Weekend Recap: Vlogmas Style

And just like that – it’s Monday again! I was SO looking forward to this weekend and having little to do, but the weekend actually ended up filling up a tiny bit. I did get the Sunday blues just a little, but tried to still enjoy the day nonetheless. Anyone else have that issue?

Also, I’ll be filming a Q&A with Ben sometime this week. I’d love it if you left us a question in the comments below that I could answer! I asked on Instagram and so far no one has given me a question! 🙁 

Since it’s Vlogmas and I’m trying to keep up with a video EVERY DAY until Christmas, I decided to do this weekend’s recap in vlog style. They won’t all be like this (as I know a lot of you enjoy just reading my blog) but wanted to try it out this weekend. Check it out!

Also, if you’re interested in my channel, here are a few other videos I’ve done since Friday.

Saturday’s Vlogmas:

In this vlog, I tell you 15 things about me that you might not already know. Check it out!

Sunday’s Vlogmas:

On Sunday, I took you through a week in outfits.

Thank you ALL for continuing to support me in whatever way possible. I know not all of you love the videos, but some of you do! Either way, thanks for putting up with the crazy amount of videos lately. I’ve wanted to do Vlogmas for years and I finally put my mind to it. I really REALLY hope I can continue – it’s hard!