My New Favorite Fall Outfit From Red Dress Boutique

Happy November! I’m all about dresses throughout the year. I find them so easy to style. I can make them fancy, work appropriate or casual depending what I pair it with. And, since it’s cold here now (yayyyy Midwest …) I also love that I’m able to make my dresses work for the cold weather, even if they were initially a summer dress.

Now, sweater dresses are their own breed – and probably my favorite. No, you can’t really wear them in the summer, BUT since we have more months being cold (grrrr…) it’s worth spending a few buckaroos $$ on dresses I can only wear in the Fall/Winter.

With that, here is my newest favorite sweater dress from Red Dress Boutique.

P.S. I put a few other options at the bottom of the page if you prefer a different brand, but I really love this one. It does run rather large since it’s supposed to be over

My New Favorite Fall Outfit From Red Dress BoutiqueAnd the best part?

It’s only $28.

Second best part?


Since I was stuck on the couch all week with a broken toe that completely immobilized me, I decided one day to put on this little number, do my makeup and my hair, just to feel pretty for a little bit, even if I was just sitting in the house all day. Ben was super sweet and made me go outside quick “just to take a picture of how cute you are” so I painfully pulled on a boot (similar here and here), threw on my new favorite hat and one of my favorite scarves from last year on Jane (similar here and here).

What is your favorite Fall fashion item this year?