Weekend Recap: Puppysitting

I can’t believe it’s Monday already! 😱 I mean, seriously. Last week went by SO quickly for me beause I worked from home the whole week. Gosh, I wish I could WFH every day – I got so much done! But back to the grind it is … Uber’ed in this morning because:

1) I wasn’t at home so it would’ve taken forever to figure out which bus/train/walk to take

2) I didn’t sleep a wink last night

3) I still can’t walk! #brokentoesies

Hoping today goes by pretty quickly! I’ve got a call with my coach Amy tonight and then hopefully will be going to bed at like …7.

Weekend Recap
Friday I worked until 4:30, quickly packed a bag and then all three of us got in the car to go to my friend Saige’s new place in Chicago (!!!) to babysit her pup Nushi for the weekend. Her place is super nice and huge, so the dogs had fun all weekend running around in their lower level.

It took a bit for the two to get acclimated (Nushi is bigger than Cora and Cora is well … extremely submissive #AKAawimp) but they had a good time together. We played with them for awhile, Ben walked to Chipotle for himself (since I still can’t eat normal food #goingcrazy) and then we settled in to watch an episode or two of Stranger Things. Any other fans out there? LOVE IT.

Weekend Recap: Puppysitting
Anyways, Saturday we woke up early-ish, played with the pups and then Ben left for work. I was struggling while he was working since I can still barely walk, so having to take the pups out or even just find out where they were was a bit much at times. By the time Ben got back, I was so pooped from the pups that I did not want to do anything. Oh, and did I mention I was SO pissy that I still had to eat turkey and rice (that’s literally all I’ve had for breakfast, lunch and dinner for basically two straight weeks now) that I literally ate a small breakfast and then didn’t eat again until 7 pm because I was pouting? Oh, how fun. 😐 So instead of focusing on food, we watched the rest of Stranger Things up until the last episode before we had to leave for a birthday party for Ben’s client.

The party was beautiful and extravagant. Of course, again, I couldn’t eat or drink anything (…) but the place was awesome! We ended up leaving after the go-go dancers and male strip tease, though … a bit out of both of our comfort zones HA!

Once we got back to Saige’s, I ate a little more food and we settled in to watch the last episode of Stranger Things. Is it just me or was this season SO MUCH MORE INTENSE. Still loved it.

I didn’t sleep well again Saturday night, so Ben turned off his alarm and let me sleep until 9ish, though I still felt groggy and tired all day Sunday. He left for coffee with his cousin for a few hours, I prepped some food for the week (aka turkey and rice on Saige’s stove so I could take it with me to work …) and hung out with the pups. He came home a few hours later and did his football “stuff” while I did an invoice for a client/hung out on the couch. We left in the early evening to run to the ‘burbs quick for Ben to play hockey (they won!) before coming back to Saige’s.

Weekend Recap: Puppysitting
Unfortunately Ben had to work super early on Monday and with Cora/being far from our place and work, he decided it was best if he and Cora went home for the night and I stayed at Saige’s with Nushi. I tried not to be a baby, but I cried as soon as he left. Is anyone as much of a baby as I am? I’m almost 30, but I still hate staying in new places I don’t know by myself. Small hotel rooms are one thing because I can literally turn on all of the lights (which I did when I traveled all the time haha) but a big house with lots of windows and sounds I don’t know? I was so anxious the whole night, hence not sleeping.

So that was my weekend! Pretty uneventful, apart from pup madness and Stranger Things. I think this week is going to be a struggle for me getting back into the swing of working at the office all week, plus we’re getting an intern on Wednesday (and I really have no idea what work I’m going to give to an intern …) so it’ll be interesting. We did reintroduce a few foods into my diet this weekend, but I’m feeling pretty flustered with the whole elimination diet – I really feel that it’s told me nothing. Is it bad that I’m already look forward to this weekend? I’ve really gotta find a way NOT to just live for the weekend – I’m going to wish away my whole life!

Weekend Recap: Puppysitting
How was your weekend?