A Social Media Manager + Dog Mom’s Monday

Hey friends! I thought it might be fun to show you how my days have changed in the last month! Plus, I absolutely love reading these types of posts. So, here we go!

5:30 am: Cora wakes up … waking both Benjamin and myself up. He (thankfully) gets up with her and takes her out to go to the bathroom. He plays with her a bit, puts her back in her crate by me and takes off for his early AM clients.

6:30 am: First alarm goes off. Hell-to-the-no. Who needs to do their hair anyway? I snooze it for 15 more minutes.

6:50 am: Get out of bed, let Cora out and feed her. I get ready while she picks at her food / runs into the bathroom to watch me. Thankfully my job is an extremely casual environment, so leggings/sweater/tank top + flip flops + hoops + minimal makeup (and undone hair) works.

7:15 am: I play with Cora for awhile (AKA she plops in my lap because she’s super tired this AM, so I scroll my company’s Facebook Group) and finally put her back in her crate.

Social Media Manager Day in the LifeI grab my workout bag (because I WILL WORKOUT TODAY, DAMMIT) and head out the door. I’m currently listening to Jen Sincero’s “You Are A Badass At Making Money” so I listen to that while I walk the ~40-minutes to work. I stop at Dunkin Donuts for a quick coffee (which I haven’t had in over a month) and run into work.

Social Media Manager Day in the Life8 am: Say hi to my boss and hit the ground running at work. Besides a few random check-ins, I haven’t been “online” in a couple days. I start out in Hootsuite, seeing if there’s anything I need to act on (thankful for the Support team that’s in there over the weekend). My next stop is the Facebook group, which is rapidly growing so I have to check each request in our platform to:

  1. Make sure they don’t have a Support ticket open (AKA a lot of people will try to jump on social media and attack every platform to get their question answered. I try to give Support some time to answer questions)
  2. Make sure they’re not a BOT or someone that just wants to sell their services to my group
  3. Make sure they’re a user of the platform since this is currently a users-only group

8:45 am: This is the time the 10 of us in marketing stand around a high-top table and discuss what we’re doing. It’s a pretty quick meeting since most of us have a case of the Mondays.

9 – 11:15 am: I spend this time on Slack, updating my content calendar, emailing new social media management platforms I’d like to work with (AKA Sprout Social), looking up / scheduling new content on all our platforms, reading blog posts, catching up on Twitter, etc.

11:30 am – 12 pm: Ben texts me saying Cora is doing well, which is GREAT. His schedule is early mornings > break during the day > evenings so Cora’s not in her crate all day (which is a big reason we felt it was okay to get a dog).

I head into our conference room to take a picture of our new hires (the biggest group so far!) for social media while they’re in orientation. Spend some time looking up hashtags, playing around in Instagram and posting the pic to different platforms. This honestly takes me like, 5 minutes, but I flip back and forth between Twitter/Facebook/Instagram to see if people are liking it. HA!

12 – 1 pm: Break into an *early* Diet Mountain Dew because yo girl is GROGGY. Break into this article and do research on how to convince everyone at my job that I need to start using Sprout Social instead of Hootsuite. The biggest reason is HS is way cheaper than SS, but it’s so inefficient for me. Keep your fingers crossed!

Social Media Manager Day in the LifeIn between that, I work on checking on the FB group (I get post requests all day long that I have to moderate), the forum, slack, Hootsuite, etc. I also get a Slack message from a coworker asking how he can learn more about social media in general, so I give him a few outlets to follow. I also find a conference I’d like to go to and pitch it to my boss. It’s local.

1 – 1:30 pm: Lunch comes! We are offered free lunch every.single.day (woo!) at work, which is super helpful and cool. It’s catered in from random restaurants in the city, so it’s never the same. Some days I still sneak out to Chipotle, but today I had some rice, meatballs and falafel and it was spectacular. I stand in the lunch room with some colleagues while we eat and then back to work.

1:30 – 5 pm: Basically spend the afternoon IMing with my Support partner about a Facebook Group post that’s going rogue. When I’m not doing that:

  • I continue to manage the Facebook group. Unfortunately we have someone in there complaining, so I’m monitoring it as best as I can.
  • Convince the conference to let me in free-of-charge since my colleague is speaking
  • Reply to a few things on Hootsuite
  • Text Ben to convince him to come to my work party in July (free food + yacht = he agreed)
  • Try to keep up on Slack – we have a few channels that I’m on – one of them is #general and it’s just random stuff people put up. Hard not to get distracted sometimes!
  • Create JIRA ticket for a social media image design for 4th of July
  • Start trying to talk myself out of working out
  • Grab a quick snack and water from our way-too-accessible snack cabinets (btw dumbest snack choice ever – those cookies were gone in a minute)

Social Media Manager Day in the Life

  • Starts to get noisy around 3:15 – headphones in. One of the problems with a completely open floor plan … hopefully I’ll be able to work remotely in the future occasionally. I get way too distracted!
  • Decide on user meetup Hashtag with events manager
  • Grab another DMD because I have a horrible habit, it’s free and I have a serious case of the Mondays.

5 pm: Work day done! Technically we’re done at 4:30, but, of course, there was a social media issue at 4:30. It’s definitely impossible to stick to a strict schedule when you’re a SMM.

5 – 5:45 pm: Walk right past the gym because I’m already done late from work and I’m not going to leave Cora any longer. Guess I have to start going to the gym in the AM again – boo. Took the train home and got to my boo!

6 – 6:45 pm: Take Cora for a walk, feed her and feed myself. She had dog food (heh), I had leftover hamburger and fries.

6:45 – 9 pm: Play with Cora, try to keep her corralled (thankfully she falls asleep) and I get some of my client work done. I also get to editing this here blog post!

Social Media Manager Day in the LifeI also spend some time trying to figure out Coschedule. I’ve heard great things about it and, since it’s not too expensive, I’m thinking of using it for my blog and business. I’ll write a blog post about it once I’ve used it a bit more (literally my first day).

I spend the rest of the time bouncing between Cora + blogging + watching YouTube.

Social Media Manager Day in the Life9:30 pm: Ben comes over after his clients and eating at his place. Can’t wait until we’re in the same apartment at the beginning of September! It sucks (especially now with a puppy) during the week for him to basically have to live between two places. But we’ll manage – at least we live really close to each other!

Social Media Manager Day in the LifeAnyways he takes over puppy-duty while I shower, clean up a bit and then hang out with him before we go to bed. Puppy = early mornings, so we’re going to bed much earlier!

And that’s what a normal-ish day has been looking like for me! What are some of your favorite parts of your day?