ben also wrote his POV throughout the whole thing!

On Friday after work, Ben and I headed over to Mindy’s Hot Chocolate for dinner and dessert to celebrate our anniversary a day early. Super cute place – would totally go back there for hot chocolate (I had the Mexican Hot Chocolate with cayenne pepper OMG) but the food was just okay.

Weekend Recap: Weddings & Puppies Weekend Recap: Weddings & Puppies Weekend Recap: Weddings & PuppiesWe spent the rest of the night watching a Rom-Com and falling asleep on the couch #typical

Weekend Recap: Weddings & Puppies
On Saturday (technically our one-year anniversary), Ben went in to train two clients while I got ready for a wedding. We picked up my friend Perry (to dogsit) and headed over to my friend Saige’s place. Saige, her husband Joel, Ben & I were all driving together up to Waukesha, Wis. for the wedding! I don’t have many pictures because I was being “in the moment” but it was a beautiful wedding full of love. Plus, I got to spend the day with my best friend!

Weekend Recap: Weddings & PuppiesThen Sunday rolled around. I slept in until about 9 before getting up and getting some cleaning/laundry done around the place. I took a quick trip to Target ($65 later – SERIOUSLY) and then came back just in time for Ben’s little sister and her boyfriend to show up. They hung out with us all day watching football and the boys played some video games. Cora literally slept ALL day because she was so pooped from running around with Nushi (Saige’s dog) all day on Saturday. Kinda nice. 😉

Weekend Recap: Weddings & Puppies Weekend Recap: Weddings & Puppies Weekend Recap: Weddings & Puppies
We were supposed to head out to the ‘burbs for a hockey game, but when we looked at the traffic, it would’ve taken us an hour + to get out there, so Ben called it off and ended up working a bit. We listened to an episode of The Black Tapes podcast which I HIGHLY recommend, but I don’t think I can listen to it anymore. I’m already a chicken as it is + I hate the dark, so the last two nights we’ve listened to this and it’s taken me almost an hour to fall asleep.

Weekend Recap: Weddings & Puppies
And now it’s Monday! It’s supposed to be “warm-ish” today, but I’ll be inside all day. I’m planning to work from home the next two days, so that will be nice. Excited for a short week!

How was your weekend?

Jessie & Ben: How We Met (Part 3)

And it’s officially time for Part 3! If you haven’t already, make sure you didn’t miss Part 1 & Part 2. There are also videos at the bottom of this post because Ben and I did the Boyfriend Tag – I’m all about ALL THE CONTENT this weekend, apparently. 🙂

Who doesn't love a good love story? Here's Part 3 of How Ben & I Met on Instagram! | Jessie & Ben: How We Met (Part 3)
October 2016

We talked a LOT more during this time. I remember freaking out for about a week that I never got an answer from Ben about coming to a wedding with me, so I finally asked him in a text one night. Since the wedding was over Thanksgiving, he told me he’d talk to his family over the weekend and let me know. I didn’t hear much from him over the weekend, and finally on Sunday night he told me he’d call me on Monday so we could talk about the wedding. We talked that Monday and he told me he’d love to come, so we chatted about plans for that.

I also remember my friend Lindsay helping me text Ben one weekend after this because I was FREAKING OUT again that he just saw me as a friend. So she basically helped me be SUPER flirtatious with him via text and I’d make her read it every time he responded because I was so nervous. I basically was a ball of nerves all of late 2016. 😂

Despite my slight misstep of not explicitly showing her how I felt after that trip, we ended up talking a lot. I’m not positive, but I think that ever since that day, we’ve talked every day since. Jessie officially asked me to that wedding that she had mentioned the one night she was in Chicago. I told her I’d get back to her because it was the weekend after Thanksgiving so I just wanted to make sure “I didn’t have any family stuff going on.” I was also very nervous about going to a wedding with someone that I wasn’t dating. What were we anyways? It was obvious that we liked each other a lot, but we still lived far away from each other… It seems dumb in hindsight but I just had a lot going on in my brain at this point (I had been single for 6 years…) Anyways, I told her I’d call her to discuss (figured it would be good to start talking and not just texting) and we got everything squared away for the wedding.

Early November 2016

November was a crazy travel month for me with my events job, so I was a little pre-occupied (thankfully). I had a week of events in the Chicago-area from November 15-18. Since that was a Tuesday-Friday, I wanted to find a way to stay in Chicago for the weekend, but I was broke AF. I was talking to Ben about it and he offered up letting me stay at his place, which I thought was amazing, but also terrifying at the same time.

Jessie had another work thing going on mid-November. It was Wednesday-Friday, so it was a no-brainer for her to spend the rest of the weekend once she was here. Chicago isn’t cheap and I knew she’d be concerned about spending too much, so I offered that she could stay at my place. We had talked enough by now that I wasn’t worried about this coming off as too forward and was actually hoping that it would be a sign that I was serious about spending designated time with her (I even offered to help her pay for a hotel stay if she wasn’t comfortable staying with me – she was NOT leaving Chicago – and me – to go back to Green Bay on a Friday evening.)

Nov. 15-18, 2016

I remember packing about 17000 things in my bag not sure what I’d need for events or staying at Ben’s. You know what I freaked out the most about? PAJAMAS. I had never slept in a bed with him (obviously). I made my sister shop with me for like a week and I still didn’t end up finding anything “cute, but not trying to hard.” 🙄

On the 15th, I had my only event downtown, but we were staying WAY out in a western suburb and I didn’t have a vehicle. I was chatting with Ben all day and he ended up coming allllll the way out to my hotel that night, just to see me for a little bit. It was SO nice, especially because he works super early in the morning so to have to drive that far out, then back into the city was crazy.

We continued to chat the rest of the week, but I didn’t see him at all. On Friday the 18th, my boss was getting ready to drop me off at Ben’s and suddenly had 10000 questions about him. “Will you be safe?” “Do you know what his roommate is like?” “Is he your boyfriend?” I told Ben all about it (making sure to sneak the “Is he your boyfriend” comment in there…) as we were getting to his place. I remember being SO NERVOUS (again, story of my life). He looked cool as a cucumber though.

Going into this weekend, the plan was to just see Jessie on Friday when she got done with her event stuff for the week. We were both done working pretty late in the evening and she was staying about 30 miles out in the suburbs (thanks for nothing Jessie’s boss!) However, once we started texting back and forth that Wednesday that she got into town, all I could think was – SHE’S HERE. In Chicago. Not far from me. Screw it, what the hell was I thinking, I’m not waiting TWO MORE DAYS to see her. So I drove out to the suburbs that night to see her. The butterflies were insane this time around! It was definitely the right choice though – there’s no way I would have been able to fall asleep that night knowing she was within an hour of me.

That was the only time I saw her before Friday afternoon. We both had a bunch going on and it just didn’t work out. No matter, I got her alllll to myself come Friday afternoon 😃 Her boss had to drop her off because they had driven in together. On the way to my place, she was texting me telling me all these questions her boss was asking her. One of those questions was, “Is he your boyfriend?” I knew at that moment, that was going to be my in to “officially” ask her to be my girlfriend. I laughed it off over text and waited to revisit it for when we were together in person.

She finally arrived (I swear I was like pacing and cleaning my place for the whole hour or whatever it was that she was in the car lol.) I was so excited to finally have her there with me and so nervous to ask her the “girlfriend” question.

And then … Ben sat on the couch with me and I was kind of leaning back on him. We were chatting about my week and what we were doing that night with his friends. (I was meeting his friends that night and then his dad and sister on Saturday. Talk about throwing me into the weeds!) All of a sudden he brought up the conversation with my boss, and I froze. I remember getting SUPER hot (like sweaty hot LOL #sexy) and wouldn’t look at him (thankfully I was leaning back on him). We were laughing about my boss being nosey and then Ben was like, “what if I was your boyfriend?”


I don’t even remember actually answering. I think I awkwardly said something like, “that would be nice” or something. He ended up having to ask me again (I think) because he didn’t know what my answer was HA!

After I showed her the place and everything, we sat down and started talking. We were going over plans for later, asking about each other’s days… and eventually I brought her boss’ question back up. We laughed and then I said, “Well what if I was your boyfriend?”

*Jessie awkwardly laughs, blushes, and stares at me for what seems to be 5 minutes*

“Well…. ” I say slightly panicked, “do you want to be my girlfriend or not?”

She laughed again and said yes. What a perfectly awkward ending to our pre-relationship relationship 😃

And that is the story of how I met my boyfriend on Instagram and somehow convinced him to stay with me this past year. It’s been the best year of my life and I’m so grateful to have him. ❤️

And if you just CAN’T GET ENOUGH, make sure to check out our Boyfriend Tag videos on YouTube.