Updates: Guest Post + Gaining 20 lbs + Vlogmas

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

On Monday, I had a guest go up on the wonderful Jenna’s blog! Please make sure to go check it out – it’s my 5 tips for living the side hustle life. ❤️

Since my weekend recap post on Monday, I’ve put up two new Vlogmas videos that I think y’all might be interested in.

Tuesday’s Vlogmas:

I figured this might be interesting to some of you that started following me for my fitness/weight loss blog posts a few years ago. Let me tell you – I cried all last night while editing this video. It’s definitely been a struggle.

Wednesday’s Vlogmas:

Follow me around as I chat your ear off about my day. 🙂

How has your week been? Anyone else feel like this week is CRAWLING to the weekend?