Weekend Recap: Stuck in Arizona!

Happy Monday, friends! I can’t wait to tell you ALL about my time in Arizona for the Bloguette’s Workshop, but I’ll have a post up on Wednesday so keep an eye out. It was (hands down) the best conference I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to my fair share!

But, back to the weekend!


Weekend Recap: Stuck in Arizona!
Unfortunately on Thursday morning I got an email from Southwest saying that my flight back to Chicago for Friday night was canceled due to Snowmaggeden 2018. 😂  I quickly booked another night at the hotel I was at and Ben adjusted my flight (he used his account for his miles.) All seemed well …

The rest of the day was amazing at the conference. Once it was over, I headed over to a Mexican restaurant near my hotel, but the service was HORRIBLE. I ended up having a drink and chips and salsa (which were also bad – and that takes a lot for me to say) before heading over to a sushi restaurant that I had been to before. Might as well go back where the food is amazing, right?

Weekend Recap: Stuck in Arizona!After dinner, I honestly sat around in my hotel room, watched HGTV and tried to unwind.


Weekend Recap: Stuck in Arizona!I woke up pretty early to the sound of construction on a Saturday morning, but used the time to get ready and pack everything up. I met my friend Brittany (we worked together at McDonalds in High School – small world!) for brunch and she took me over to the airport. Unfortunately my nerves kicked in at that time + my flight was delayed another hour, so I didn’t end up getting back to Chicago until 8 pm. Thankfully I sat next to the nicest older couple from Michigan so I was feeling pretty good. I’ve never been more excited to see Ben and Cora, though!


Weekend Recap: Stuck in Arizona!
We woke up to Cora barking at 6:30 on Sunday (she’s been having stomach issues again …) so we both got up and hung out with her. We headed out to the Chicago Auto Show with Ben’s fam, then headed back home to grab Cora and head out to the ‘burbs! Ben’s mom is GRACIOUSLY helping us with the set-up on Saturday for our engagement party (!!!) so we chatted about everything that was needed for our taco bar. I also asked his sister to be in my wedding BUT you’ll have to wait for that post – I’ll be showing y’all how I made two different kinds of bridesmaid proposal boxes based on my friends’ interests! Once they’ve all received theirs, I’ll have a blog up – hopefully by next week!

We ended up not leaving the ‘burbs until after 9 pm last night, so we got home and passed out. Quick weekend for me, but can’t wait to see my loves this coming weekend for my engagement party!

How was your weekend?

Do you like reading out my weekends? I’m making some changes to the blog and I don’t want to continue writing these unless y’all enjoy reading about my random life! No hard feelings either way 🙂