Five Reasons I Pay for a Life Coach

Hey friends! Today I want to chat about my life coach, Amy Young, and why I have chosen to spend a good amount of money and time on a life coach for the past 8 months (and signed up for 4 more)!

5 reasons i pay for a life coach

  1. She provides me with tools to reach my goals.
    I’ve always been a goal-oriented, driven human. But I’m exactly that – a human. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with my goals, worry about everything that I’m not doing what I need to and just lack general direction. Amy has given me tools, exercises (for on and off our calls) to focus my vision and get where I want to be. It’s crazy to think the amount of things I’ve accomplished in the last 8 months – Got out of a crazy emotional funk, went on a solo trip to Chicago, fell in love with Ben (<— something I thought would never happen for me), MOVED TO CHICAGO. I’m proud of myself for how much I’ve accomplished and Amy was a huge part of helping me get there as sanely as possible. 😉
  2. She always, always, ALWAYS has my back.
    One thing you’ll find out when you’re trying to make big changes in your life is that not everyone will have your back. Everyone will have an opinion about what you’re doing. Hell, sometimes even YOU will not always have your own back. But Amy a-l-w-a-y-s has mine. Whether I need someone to just say “I’m here for you, girl” OR call me on my bullshit, she does it. Not only does she feel like a coach and mentor, she also feels like a friend.
  3. She’s flexible with her coaching.
    Back in early 2016 when I started working with Amy, I actually thought my coaching would be focused on dating. That is what pulled me into her coaching in the first place (her YouTube videos are amazinnnnng, especially for single ladies). We definitely have spoken about relationships, how I feel about relationships (<— fear tends to be a big underlying issues for me in many of the parts of my life I’m working on) and if I’m open to one. I was definitely cut off from men in general and had no interest in letting one in. Thankfully I started working with Amy and I was in a much better place when I met Ben.But, to my surprise, most of my calls weren’t focused on boys, relationships or any of that jazz. Instead they turned to my interest of wanting to be an entrepreneur, my relationship (or lack thereof) with money and wanting to get out of Green Bay where I felt very stuck. We worked through my fears on all accounts, and after lots of work – look where I am now! Living in Chicago with a new job. No, I don’t love my job, but it’s given me the opportunity to live in this amazing city and find out how much money I’m worth. And now I’m in a position where I can make connections in this wonderful city, continue to strive towards making my side hustle my WHOLE hustle, be within walking distance of my love, be active in a city that makes me feel alive, etc. etc. etc. That’s some cool shit.
  4. I felt connected to her.Like I said in #2, not only does Amy feel like my mentor and coach, she also feels like my friend. She has gone through a lot of the same things as me, so I feel like she understands where I’m coming from. She’s a thriving entrepreneur, which is what I’m striving for. She has imperfections, she’s got a crazy fun personality, and she doesn’t try to convince people she’s anything but what she is. I appreciate that realness because I feel I try to live my life as authentically as possible.Also, on a coaching level, she’s available to me. Granted, I’m not one of those clients that expects my coach to get back to me RIGHT NOW, but she texts me back, emails me to check-in, reads my blog occasionally, follows me on Instagram. I don’t feel like she gets off the call with me and then never thinks of me again until our next. I remember having a defining moment in Chicago on my solo trip last October (which she pushed me to do!) and I texted her before anyone else as I was crying on the patio of a random restaurant in the city.
  5. I want to better myself.
    Apart from Amy, I think life coaching in general is amazing. I’ve had fitness coaches for over a year that I’ve loved and have helped me achieve my goals. I love watching Ben coach people every day toward their goals. I truly think any type of coaching can be helpful. For me, an all-around life coach was the best option. In fact, there’s been plenty of months where I didn’t have the money for coaching, but I figured it out. I cut out my $5.50 Starbucks drinks. I quit with my fitness coach. I worked three jobs and put some of that money toward coaching. I’m at a point in my life where I know I want to take care of ME and push myself forward, and I life coaching is something I’m very grateful for.

Okay, okay. I could gush about my love for life coaching and Amy all day, but I’ll stop now. Let me know of any questions/thoughts in the comments below! 


    • Jessie says:

      Really? That’s sad… especially when you’re paying money for that! Actually, I was looking into getting a therapist and I was like, “why don’t I try Amy out first – I’ve wanted to for months” … so that’s actually how I got into coaching in the first place! For me, I was following Amy on YouTube before so I knew I already felt connected to her, so that helped.

  1. Jordyn says:

    Wow I’ve never considered getting a life coach but it seems like it has made a huge impact on your life! I love therapy which isn’t the SAME thing but I think has many similar benefits.

    • Jessie says:

      It definitely has! Actually, I was looking into getting a therapist and I was like, “why don’t I try Amy out first – I’ve wanted to for months” … so that’s actually how I got into coaching in the first place!

  2. Katie says:

    I’ve considered a coach, but haven’t quite felt justified, mainly because i’m lazy and don’t need anyone adding to my todo list right now. but maybe this fall/winter I’ll be ready to explore those options.
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    • Jessie says:

      Haha that makes sense. I really love mine and there’s so many options out there – ones that aren’t as intensive as mine or more intensive, depending on what you’re looking for.

  3. Megan says:

    I love this! Amy sounds pretty awesome & I have to agree with Marette that you have definitely accomplished A LOT! 🙂 I’ve done counseling in the past, specifically when I felt “stuck” a few years ago & felt like it was pretty worthless. I like how life coaching focuses on what is going on right now and what to do to change it. I felt like some of the counseling sessions just wanted to talk about my childhood rather than what is happening currently.
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    • Jessie says:

      Thanks, lady! Yes, that totally makes sense on counseling vs. life coaching. I really love it. Occasionally we’ll touch on my childhood, but it’s always about focusing on the present and how to grow my future!

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