3 Reasons Why We Canceled Our Trip To Mexico

We did it.

Last night we clicked the “Cancel Trip” button on Southwest.com and canceled our anniversary trip to Mexico in November. And do you want to know what I immediately felt?


Here are the 3 reasons why we canceled our trip to Mexico - and we're super happy about it!
We were SO excited planning this trip in July – I mean, who wouldn’t be … look at the place! (Photo from Secrets’ Website)

Here are the 5 reasons why we canceled our trip to Mexico - and we're super happy about it!Don’t get me wrong, I hope to go there someday soon, but here are the three reasons we canceled our trip.

  1. Save Money
    The biggest – and most obvious reason – is to save money. If you’re following me on Pinterest, you might know I’ve been a bit wedding obsessed lately (HA sorry Benjamin). One of Ben’s clients owns a wedding business and he told Ben to save for $100-$150 PER PERSON invited to your wedding. Ben immediately suggested eloping, but I said no. 😂

    The problem is, my family ALONE is well over 200 people (without kids because #sorrynotsorry, not inviting kids to my wedding) and that’s not counting Ben’s family or our friends. Granted, we’ll be cutting that down and some family I barely know just won’t be invited (again, #sorrynotsorryi’mpoor) but it still got my wheels turning that I should be saving. Since my savings account isn’t even in the four digits (ouch) that could be a problem.

    Plus, to be completely honest, I have debt and so does Ben. I’m working to cut down my credit card debt and that should be out of the way soon and then I can focus on pushing my monies back into savings. Just canceling this trip saved me $1470 that I can put toward the little bit of $$ I owed Ben and then go straight at my credit card.

  2. Timing
    Of course we’d love to go on a trip, but we literally just came back from San Diego and I’m hoping we’ll go somewhere for my birthday in January. While going on trips in the winter, especially being in the Midwest, is so nice, November isn’t even the worst of it! I’d rather go on a trip in January when we’re sick of the weather.

    We normally plan trips around holidays because then Ben loses the *least* amount of money. That’s the one problem with him having an in-person client-based job – if he isn’t in Chicago training people, he’s losing money. So we usually plan stuff around holidays that people would be taking off anyway. This is a great idea, but that lumps almost all of our trips into the end of the year which just isn’t feasible, so we need to figure something else out.

    Also, my friend Perry had a great suggestion. While we’d LOVE to take a super relaxing trip right now, knowing Ben and I, we’d both be so antsy by the end of it, we’d end up doing work anyway. She suggested going on an all-inclusive trip when we NEED it – like after a wedding or before/after we have kids – sometime when we’ll really enjoy it.

    Plus, maybe I can convince my bridesmaids to take me on an all-inclusive (CAN YOU TELL I HAVE WEDDING FEVER – no ring … so not sure why that’s happening.) 😐

  3. Future Trips
    This one came from Ben. He said if we just made up a number like $10,000 that we could spend in the next couple of years on our dream trips, would a Mexico all-inclusive be on that list? My immediate gut answer was NO. I want to go to Ireland at least one more time, Maui, Greece, Vancouver, Denver, Portland/Seattle, Harry Potter World … if I am told I have the option to go to one of those or an all-inclusive in Mexico, it’d be a no-brainer – I’d knock out Mexico in a heart beat. So we did.

And an extra piece – I’m actually quite nervous about the food and safety in Mexico and it has given me an uneasy feeling from the start. I’m already INTENSELY sensitive to a lot of foods and it’d be just my luck that I’d get sick in Mexico and the trip would be ruined for me. I’m also slightly nervous about safety, but that’s just a general thing that added to our final decision.

What do you think? Have you ever canceled something and knew it was the right choice?