Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK

Happy Monday! I’m feelin’ pretty great this Monday because I’m working from home. Granted I have a doctor appointment over lunch, but hey … I didn’t have to get ready for work this AM. Makes Monday a bit easier. OH and I’ve been drinking coffee since last week. 🤗

Weekend Recap
I also worked from home on Friday. I had to WFH in the morning because I had another doctor appointment (you’ll notice November is apparently the month of doctors … and bills). My boss suggested just working the whole day from home and I obviously wasn’t going to fight that … and neither was Cora.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK
Ben and I took a late lunch break to Whisk and I got my favorite food – Buffalo Chicken Hash.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACKI ended up working late, but at least it was from my couch. The rest of the night we all just hung out as a fam and went to sleep – nothing crazy!

Saturday I slept in a bit when Ben went to work. Once I woke up, I played with Cora, watched some TV and tried to clean up the house a bit. I left around 10:30 to Target (I DROVE BY MYSELF IN THE CITY!) for an eye doctor appointment. After dropping $100 on contacts (after insurance) … I wandered Target. I literally went down almost every aisle. I haven’t been able to do that in Target in SO long. With that, I walked out with over $100 worth of stuff, ha.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACKThis was the best item, though …

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACKBen came home after work quick before heading out to work with his cousin on their new business adventure. My mac was dead, so I hopped on the train to my office, grabbed my charger and then some Qdoba before heading back home.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK
I found out that Harry Potter was on TV and that pretty much screwed the rest of my day. I can seriously watch HP at any time.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK
Once Ben came home, we hung out for a little bit before his brother stopped by. We ran out quick to get some sushi (I barely had a roll since I had eaten Qdoba like three hours prior) and then I headed back home while they went to a concert. Cora and I just watched some more HP while I drank some wine (and snacked on ALL THE FOODS).

On Sunday, we got up pretty early (thanks to the time change!) and Ben started doing his fantasy footballs stuff. I walked over to Starbucks, got a coffee and sat down to do some client work for a little over an hour. I was listening to Christmas music (whoops…) and having a great time – I wish I could’ve kept going because I was so motivated, but Ben and I had plans to go see Thor.

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACKI got home and we Ubered (is that a verb now?) downtown to Do-Rite Donuts for a chicken sandwich (I hadn’t eaten anything except the Starbucks coffee), then we walked the couple blocks to the movie theater. Thankfully we were sitting for the next two hours, because my toes were KILLING me.

Thor. Was. Amazing. ❤️  I love most Marvel movies, but Thor has a special place in my heart because, well, he’s beautiful AND Loki is one of my favorite characters of all time.

Once home, my motivation to do anything was pretty much shot, which means it wasn’t a super productive weekend. Basically Ben put on football and we watched, ate dinner and hung out with Cora. I also ended up snacking a bunch again and had two glasses of wine. The elimination diet I did really messed with my head when it comes to food – I feel hungry or like I need to eat all the time. I also spent some time setting up my new goal-setting/gratefulness journal so I’ll let you know how that’s going once I get into it! We also played some Aggravation, but Ben beat me so I don’t wanna talk about it. 😂

Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACK Weekend Recap: COFFEE IS BACKAnyways, that was my weekend! So thankful to be working from home today, even though I have a doctor’s appointment. It feels like an extension to my weekend PLUS I need to be productive because I have a few projects due for a client, a guest blog post and work, obviously.

How was your weekend? Are you happy/sad about the time change?