Weekend Recap: The best weekend of January so far ;)

See what I did there with the title? 😉

How have y’all been? I’m sorry my blogging has been a bit all over the place lately, but things are about to change! In the meantime, back to a quick weekend recap since it seems to still be a popular read!


Friday was pretty low-key. I had a really hard time readjusting to work last week (even though I LITERALLY was in the office for two days) so I was absolutely wiped by the end of the day. I took the train home and immediately hopped on the couch. Quite honestly I’m pretty sure I didn’t move from there the whole night and Ben and I watched a few episodes of the Ozarks. He’s trying to get me into watching tv series on Netflix, but I’m just not a tv girl!


Saturday I woke up with Ben, but definitely later than normal, before he went to work. Once he left, I got a few things done around the house with my little helper (AKA Cora) and got ready to grab lunch with my friend Amanda.

We went to a place called True Food Kitchen and I got a Gluten Free Spicy Curry. It was really good and loved the vibe, but HOLY OVERPRICED. Still really enjoyed the food, I just wish it wasn’t $20 for this small curry with just a couple shrimp… seems a bit much!

Weekend Recap: The best weekend of January so far ;) After lunch, we walked to Trader Joe’s so I could pick up some green dragon sauce that Ben and I have been out of for like, three months (blasphemy!), grabbed a quick coffee at Starbucks and headed to her apartment to chat. I left a little later to go meet up with Ben at the gym.

We were going to workout, but both of us weren’t feeling 100% and Cora had been in her kennel for awhile + we had a goal setting meeting set up. We hurried over to this cool little coffee place called Drop Shot Coffee and pushed out our personal and relationship goals for the year. This was Ben’s idea and I loved it. It’s nice to do personal goals obviously, but since we’re saving for a wedding and have goals as a family, it was so nice to sit down and decide what things are important to us this year.

Weekend Recap: The best weekend of January so far ;) Once we got home we cuddled up with Cora and spent the rest of the night just doing random things around the house before watching some more Netflix.


I had been looking forward to Sunday all week! I went and met up with my BFF Saige at a coffee shop called Sawada Coffee (lots of new coffee shops this weekend!) before we headed out to meet Ben and her husband Joel at Duck Duck Goat for Dim Sum.

Weekend Recap: The best weekend of January so far ;) I unfortunately couldn’t eat most of the food #glutenfree but our server was amazing and helped me work through their GF menu to find something delicious. I ended up getting vegetable fried rice with shrimp and glass noodles – both were amazing and actually everyone else’s favorite dishes, even though they were the GF dishes!

After lunch we all split up and Ben and I headed home to Cora. I spent the rest of the day making a budget for the wedding and reaching out to the caterer and beverage people we’d like to work with. CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THE VENUE I’M LIKE, 100% SURE I’M GETTING.

Weekend Recap: The best weekend of January so far ;)
I also spent some time trying to get a few dates / find locations for our engagement party / my 30th birthday party for February. Ben got a bunch of work done and Cora … well, she just tried to lay in one of our laps at all times. 🤗

Weekend Recap: The best weekend of January so far ;)

That was my weekend! I woke up today SO TIRED, but ended up having some time to workout in the gym at work around 10 am which helped a little with endorphins but HOLY CRAP I’m starving. Trying to push off lunch as long as I can since I won’t be eating dinner until almost 7 pm. Maybe I’ll run to Target and grab a can of tuna HAHA.

How was your weekend?