Long Weekend Recap: A sick pup & Jessie

I can’t believe how much I’ve been failing at sticking to a schedule with my blog! Life has been nuts and Cora has been sick basically for the last three weeks. All excuses, but wanted to let you all know what’s been up! Looking to get back into the groove of things here ASAP.

Anyways, I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday and the long weekend is over. Did any of you do wonderful, fun things for the holiday?

Last Friday I went to a conference for work which ended up being pretty interested, but I’m so bad at LONG conferences, especially if I’m just being talked to and not interacted with. Lots of good nuggets of info, but I started drifting off after lunch.

Long Weekend Recap

Thankfully I had a pretty walk home. ๐Ÿ™‚

Long Weekend Recap

I had a pretty killer headache by the end of the day, so I got home, laid around with Ben and Cora and then headed out to a local Irish bar for some fish and chips.

Long Weekend Recap

Look good, but the taste was not there.

The rest of the night was spent dealing with Cora because her stomach issues were acting up again and she was up all night. ๐Ÿ’ฉ

Long Weekend Recap

If any of you have ever had a sick animal (or child), you know how frustrating it can be. The vet doesn’t seem to be worried, but she’s just not doing super hot.

Saturday morning was rough after a night with Cora, so we got a late start and unfortunately got stuck in quite a bit of traffic on our way up north to Ben’s grandparents’ cabin. Thankfully it was worth it once we got there.

Long Weekend Recap Long Weekend Recap Long Weekend Recap

One of the best parts about being up there is that I don’t have my phone on me, hence only having photos from when Ben and I went on the boat. Basically we hung out with the fam on Saturday afternoon and went to fireworks that night. Sunday we played around on the boat, did some fun games outside and celebrated his grandpa’s birthday. We left around 8 pm and got home around 11.

Thankfully we still had two more days off! Both Ben and I took off Monday to extend our weekends. We slept in, hung out with Cora and headed to Shake Shack for lunch + went to the movies to see Despicable Me 3 – which I cry-laughed at pretty much the whole time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ben wasn’t feeling well, so we headed back home after stopping quick at Trader Joe’s to pick up some chicken to cook for Cora (strict rice + boiled chicken diet for her right now). I came home to a wonderful note that my gas had been turned off and unfortunately it won’t be turned back on until my landlord fixes a bunch of stuff in my place. Should be fun with no hot water and stove. #CanIMoveYet?

Tuesday we woke up late again and came over to Ben’s since maintenance was supposed to be coming over to fix the issues (which they didn’t). Ben made me breakfast and I felt pretty queasy after eating it even though it was just eggs and ham. We hung around the apartment, I ran to Starbucks and played with the pup. I was in a really weird tired/cranky mood that I couldn’t seem to shake. I ate lunch and all hell broke loose. I got so extremely sick to my stomach – nausea, light-headed, sweating, etc. So the rest of the afternoon I prettty much didn’t move from the couch.

Today I went to work, but ended up going home around noon to work from home due to light-headedness and nausea. Hopefully this is all gone by tomorrow because I have a presentation for work!

How do you deal with a sick puppy/child?

Weekend Recap: Meet Cora

My weekend was centered around one thing – or puppy – as you might guess. ๐Ÿ™‚ Friday night after work, Ben and I got sushi before heading to Target to do one last big haul (+ an AC unit because my apartment is unreasonably hot) and headed to bed. We didn’t get much sleep.

Saturday we woke up at 5:45, grabbed a few things and got out the door. We made a few pit stops along the way, but after a few hours of driving … we met Cora.

Cora is our 9.5 week old golden retriever puppy if you haven’t been following me lately and had no idea we were getting a puppy. And yesterday we picked her up!

After that, we headed about 25-miles east to Ben’s grandparents to spend some time with her (and his g-parents) before heading back to Illinois.

Yes, she’s as sweet as she looks. ๐Ÿ™‚

We left a few hours later, made a quick pit stop and then headed to Ben’s parent’s house for another little break. We were super lucky because Cora basically slept the entire time we were in the car.

The three of us finally made it back to Chicago around 7:30, and then my friendsSaige, Joel and Jeffrey all showed up to see her as well. SO popular.

After they left, Ben and I ordered pizza and salad and he tried to figure out how he’d need to install my AC unit. Cora wanted to be close, of course.

Saturday night was a bit rough. We’re crate-training her PLUS potty-training, so there were a few accidents and some restlessness. She woke us up around 1 am, 5 am and then 7 am. I was so exhausted that Ben let me sleep some more and I got up around 8:30.

We got up, moved over to Ben’s apartment to eat and hang out for the morning/early afternoon.

There wereย a nap and a few bathroom accidents in there, too. ย back to my apartment

Then back to my apartment. We were going to bring her to the park, but it was 90+ degrees outside and she was so hot, so instead we spent some time putting in the AC unit (meaning Ben did it and Cora and I watched).

The rest of the afternoon was spent being lazy and trying not to fall asleep constantly (which was difficult).

And that was our first weekend with Cora!

How was your weekend?
Any puppy advice for us newbies?